Albs -- doublers in paper today!

Holy cow! Are we in "double" heaven or what? I don't know about you, but man, the doublers can be a challenge! The hardest part is knowing whether or not you're getting a good deal even AFTER doubling the coupon -- since we know Albs prices on stuff tends to be higher on non-sale items.

If you need ideas on what to get for really cheap or free, please check out this awesome list created by A Thrifty Mom.

If I run across something in the store when I'm doing recon that I think would make for a good doubler, I'll pass it along. Otherwise, this list should get you started! Whoot! Race ya! LOL!

Read More...says thanks to A Thrifty Mom!


Anonymous said...

the 'this' link doesn't seem to be working for me....

darlenecoupon said...

Greetings! I checked out the link again, and it works for me. Now, I do use Firefox and not IE. That might be the difference.

If you still can't get the link to work -- paste this into a new tab in your browser:

Good luck!