Albs -- FREE tuna! FREE toothpaste!

This was my total last minute Albs run to look for what I wanted to by with my 7/31 exp. coupons. I ran across a couple of things.

Here's what I was able to do using doublers & coupons today:

Total OOP $4.15 (5.05 w/ tax)

2 Glade twin pack oil refill
3 Starkist tuna, 5 oz.
4 Bumblebee tuna pouch, 2.5 oz
5 Crest toothpaste
2 Purell hand sanitizer, 2 oz.

I don't know if all the Albs will have this toothpaste (special buy) for $1.50. There were still several at the 12th street Albs. Since we're getting another P&G ad this weekend, this is worth keeping in mind as you are browsing the store trying to use up your doublers.

There is some stock of the Bumblebee Tuna at both the 12th street & Greenhurst Albs. This item may not have a lot of back stock. If the shelf is empty, all I can say is ask if they have more. The coupon expires 9/30 so there is time to use it -- just watch for this kind of pricing on the item. I missed it the last time it was this low & there were doublers.

Read More to see the pricing breakdown!

Glade twin pack oil refill (clearance) $4.00
$1/1 MQ RP 7/12
1 doubler
Final Price $2.00

Starkist tuna, 5 oz. $0.39

4 Bumblebee tuna pouch 2.5 oz $1.50
$1/1 MQ SS 6/14
1 doubler
Final Price FREE

5 Crest toothpaste (special buy) 6.2 oz $1.50
$0.75/1 MQ P&G 6/7 -- exp. 7/31
Final Price FREE

2 Purell hand sanitizer 2 oz. $1.49
$0.50/1 MQ RP 4/26 -- exp. 7/31
1 doubler
Final price $0.49


Albs -- doubler info & insert sunday 8/2

Albertsons will have an additional insert this Sunday. I don't have any idea what will be advertised, but I wanted to give you a heads up. I suspect it will be P&G product items.

Also, I've heard rumors from the Albs managers there won't be any doublers next week. So, if you've got a hankering to purchase something using a doubler, now is the time to do it.

If you are looking for the ID Statesman insert -- to be able to do 5 doublers in one transaction -- the CS counter has them. Some of you may have already figured this out...just leave it to me to finally catch up! Great googlie mooglie!

Read More...he's just shaking his head....


P&G buy $20 get $5 ONYO starts 8/2

There is a new P&G promo starting 8/2. It will continue until through 8/11.

Buy $20 in participating P&G products during purchase dates and receive $5 OYNO.

I spoke with a Albs manager today regarding this promo. There will be items in next week's flyer (next Wed. start date).

Read More...he's ready to rock this promo!


Target -- laundry soap on clearance!

When I was at Target last night, I made some quick notes on the laundry detergent on clearance. These items are on an end cap near the dog food.

Ultra Gain 96 load 150 oz $13.16

Oxy Clean 42 oz $3.73

Tide 26 load 50 oz $5.58
$1/1 MQ P&G 7/5 (exp. 7/31)
Final Price $4.58

All 2x Ultra 64 load 100 oz $7.64
(floral melody scent)
$2/1 MQ RP 6/28
Final Price $5.64

Woolite 50 oz $5.94
$1.50/1 IP here
Final Price $4.54

Downy (various kinds) 67 oz $6.40 - $6.78
$0.50/1 MQ P&G 8/2 --- if we get in our area
Final Price $6.58

Ultra Downy 35 load 27 oz $3.60
$0.50/1 MQ P&G 8/2 --- if we get in our area / size matches
Final Price $3.10

Read More....gotta wash his new Batman costume....pffft!


Target -- First Price Match trip results!

As Target is now price matching local ads, I thought I'd take the Nampa store up on this offer! *smile* This was another sale at Walgreens I just didn't want to mess with the filler item to use all the coupons I wanted to use.

The adventure would be more interesting if I said I was in the deepest part of the Congo, lost without a guide, no food, no water, and no hope of help (meaning, I was the only one who understood what I wanted to do). However, it was really like walking down the sidewalk (no hiking through a cannibal infested jungle required) and painless! The clerk was really helpful & it was a great experience.

I still had two receipts on this trip because the Fiber One pastries rang up at the wrong price -- and at the Customer Service (CS) counter you can't see the prices as they ring up. So, you'll need to "watch" your sale closely and probably have to the clerk verify the prices you're expecting when using the CS counter.

Here are a couple things to take note of if you want to price match at Target.

(1) Bring the entire ad with you. Don't just clip out the section you want to use.
(2) Target will only do price matches at the Customer Service (CS) counter.

Total OOP $4.92 ($5.63 w/tax)

4 Starbucks Frappuccino drinks
4 Fiber One Pastries
3 All travel size laundry detergent

Starbucks Frappuccino drinks $2.00
4/$5 price match with Walgreens ad
Makes them $1.25 each
$1/1 MQ SS 6/21
Final Price $0.25
(and NO filler item needed! whoot!)

Fiber One Pastries 6 ct $1.99 (scanned at counter)
Price check by grocery -- only one with $0.98 price sticker
Final Price $0.98

All travel size laundry detergent $0.97
$1/1 MQ RP 6/28
Final Price FREE

Read More...he'll show you the receipt...if you show him yours....*wink*

Here is the receipt:


Holy Coupon Overdrive, Batman!

You know you've been in the store way to long if you start seeing this photo! Could you imagine?! This is just WAY to funny not to share!

Okaaayy. Yeah, that was a good idea (not)! Whatever marketing guru thought this one up...hope that guy or gal was teased endlessly! Holy caped crusaders! Is that Batman? Yes! It is...with...yep...the fastest way to chase down elephant. ROFL!

Read More...he now wants his own costume...and yeah, the elephant too!
(Good grief!)


Reminder! EOM cleanup & printing!

Just a reminder to print all the additional coupons you want from here because it's end of month! We should have a new set of coupons to drool over...ummmm... I mean print out...tomorrow!

Also, it would probably be a good idea to clean out your exp. 7/31 coupons before Sunday. It looks like we're gonna get a bumper crop of coupons, so, if you're like me, you GOTS to make some space!

Read More...he's working on my binder now...just promised him some time off...


Albs & Target -- stock updates!

Hey all! Remember to check out the Store Stock Status updates!

This the the ideal place to post stock you find while shopping -- seriously! I've posted an update on Albs and Target! Whoot! Good hunting!

Read More...he's always out of stock....his marbles have done been gone for some time!


Winco -- Watch for the meat $1 off Qs!

