Albertsons stock

Late last night (Wed), I was at Albertsons on Eagle/McMillan. They had a good supply of Kraft shredded cheese, but were almost out of brick. They were out of Cool Whip and hot dogs. Went today to Cole/Fairview, good supply of cheese, no hot dogs or Cool Whip - truck coming Saturday. Overland/Orchard had some hot dogs (no I didn't take all of them), Cool Whip lite and Sugar Free (no regular), and absolutely, no Kraft cheese. I may be looking for some more hot dogs, but that's about it.

Hope this helps you some.

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Albertsons Rounders This Sunday

Beginning this Sunday 8/29/10, Treasure Valley Albertsons will be trying out a new program. We won't be getting the doubler coupons that the rest of the region will be getting. We will start a new program, that does not require an additional coupon - I think it's being called Rounding. Very simply, any coupon under $1 will be automatically "rounded" to $1 by the register. So, if you have a 25c coupon (i.e. Bounty, or Puffs), it will "round" to $1.

A complete explanation of the trial program will be in Sunday's paper. Since there won't be doublers, you don't need to run out and buy multiple papers, unless you want the coupon inserts!

The reason behind this trial program is to counteract all the customers who have taken their doublers to Walmart. I personally hate shopping at Walmart, so I'm definitely not one of them. This is a trial program and my contact at Albertsons urged me to call Customer Care to voice my opinion of this program. If this program continues, I doubt I will be going to Albertsons as often as I have been. This may also effect the newspaper business - why get multiple papers if you will be using the high value coupons at face value? What is your thought on this new program?

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Kohl's $10 off $20 coupon

Today's Idaho Statesman has a new $10 off $20 coupon stuck to the front top of the paper. Coupon is good 8/19 thru Sat 8/28. Can be used in conjunction with this 15% off coupon. The 15% will be applied to the balance AFTER the $10 comes off.

The cashiers will only take 1 coupon per person. Please plan on making multiple visits to the store.

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Red Baron $1 coupon

Go here for a $1 coupon on Red Baron Pan Pizza or Pan Pasta. Match that up with a good sale and/or Albertsons doublers! The coupons I printed today don't expire till 10/02/10!!!!!

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$1 Del Monte Fruit Chillers coupon

Just got an email with a link to a new $1 Del Monte Fruit Chillers Cups or Tubes bricks coupon. Go here to print it (twice using your back button). This excited me, personally, because I managed to snag rain checks for this item last time it was on sale and we had doublers. Turns out, my hubby likes the cups, so this will be a great summer time treat at my house! With rumors of doublers coming Sunday, I'm excited!

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New $10 off $20 purchase Kohls coupon

Today's issue of the Idaho Statesman has a coupon "Take $10 off any purchase of $20 or more". It's good 4/29 (tomorrow) thru 5/9. Remember, you can use your 15% coupon with it - the percent will come off the balance after the $ off coupon.

As always, "Only one $10 coupon can be redeemed per customer". So, please don't make back to back purchases and expect to use multiple coupons. My cashiers are only allowed to take 1 per customer and I can't approve it either, because then I get in trouble. If you have multiple coupons, make multiple visits - coupon is good for 10 days!

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Baskin-Robbins 31c scoop night

Wednesday, 4/28/10 is 31c scoop night at Baskin-Robbins. Between 5pm-10pm, all 2.5 oz scoops will be 31c (plus tax) at participating locations (limit 3 scoops per person). This promotion is in honor of America's firefighters and Baskin-Robbins will be making a $100,000 donation to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation. You may also have a chance to make a donation to local fire charities.

You can text SCOOP to 31310 for a text message reminder on 4/28 about this promotion.

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