WOW! When I was at Winco yesterday, there were several great looking pot roasts with $1.00 off coupon, and folks were just passing them by. There were 10-12 roasts marked down. Either they didn't need roasts -- or they didn't get how cheap per lb this made them.

Pot Roasts -- with $1.00 off coupon
$1.50 - $1.60 lb

8th Continent Light Soy Milk 1/2 gal $1.98
$2/1 IP here
Final Price FREE

8th Contnent Soy Milk 1/2 gal $2.29
$2/1 IP here
Final Price $0.29

Read More...he's wondering what he can make with milk & pot roast...


Albs Price Recon -- 7/29 to 8/4

I was able to complete my price recon today. I concentrated on the buy $20 and get $5 in meat promo (back page of the flyer). Here's how the pricing matches up between Albs, Winco & Walmart.

The colored price is the lowest price for the item between the stores.

Here is the price list for this week:
[click on image for larger view]

Read More...he's just thinking about shopping...


Mailbox - $8.99 haircut, get $10 coupon!

Okay, so this could be a money maker -- if you're an Old Navy shopper. Did you get your Valpak coupons in the mail? You know -- that envelope full of coupons for oil changes, carpet cleaning, etc. Well this coupon showed up as well!

Great Clips
2 hair cut coupons -- $8.99 for haircut (exp. 9/7)
You get a $10 off $50 dollar purchase at Old Navy -- one per haircut!

It does say while supplies last, so if you're interested, it would be worth calling the Great Clips nearest you to see if they are participating in this promo.

Here are the locations listed on the back of the insert:

[click on image for larger view]

Read More...yeah, yeah...he's due for a haircut...probably a mani/pedi too! LOL!


Tip #4 -- Teamwork for savings!

I was able to get some AWESOME savings my teaming up with a friend this last promotion. I had one last Albs catalina to save $6 when buying $60. I just couldn't figure out $60 of stuff I really needed.

So, I asked my friend Cynthia to team up with me. Together we really rocked! I created a spreadsheet to show what we each bought. I don't have a pic because we split up the purchases. Dang. I totally forgot about it! Wouldn't that have been cool? My first studio pic from the cargo area of my car.... LOL! My! How your dining room has changed, Little Red Couponer! My! Is that a tire I see in the picture, Little Red Couponer!

Here's what we were able to accomplish between us. We took advantage of being able to use 5 doublers in the same transaction. Cynthia had one $10 catalina and I had two $10 catalinas from purchasing Dr. Pepper. Our Albs only has one set of the Sparkle & Angel T.P left -- so we split it! To make it easier too, we just split the transaction tax.

We also got to double more $1 coupons than we meant to -- we had it worked out but the clerk was really nice & trying to help -- so she doubled the highest value instead of exactly what we wanted to double. So the extra "credit" went to whoever was meant to get the doubler -- that is probably confusing -- should have seen my face when I was building the spreadsheet! Yikes!

NOTE: Did you know you can still use coupons when you get an automatic savings when buying certain items? The auto savings is like a store coupon -- so you can still use a mfg. coupon when buying the item. How cool is that? For example, when we got an auto savings for the bread, we were still able to use the $1 MQ peelie AND double it! We were also able to use the $0.75/1 MQ for the milk too.

THANK GOODNESS for friends who coupon! ROCK ON!

Here's what we bought & how the OOP worked for us:

[click on image to enlarge]

We walked away with a grocery cart full of stuff!

Total OOP $1.49 ($4.42 w/tax)

Read More....he was impressed...he wants to be on the team next time...


Coupon Gray Areas -- KCL Post

Hey all, this is a really great topic to chat about. There are several good comments & takes from various readers here. Any thoughts on this out there?

I wanted you all to know where I stand. Here is what I posted:

Really a great topic, Joanie!

Here is my take on a few of these topics. Please take all with a grain of salt -- just a personal take on how to walk the coupon line when shopping.

The basic rule: follow what the coupon says.

If it says DND, then don't double it. It doesn't matter what the store allows; follow the coupon.

[sic] This opinion was developed after a few weeks of soul searching. It's a total bummer when you have a great $1 coupon that says DND. However, if that's the rule... and I want to coupon...then I've gotta play by the rules.

If it says it's for body wash or diapers or tortillas, then that's only what it's meant to be used on.

If the coupon doesn't have a limitation on what state it can be used in (using a different zip code to print it), then there isn't a limit set by the manufacturer.

If you buy coupons off Ebay, then you're okay to use them. Ebay isn't going to risk its business by allowing nefarious enterprises to sell through it. You may think this a gray area, but really you're just adding cost to the items you're trying to get a bargain on. That's why I don't do it. I like my coupons to be free.

Albs says it will double up to a $1 mfg. coupon. That's it folks. If the coupon is over $1, then you shouldn't try to double it. Sorry.

If the promo requires you to buy 6 what-its and 5 whose-its, then that's what you buy. Trying to get around it -- and telling others how, jeez! -- that's fraud. No way to shade that from black to gray. Sorry.

We've all had clerks get sales wrong, store computers allow stuff it shouldn't, and been tempted to skate the moral compass we were raised with. If you get that ticklish cramp in your stomach when you are about to use a coupon...then you probably shouldn't be using it. Listen to your gut.

If you want to be 100% sure, ASK THE STORE'S CUSTOMER SERVICE (CS) BEFORE YOU USE THE COUPON. If they give you a pass, then you're golden. If they say they won't allow it, then you know that too. Many times my first stop in the store is the CS counter to get clarification on a coupon or how I want to handle a sale.

Good luck all! Hope the coupon fates bring you many great deals!

July 28, 2009 8:55 PM

Read More...he seconds my opinion...(yeah, I let him think his vote counts)


Coupons for FREE Milk! Rock on!

Here is an awesome guest post from Jenn -- whoot! has a NEW milk coupon!! You can get a FREE gallon of chocolate milk with the purchase of a gallon of milk (yay! my kids LOVE chocolate milk!).

There is also a coupon for a FREE gallon of milk with any $100 grocery purchase.

Use the zip code 63090.

Read More... says THANKS hip2save for this great coupon alert!


Shop at OfficeMax -- Save at Payless!

This works in the Boise Area too! I just checked the ad online to verify we get this promo! A reader from RefundCents did all the hard work (well, sounds more like hard reading) for us!

Shop at OfficeMax, Save at Payless: Okay, the print on this is so small that I'm not going to guarantee my eyes have gotten every comma, but this week's (7/26) OfficeMax flyer has a blurb on the bottom to "Shop at OfficeMax and Save $5 off $25 at Payless ShoeSource." The very fine print on page 3 says:

"Shop at OfficeMax and get a coupon for savings on your favorite shoes at Payless ShoeSource. Save $5 off your total purchase of $25 or more at Payless ShoeSource with any purchase of $.01 or more at OfficeMax. Offer valid 7-26-09 through 9-27-09 at any Payless ShoeSource location (excluding ShopKo) and See register receipt for further details. Coupon and terms of offer are provided by Payless ShoeSource."

With all the 1 cent deals at OfficeMax, this could be a nice return on investment! Don't know whether these coupons are only available this week or not, or whether you are allowed more than one $5 coupon to use during the above mentioned timeframe. Hopefully you can go back, spend more at OfficeMax and get another Payless coupon! If someone puts this to the test, please find out & report back! And aren't tax free shopping weeks going to be starting soon in many states? Could be some nice savings!

(In case you think I'm kidding about the fine print, it took my reading glasses, a strong light, and a magnifying glass to get the details on this one!), Mary Beth F, NY

Read More..says THANKS to Janet for passing along this info!


Lowes -- 48% off Kobalt Knife

WOW! And here I thought Nascar's Jimmie Johnson was just another "pretty face" in racing. As it turns out, he's here to help us save money too!

Here is an AWESOME coupon to save 48% off a Kobalt knife at Lowes!

HURRY! This coupon is good from 7/27 to 7/29 only!

Read More says THANKS to Janet F. for the info! Whoot!

Albs -- **NEW** stock status updates!


Here is the first true discussion board for couponers in Idaho. We need a place to quickly update each other on whether there is stock of the "hot" items we're all trying to purchase. Let's band together and make this rock!

Click on the link on the right under Discussion Board to leave your information. There is nothing new to sign up for it you don't want. By signing up, you will get additional benefits once this is underway, however, it is totally up to you!

It will take EVERYONE YOU KNOW to help make this a useful tool for all of us! So, please, pass the word. Seriously, tell everyone you know -- and I do mean everyone! LOL! Heck! Tell your dry cleaner, baby sitter, bank teller, kids teacher, husband's best friend, dog washer, landscaper & maid,, oh, wait,, went into never-never land there....sorry! Anyway, you get the drift. Help out a fellow couponer!

To get the ball rolling, I've posted the first update regarding stock status for breyers ice cream, sparkle paper towels, and Angel toilet paper! Check it out!

If you have comments or questions or suggestions, please leave a post here.

Read More....he's all ears to hear what ya have to say!


Albs -- 5 doublers in 1 transaction works!

Hey all! I was able to use the two ID Statesman insert doublers and the three Press Tribune doublers in one transaction this morning! So, if you're lucky enough to get ahold of some of them, go for it! It works!

I'll update this post a little later with the transaction I did! It was really awesome
and felt great! I partnered up with a friend to use my last $6 off $60 catalina -- so we were both able to score!

Read More...he says he's on pins & needles waiting for the info....


Walmart -- FREE Mars candy!

I started my price recon last night. It was nice to have a list where I could find most of the stuff. I'm concentrating on the buy $20 and get $5 in free meat coming up in the new Albs ad this week. I wasn't totally excited about this deal, so we'll see...

I decided to do a price match at Walmart for the Mars candy rather than try to find a cheap filler item at Walgreens in order to get the candy bars (you know -- that whole deal about having the same number of items as number of coupons used) because I was using a couple of the freebie coupons I got in the Chocolate Relief promo. I just wasn't in the mood to deal with it. Also, I wanted to take the Walmart sale on Ziploc bags and do a price match with the Target $1 off (w/produce purchase) and the $1/1 MQ. Here's what I was able to do:

Total OOP $3.98 ($4.94 w/tax)
without the shopping bag -- $2.98 ($3.88 w/tax)

2 Ziploc qt storage bags, 30 ct.
1 Glade Sense & Spray starter kit
2 Nexcare bandage, two types
2 Limes
8 Mars candy bars
1 Walmart shopping bag

To do the $1 Target Q price match, you have to buy a produce item. Obviously, you want to buy the cheapest price per unit you can. Here are a couple of other options if you don't want limes or have to have the produce weighed:

Lemons $0.33 each
Kiwi $0.38 each
Cilantro $0.55 each
Carrots $0.88 each, 2 lb bag

Unless you're set on buying M&Ms, the other candy bars will meet the weight requirement of the $1/2 MQ -- and since Walmart has those candies priced at $0.50 -- there is no need to price match. You just walk in with the coupon & get them for FREE!!

The ID Center Walmart was OUT of the 1 gallon Ziploc bags when I left last night. I got with the manager on duty and showed her the new $1/2 candy coupon too. Hopefully, they will be able to watch the stock on those items and keep up with the demand.

Read More to see the pricing breakdown!

Here's how the pricing worked:

2 Ziploc qt storage bags, 30 ct. $2.00
$1/1 Target Q w/purchase of produce (price match) here
$1/1 IP here
Final Price FREE

2 Limes $0.25 each
coupon went towards storage bags
Final Price $0.25 each

1 Glade Sense & Spray starter kit $5.00
$4/1 July All You Mag
Final Price $1.00

Nexcare bandage, heavy duty 30 count $1.98
$1/1 IP here
Final Price $0.98

Nexcare bandage, comfort 35 count $1.50
$1/1 IP here
Final Price $0.50

Mars candy bars (watch weight) $0.50
$1/2 MQ RP 7/26
Final Price FREE

Walmart shopping bag $1.00


Albs -- doublers on pg 12 of Tribune!

ID Tribune has three Albs doublers on page 12. These are good from 7/26 - 7/28.

WHOOT! Thank you Jennifer for sending me back to the paper to look in the right place!

OMG! The barcodes on the Tribune doublers look different compared to the Statesman insert doublers -- could this be another 5 doubler per transaction opportunity? If anyone finds out, please let me know.

Read More....he's tellin' me I need glasses....I'm ignoring him...


Albs -- doublers in Statesman only?

DANG! My husband gets the ID Statesman (so we get 1 copy of it), and there are two Albs doublers in the Sunday paper! Pfffftt! So, of course, I went back through the Tribune searching for doublers -- nada! There are also some other Albs coupons I haven't seen before.

With the ID Statesman now $2.00 for a Sunday paper off the rack, it sure doesn't make sense to go buy one. Start calling your relatives who take the ID Statesman and see if you can snag a few doublers. These doublers are good from 7/26 - 8/4!

Am I gonna have to subscribe to the ID Statesman couponer special now too?? Did anyone else notice doublers that I missed?

Read More...he's totally bummed too....


Funny Morton Salt Uses

Okay, so when I got my tester and coupon from Morton Salt, I spent some time on their site. if you're interested in your own freebie tester, go here.

OMG! What a hoot! I'm not making fun of the salt part -- just some of the ideas they are promoting to take salt from just table / food usage. I know if companies can widen their application they can increase sales, but c'mon! LOL. Sometimes they go just a little far into the deep end... I got all these ideas straight from their site.

Ideas that amused me:

Eliminate Egg Spills

Don't fret over spilled eggs. Just pour Morton® Salt on top of the spill to cover the eggs. Then wipe the eggs up with a paper towel.

Uhmmm...why don't I just use the paper towel? I mean, what did the salt ever do to me to cause me to throw it in the egg?

Freshen the Air

Clear the air with this homemade air freshener. Just cut an orange in half, remove pulp, and fill the peel with Morton® Salt. It will provide a pleasant, aromatic scent anywhere in your home.

O-kaaayyy. And what is gonna freshen the air as the orange peel decomposes?

Cut Cutting Board Odors

To help cut odors off of your wooden cutting board, simply pour a generous amount of Morton® Salt directly on the board. Rub lightly with a damp cloth. Wash in warm, sudsy water.

I'm pretty sure it's washing the board with soap & water that's cutting the odor...not the salt. Could be wrong here, but don't think so.


Patch Up Walls

To patch small nail holes and fine cracks in plaster or wallboard, mix 2 tablespoons Morton® Salt, 2 tablespoons cornstarch and about 4 to 5 teaspoons water to make a thick, pliable paste. Fill hole and let dry. Sand if necessary, then paper.

Oh, yeah, gonna do this one! Not! Why would I do then when I can get a can of spackle from a hardware store for few bucks? I can just see me asking my husband to do this one! LOLOL! He would tell me he's running to the Home Depot.

Read More....he's thinking of using saw dust instead of salt in his patch....


No Comment? Really?

THANK YOU ALL! It's totally awesome to hear from you guys!
I really appreciate the support!

Okkaaay. So, I know at least a few folks check out this blog. Do I just have a group of VERY professional couponers -- the strong, silent types? I'm not sure if the posts are uninteresting or you really don't have any comments.

So, THIS IS A TEST! Let's see if anyone really reads my blog. Please post a comment to this entry. I hope to get at least 10 posts folks -- c'mon! Show me the love!

Is this blog really reaching anyone or am I just typing a virtual diary? Am I out here all by myself? Have I become one of those couponers who just mumbles to herself as she cuts out coupons? A virtual "bag lady" in the coupon blogosphere?

UPDATE: Sorry, folks! I didn't realize what a pain it is to comment. So, here are the changes I've made to hopefully help. Let me know what you think works.

You just have to click on the purple # to post a comment. I've changed the wording to help clear that up.

Also, as for how comments can be posted, I have three setup choices -- new window, pop up window and embedded (under post) but still a new screen. I've picked pop up window for right now. Is that better or worse?

2ND UPDATE: Yikes!!! I didn't think my html skills were up to this! So -- W-H-O-O-T!! I was able to move the labels & comments to the bottom of the post! ROCK ON! Jeez! Almost gave up there. Is that better?

Read More...he's says he's still here for me...(like I can get rid of 'im! ha!)...


Albs -- Liquid laundry soap -- $3.49

Hey all -- I just happened to walk up the laundry soap aisle yesterday (with my 8 cases of Dr. Pepper -- whoot! you know it!) and noticed these two laundry soaps on sale. I honestly don't know if they are the cheapest prices around or what....but thought I'd mention it in case you needed options.

These prices are from the 12th Street Albs in Nampa.

Arm & Hammer 2x concentrated laundry soap 68.75 oz 44 load $4.99
$1/1 IP here
Final Price $3.99

Purex laundry soap 50 oz 32 load $3.99
$1/2 MQ SS 6/14
Final Price $3.49

Purex laundry soap 80 oz 57 loads $5.99
$1/2 MQ SS 6/14
Final Price $5.49

Read More...he's hoping I don't make him help fold.....*smile*


Walgreens -- preview for 8/2 available

The preview for the Walgreens 8/2 ad is available. The link is on the right. That week actually appears to be a good one with some high value RR!

Here is a list from Hot Coupon World for the ad:

Vitamin Shampoo & Conditioner 13oz $3.99 get $3.99RR

Gum Toothbrush 2pack $3.49 get $3.49RR

Buy 8 or more, get $10RR * Buy 6 get $6RR * Buy 4 get $2RR
*Dove Hair Care (7 - 12oz) 2/$6
*Dove or Degree Clinical Protection Deodorant $5.99
*Dove or Degree Deodorant 2.6-3oz 2/$7
*Dove Lotion 13.5 oz or Body Wash 24oz 25% off
*Vaseline IC Lotion 25% off
*Pond's Skin Care 25% off
*285pk Q-Tips Vanity or 500pk Swabs 25% off
*Suave Antiperspirant/Deodorant 2.6 or 6oz 25% off
*Breyers Ice Cream 48oz 2/$7
*Lipton Tea 40pk Green tea, 48pk Decaf, 100pk Orig $2.99
*Hellmann's Mayo 22 or 30oz $2.99
*Skippy PB 16.3oz 2/$4
*Ragu 26oz 2/$4
*Bertolli Dinner 24oz $5.99

Buy $15 get $5RR
*Colgate Toothpaste - Original 8.2oz or Total Advance 5.8oz - $3
*Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap, 3 pack Irish Spring Soap - 2/$4
*Colgate Toothbrush - 2pack 360, 360 sonic or kids battery - $5
*Irish Spring Bodywash 15 or 18oz - 2/$7
*Speed Stick 2.7 to 3.25oz or Lady's 2.3 oz - 2/$5

Crest Toothpaste or Oral B Toothbrush 4/$10 get $5RR
*Whitening Expressions 6oz
*Whitening w/ Scope 6.2oz
*Advanage Glide or 1-2-3 TB

Buy 2 cold, sinus or allergy products get $5RR
*Sudafed PE 18-24ct $4.99
*Benadryl 18-24ct or liquid 4oz $4.99
*Tylenol Allergy, Cold or Sinus 24ct $4.99
*Zyrtec 45ct $24.99

Buy $10 get $5RR
*Cheez it 7.5 or 9oz $2
*Keebler Cookies 11.5 or 15oz $2
*Rice Krispies Treats 8pk $2
*Pop Tarts $2
*Cheez its 4.5 or Keebler Cookies 5.25 - 6oz $1
*Club Crackers/Sandies Pecan Shortbread 16oz 2/$5
*Fiber Plus Bars 5pk 2/$5
*Nutri-Grain Bars 8pk 2/$5
*Special K Protein, 6pk Bars or 4pk Shakes $5

Kellogg's Cereal 12 - 20 oz 2/$5 get $2RR

Pepsi 12 packs 3/$11 get $2RR

Listerne Mouthwash $3.99 get $1RR
*Whitening 16oz
*Frsh Burst, Original, Cool or Vanilla 1L

L'oreal Spend $20 get $10RR good on next L'oreal purchase

Frizz-Ease Hair Serum 1.69oz $7.99 get $5RR

Just for Me! Hair Care 2/$9 get $2RR
*No-Lye Relaxer Kit
*Hair Milk Straightening Mist 10oz

Rogaine 3 pack $49.99 get $10RR

Prilosec 42ct $22.99 get $5RR

Align Digestive Capsules 28ct $28.99 get $3RR

Metamucil 2/$20 get $6RR
*120 or 160ct caps / 57 or 114 dose powder

Clairol Natural Instincts Hair Color $6.99 get $2RR

Read More....he thinks we just might need more shampoo....

Hidden text

Albs -- B1G1 Free on Dr. Pepper gone?!

I've heard different stories from different Albs. The Nampa 12th Albs has a sign on the Dr. Pepper stack it is being taken out of the B1G1 free promo.

HOWEVER -- The B1G1 free promo is still working in the computer for the Albs Dr. Pepper promo. I was able to do it AND get the catalina earlier today. I don't know how much longer it will work in the computer, so if you plan on doing this sale, I'd get to the store today if at all possible.

There is a GIANT stack of Dr. Pepper right inside the door at the 12th street Albs.

The other purchase limits still apply --

Only 8 12 pks per customer per day
NO rainchecks!

Hidden text

Albs Price Recon -- 7/22 to 7/28

Here is the price recon for this week. Hopefully, the paper towel / T.P and Dr. Pepper sales have kept you too busy to have really needed this yet. This week there weren't as many similar items as before. I think Albs is reading my post sayin' " Hmmm. Let's put on sale on items only we carry. THAT will mess with her head!" LOL.

I also had a really hard time at Winco --- too many boxes that night to see the shelves. If you find a Winco price I missed, please let me know. I can get the list updated & repost it. Hope this helps at least some.

I used a light blue to color code the lowest price for that item (this was a great suggestion from cynthea). If the price matched in a couple of stores and is the lowest price, you will see two cells colored. If Albs was the only one to carry that brand item or that size, then they get the lowest price color coding. Let me know if this helps please or if it's distracting.

Lastly, the prices under the Albs column DO NOT include the discount if you buy $10. This is so the comparison is easier to see -- meaning, if you bought just ONE of that item from any of the stores, what would it cost you? That's what I was trying to show.

Here is the price list:
(click on image for larger view)

Read More...he's threatening to take over making this list...


Albs -- Dr. Pepper limits on purchase!

Good morning all! A reader Janet send this to me yesterday, and I just confirmed this morning the Nampa stores are following this new policy as well.

Here are the limits for Dr. Pepper purchases:

MAX 8 12 pks per day per customer
NO rainchecks!

The Nampa 12th store will have several more pallets of soda in today. The Coke supplier said they would have no problem supplying them, but we will have purchase limits to work within now.

Read More...he's getting thirsty....


Does it really come in threes?

Last week was the tree and broken sprinklers over at my father-in-law's place. Last night it was sprinkler mayhem at my place & a flooded basement. Oh, yeah. I'm just lovin' this month (not). Can you freakin' believe this?! If I know you and something happens to your sprinklers, I'm really sorry. I'm not sure who is gonna get the 3rd part of this fiasco -- me or someone else -- or even how it's gonna happen. You just know it's coming.

This was total luck I found this last night. I have a treadmill in the basement, and I almost wimped out on working out. If I had....I'd hate to think of how much more stuff would have been ruined! I could have been really heartbroken. The chest in the picture is from my grandmother -- it's just at edge of the damage zone.

There was a sprinkler coupling that came "undone" -- it broke the glue connection. Since that part of the sprinkler is before the first valve box, it's under pressure & filled with water all the time. The broken connection caused the utility dug out (where we have the connections coming into the basement) to fill up and of course, water being water, it ran downhill into the basement.

Here's my poor basement -- the dark parts are the wet parts. There was about a 1/4 inch of water in the mechanical room, and it seeped under the base plate -- the carpet is squishy (YUCK!). There is no way to save it. None.

Instead of finishing our deck next week (my husband and I had planned vacation time), I'll be revamping my basement. So, I'm trying to make lemonade from these rather large lemons. Once we get through finding out how much stuff was ruined, I'll probably be able to sleep better.

I figure I'll make sure I get more shelving and a bigger space for my stockpiling. I'm gonna repaint the room too since I won't have to worry about the flooring. So, I'm pretty bummed and a little grossed out, but I'm hangin' tough.

Obviously, the price recon list will be up a little late today. I didn't get to work on it much last night. Sorry, folks. Can I just say this TOTALLY BLOWS! Okay....whining done.

Read More...he's speechless on this one...


All You Magazine -- $14 for two years!

Wow! This is a rockin' deal to get the All You Magazine. The coupons are great -- the articles are great -- the magazine features REAL women models (what a concept, huh?) --- the beauty tips are easy to understand...seriously, this is a great magazine. If you've not picked up a copy, you should. If you have, this is a GREAT price to get a two year subscription.

HURRY! This price is only good through JULY 31! Get your subscription from Southern Living at Home from Mary Kester.

Read this endorsement from a RefundCents reader:

ALL YOU MAGAZINE INFO (7/22/2009 1:30:10 PM): One can get ALL-YOU for TWO YEARS for $14 total. This is ONLY through July 31. After that, it'll be $14 for ONE year. Her secure website is . Her email address is She is very quick and easy to deal with. , Kara R, NC



Albs -- Sparkle towels & Angel T.P.

I took advantage of the deal outlined on KCL first thing this morning. I knew the "FREE" part would be too much to resist for most folks (me included.) I did the deal twice and filled in Fuze drinks instead of buying all playtex gloves. I really didn't need any of the other stuff. So, here is how it worked for me:

Total OOP $4.00 ($4.84 w/tax)

4 Sparkle single rolls
4 Angel Soft double roll, 4 pk T.P.
4 Fuze drinks
2 Playtex gloves

To see the pricing & coupon breakdown, go to this KCL post please.

Just a note:
The 12th street Albs didn't have the pictured Playtex gloves in the ad. These are the kind I bought, and they worked with the promo.

Read More....he's busy being drinkin' my Fuze... *glub* *glub* *glub*


Rite Aid -- L'Oreal nail polish deal

A reader from RefundCents shared this deal. Good one to watch for if you're heading to Rite Aid!

(7/21/2009): Do you have Rite Aid?

They have the L'Oreal nail polish on clearance for 75% off so it's $1.24. There is a $2 rebate for one bottle, limit 4 and a $5 rebate wyb $13 in L'Oreal products.

I bought 11 bottles of nail polish for $13.64 total and will get back the $8 and $5 rebates so only .64 for 11 bottles. Plus you've got $13.64 towards being able to use the $5/25 coupon., Tayler R, UT

Read More says THANKS to Janet & RefundCents!


Winco -- FREE soy milk! Pizza for $3.88!

I was at Winco last night doing my price recon. HOLY COW! It was a zoo! I may have to come up with a new system for price checking. Man, I could hardly get through the aisles! I'm not very tall so seeing over the boxes to avoid workers...well, let's just say it became an adventurous cross between dodge ball & frogger.

There is a chance Winco had some of the items, but there was no way I could see the shelves to verify it. Dang. Hey! At least I got some FREE milk out of the deal! All's well that ends well, right? *smile*

Total OOP $ 10.76 ($11.79 w/tax)

4 boxes of Chex Mix
2 bottles of syrup
2 1/2 gallons of soy milk

Chex Mix 6 bars $2.18
$0.60/1 IP here
Final Price $1.58

8th Continent Soy Milk 1/2 gal. $1.98
$2/1 IP here
Final Price FREE

HyTop 2% Maple Syrup 24 oz $2.22
no coupon
Final Price $2.22

Hey, I know, I know. I saw the homemade syrup receipe on KCL. If you didn't see it, go here and read the comments to the post. However, folks, I'm not going that route. Actually, my husband cooks breakfast on the weekends, so I'm not asking him to go that route. If he's willing to make up a batch of pancakes or waffles, I'm gonna have syrup on hand -- and some I didn't have to make up. *smile* Would rather have the premade stuff and sit reading the paper than have to be in the kitchen on those mornings! LOL!

Here are some other things I ran across in the store:

California Pizza (thin crust) $4.88
$1/1 MQ SS 5/17

Final Price $3.88

DiGiorno Pizza $4.88

$1/1 MQ SS 6/14
Final Price $3.88

Lean Cuisine entrees $1.88

$1/5 IP coupon (no longer avail)

Final Price $1.68

(other finds will appear on a KCL post! check 'em out!)

Read More if you want to see the receipt...


Freds -- dozen eggs for $0.50 -- AGAIN!!

The Nampa Freds is at it again! They have an overstock of eggs from last weeks sale price -- so great time to get some extra eggs! I took these pics yesterday evening at the store.

Eggs 2/$1.00
exp. date 8/23

limited to supply on hand
NO rainchecks!

Looks like they have MANY dozen in the store.
(didn't count them,, too many)

Read More...he's really going for the hardboiled now!


Albs -- cereal for $0.67 and FREE fruit!

Now that I have your is the scoop. I've been giving this Kelloggs cereal $1 peelie the magpie eye for awhile now. Well, Albs finally put the cereal at a price where coupled with the doublers it makes for a sweet deal!

Total OOP $3.28 ($3.78 w/tax)

5 boxed of Kelloggs corn flakes
5 lbs of peaches (approx.)

5 Kelloggs Corn Flakes, Touch of Honey 12 oz $1.67
5 doublers -- $1 doubler "credit"
Final Price $0.67

Peaches, 4.94 lbs $4.94
5 $1 peelies off cereal for buying fresh fruit
Final Price $0.06 overage

Use the doublers so you can "credit" the twice the value of the $1 peelie towards the cereal. You need to buy the $ value in fruit of the peelies you're using. In my case, I bought 5 boxes so I had 5 peelies. I tried to buy 5 lbs of peaches at $1 lb so it would be $5.

(on the scale in the produce section it showed over 5 lbs so I thought I was golden -- jeez).

Read More...he's wondering the best way to dry peaches...


Sunshine on this Sun Chips coupon!

I was watching TV a bit ago (yeah, more like it was watching me, not even sure what show was on) when I saw some info about the Sun Chips company. Did you know they actually do use solar power** to make Sun Chips? Call me dense but I didn't know that. I thought it was just a marketing name.

So if you love Sun Chips like I do -- and they really are awesome -- here is a coupon for ya!

Go here for the $1/2 Sun Chips coupon
(can print it twice -- good for 30 days)

Read More says THANKS Janet for the tip!

**solar power turns water into steam power for the plant


Albs -- Caldwell stores stock update

A wonderful reader Janet sent this today to give a heads up on the Caldwell Albs --

Here's Janet's report from the field:
(kinda like a traveling journalist, huh?)

Went to the little Albertsons near downtown and the Stadium store.

The little downtown one had ads (at the service desk). Quick walk-thru - no displays with coupons, didn't look at their stock of bbq sauce.

Stadium store is out of ads - gave the last one away about 2pm. They did have about 10-15 cases of bbq sauce (as you walk in the door on the right side). If you want to go there, you will need to bring doublers with you. The display where Thrifty Mom mentioned Wasa $1 coupons was out of coupons.

Read More...he's jealous he's not able to be a traveling reporter...


Milk & Cheese coupons are BACK!

Sweet! These coupons are available again!

Go get the $0.75/1 Milk coupon and the $1/1 Cheese coupon -- exp. date of 8/3 when I printed them today.

Go HERE to print yours! Whoot! LOVE these coupons!

Read More....he's wondering how much cheese I actually need.... *smile*


HTW 7/20 -- deals to check out!


Huggies Enjoy the Ride promo is offering chances to win a free $25 gas card (among other gifts available). Trying for the gas card take 2 pts each time. This promo has 3000 winners and ends on 7/31.

THANK YOU Freebies for Mom for this information!

Here's how you can get some quick points to get started:

Initial registration = 10 pts

Watch all four videos = 8 pts

Take all four polls = 4 pts

Codes to get free points:






BGRKP RDLZJ SQPGB = 2 pts (expires 8/15/09)







Read More...he's got his fingers & toes crossed!


Giveaway -- FREE All You Mag!

This is a great opportunity! Coupon Geek is giving away an All You Magazine subscription.

Here is where you want to go to enter! The giveaway ends Monday, July 20 at 11:59 PM CST so hurry!

Coupon Geek's Words of Praise:

The moment I found AllYou Magazine, I loved it! On Monday, they did a relaunch of their site and it's definitely worth taking the time to check it out. There are so many great things all on one site.

When I first went to, I was like a kid at Christmas--where do I begin to open? There are so many great options to choose from! Coupons - Food - Budget Home - Style For Less - Diet & Fitness...all of my favorite topics! :)

Exclusive Coupons? Yup, they now have printable coupons that are completely exclusive to All You. And I was happy to see that they don't just offer you coupons but also give advice and tips too--coupon strategies, creating a coupon system, even how to manage your debt.

They've also given me a great giveaway for one of my lucky readers - a FREE Subscription to All You magazine! Every couponers dream prize! :)

Freds -- ALL detergent for $7.99!

**REMINDER!** ALL detergent sale at Freds ends 7/21!

So, in doing my recon today, I decided to take advantage of the All detergent sale going on at Freds! This is the best price I've seen so far! I also picked up a head of lettuce & some tomatoes for tacos this week -- ya'll know how I love Fred's produce!

Total OOP $17.96 ($19.28 w/tax)

2 All detergent, 96 load
1 head lettuce
1 bag roma tomatoes, 1.22 lbs

Here's how the pricing worked:

All detergent 96 load $9.99 (first 2)
$2/1 MQ RP 6/28
Final Price: $7.99
(this Freds sale runs thru 7/21 so you have time to take advantage of it)

Lettuce 1 head $0.78 (first 2)

Roma Tomatoes $0.99 lb

Read More....he's busy sorting clothes for the wash...


Pet -- music anyone?

OMG! I just couldn't resist posting this. A little humor to help lighten the day as you're planning the next shopping trip(s). Enjoy!

Read More...he's busy wondering how to get his own "sub woofers"...


What's in a BRAG?

This is kinda like playing "what's in a name?" game. What really is in a "BRAG" to make it a good one? I thought having a section dedicated to showing off purchases would be fun. Well, at it's turning appears to be a hassle to get it all done. I suppose that makes sense...when I think more about it.

**enter stage right**
**announcer is setting the scene**

So, you've just been to the market to get some stuff on sale. You spilled your coupon binder on the floor, the kids were being little monsters, the checkout clerk was impatient, the bags tore when trying to corral the kids into the house, and you STILL have to put the groceries away. At this point, you'd have to clear the kids drawing project from the table in order to take a picture...if you can remember where the camera is...and find time to size & send the pics when the kids take a nap...if you get that lucky today...

**mom exits stage left near to tears**

Yeah, I can see how braggin' rights might not be that important in the scheme of things. Folks are probably just tryin' to make it through the day.

Well, that's totally cool! So, that brings me back to the "what's in a name?" game. Well, the section formerly known as Baby Got Brag is going through a face lift...or is that a tummy tuck? Whatever.

Starting today, Baby Got Brag is no more! Say tears, now!

Say hello to --- $10 Stockpiling! More to come later today on just what the heck I'm talking about.

Read More...RIP Baby Got Brag....HELLO $10 Stockpiling!
(no one ever said the guy wasn't a fickle friend *smile*)


Mailbox - Water softener salt Q!

Well, living here in the valley, you know we've got HARD water. If you're on a well like we are, you know it's a constant battle to stay ahead of the hard water buildup. We have a water softener, but it only does so much. I was excited by this offer to test just how hard our water is! Honesty, I wasn't sure if the test strip scale would go high enough. A really cheap...okay, FREE...way to see if the water softener is helping.

Morton Salt freebie -- if interested go here.

$1/1 MQ System Saver Pellet (no exp.)
FREE hard water tester

The BEST part of this offer is I've learned where to get additional testing strips for various stuff ( -- it's buying in think about giving the test strips away for...say...Christmas. Can you image the faces if you were to do so? LOL!

Read More...he's trying to talk me into a different present...


Freds -- dozen eggs for $0.50 -- whoot!

(no limit)
Exp. date 7/24

Brush off your deviled egg, quiche and egg salad sandwich receipes! This is a great deal! There were approx. 50 dozen cartons at the Nampa store when I left this morning!

ALSO -- this is the LAST day to take advantage of the Fred Meyer brand eggs for $0.89 per dozen. They have a normal exp. date of 8/23.

If you're like my household, all I have to do is hard boil them, and they will be gone!

Total OOP $2.00 ($2.12 w/tax)

4 dozen eggs

Read More....he's lobbying for deviled eggs...


Albs -- Dove deodrant for $1

Okay, this is a great deal! That new, fancy Dove deodrant is a STEAL right now! Most all the Dove deodrants are on sale at Albs for $3.00.

Dove deodrant 2.6 oz $3.00
$2/1 IP here
Final Price $1.00

Read More...he's busy smellin' the "wild rose"...


Albs -- stocking up on meat!

I think I'm a hoarder. Really! Now...don't make fun! *smile* I know stockpiling is a kind of what couponer isn't just a awesome hoarder with a cute binder? Or is that a cute hoarder with an awesome binder?? Still...sometimes...

Since I track OOP only when recording how much I pay, I tend to hoard $$ off catalina ONYO for a "big" shopping trip. That's when I try to stock up on meat. I was working under a few constraints today: (1) I wanted to use a $6 off $60 CAT (2) I had a raincheck expiring on the 7/20 (3) I had a few various $ CAT OYNO expiring on 7/19.

Here's what I bought today at Albs:

Total OOP $36.21
($39.83 w/tax)

Received $2/1 cat for Mitchum deodrant
MIA $1 cat for mac & cheese -- called catalina company to get it mailed to me

4 Kraft mac & cheese
2 Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers
2 Healthy Choice entrees
2 Kraft marshmallows (mini), 10.5 oz
2 Red Baron Singles, french bread pizzas
1 loaf Albs white bread
1 Tree Top juice drink
3 boxes Kelloggs Corn Flakes
1 bag apples, 1.31 lb
1 bag nectarines, 1.46 lb
1 bag grapes, 1.12 lb
6 pkgs of hamburger, 12.48 lbs ( ~2 lb pkgs)
5 pkgs of boneless chicken breasts, 6.26 lbs
2 Dove deodrants

Read more to see the pricing breakdown!

I'm going put the items together how I purchased them to make this easier to follow.

You guys will probably recognize these items from the promo over the last few weeks -- buy 10 save $5! For the next few items, I'm gonna start at the "savings" price to make it easier.

Kraft mac & cheese 10 oz $0.50
1 B3G1 Free MQ -- (free 1 came off a $1)
Final Price $0.25 each

Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers $2.00
$1/2 MQ All You Mag June issue
Used 1 doubler
Final Price $1.00

2 Healthy Choice entrees $2.00
$1/2 MQ All You Mag June issue
Used 1 doubler
Final Price $1.00

Kraft marshmallows (mini) 10.5 oz $0.49

2 Red Baron Singles, french bread pizzas $2.50
$.75/1 MQ SS 5/3
Final Price $1.75
(filler item to reach $60)

1 loaf Albs white sandwich bread $1.34
(filler item to reach $60 and 'cause I wanna make french toast this weekend!)

1 Tree Top juice drink $2.50
$1.50/1 catalina from prev Albs trip
Final Price: $1.00

Kelloggs Corn Flakes 10 oz $1.66
1 bag apples 1.31 lb $1.95
1 bag nectarines 1.46 lb $2.91
1 bag grapes 1.12 lb $2.23
(3) $1 off fresh fruit peelies on cereal
Use 3 doublers

(this means on six items I can take $1 off each)

Final Price $0.66 each box of cereal

Final Price $0.95 for apples -- $0.73 per lb
Final Price $1.91 for nectarines -- $1.30 per lb
Final Price $1.23 for grapes -- $1.09 per lb

(I was trying to get the produce close to $1 total for each kind so it would be free -- I think the scales are off in the produce department. )

6 pkgs of hamburger, 12.48 lbs ( ~2 lb pkgs) $23.47
$2 CAT for customer survey
(2) $5 CAT from previous Albs purchase
$1 CAT from V8 purchase
Final Price $10.47 -- $0.84 per lb

5 pkgs of boneless chicken breasts, 6.26 lbs ( ~1 lb pkgs) $11.78
Save $6 when by $60 CAT
Final Price $5.78 -- $0.92 per lb

Dove deodrant 3 oz $3.00
$2/1 IP here
Final Price $1.00

(The Dove deodrant was a total last minute purchase. The checkout lines were busy when I was ready to go, so I started wandering around the store. Whoot! Score!)


Pet -- Part 1 -- buying pet food in bulk

With three dogs now, you know I'm looking for an economical way to buy pet food. I feed my dogs Pro Plan --this is just a choice for me. I'm not sayin' this is the best dog food or anything like that -- what you feed your pet(s) is a personal decision.

I think the best place to get a high quality pet food at a good price is Petco. (I assume Petsmart has a similiar program. If you have a Petsmart near you, check out their membership plan). Because I live in Nampa, I go to Petco. Here's what I mean:

Petco has the PALS membership:
PALS membership will give $5 per bag savings
PALS buy 10 bags & get 1 free program
PALS where $1 equal 10 points
PALS -- at 1500 pts per quarter you get a 10% off coupon (OYNO in 1 trx)
PALS -- at 2000 pts per quarter you get a 15% off coupon (OYNO in 1 trx)
Bulk purchase program -- buy 200 lbs & save 10% automatically

Here's how easy it is to get the points:

This is the summary of my points for the previous quarter from April 1 to June 30:

4/30 -- bought a chewable bone (w/coupon) as I was doing a price recon
purchase = 40 pts

5/2 -- bought my dog food in bulk, 6 bags
purchase = 1740 pts

6/30 -- bought bag of pig ears (25 in bag)
purchase = 300 pts

For this quarter, I've earned a 15% off coupon ONYO

I'm now also nine bags away from getting my free bag (I redeemed a free bag in May). As I go through a dog food bag about every two weeks, this puts me on track to get 2 FREE bags per year! Sweet!

On another post, I'll outline & show the receipt for how I did my bulk dog food purchase from May. I'm telling you this now so you can plan for this quarter and the amount of money it will take to buy in bulk.

I cleaned out / organized the closet under the stairs & this is where I store the dog food. The dog food bags are "lined" so the food should stay fresh -- so far, each bag has been perfect. Also, if you don't think you're up to buying five 40lb (or six 37.5 lb) bags at a time, partner up with someone you know who has pets! Two families can easily take advantage of buying bulk & share the savings.

Read More...he's out walking the dogs...


Albs -- Breyer's pint ice cream

This is a great deal this week. Albs has Breyer pint ice cream for $1 -- you can get a $1/2 Q here (no size restrictions). With a doubler, it would be FREE! However, you know there's a catch, right?

EVERYONE appears to want in on this deal. I would call the Albs you're heading to in order to make sure they have the pints in stock. Great deal...great opportunity to get aced out too! Dang!

Good luck, all!

Read More...he's getting out the camo gear to sneak in & check out the stock status...


Coupon Gossip via Email -- READY!

FIRST -- I would like to recognize three gals who were willing to help me test the email subscription. To Jennifer, Sara and Janet -- THANK YOU! Here's wishing you gals the ultimate coupon success -- the perfect sale & coupon matchups -- and the time to take advantage of them! You rock ladies!

SECOND -- If you'd like to get Coupon Gossip in your email, the subscription link is on the right.

THIRD -- If you'd rather not get any more email, I totally understand! *smile*

FOURTH -- Hey! Why aren't you subscribing?

FIFTH -- Oh! You took the third comment seriously? Wow! Gotta watch what I type!

SIXTH -- if you can read this...please, oh, please would make my day...

Read More...he's reading email from Coupon Gossip!
(drum roll please for that lousy joke!)


Winco -- deli lunchmeat score!

Well, if there's such a thing as a "lunch meat snob," then I guess I'm one. After having tasted how much better lunch meat is from the deli counter, I just can't seem to get excited about the prepackaged stuff. I know it can be kinda expensive, but it's one of "those things" I'm willing to splurge a little on. But you already know the couponer in me is anguish that I'm not using a, that makes me always on the lookout for cheaper deli meat. I found this today at Winco. Pretty awesome deal!

Total OOP $10.09 ($10.70 w/tax)

Deli Beef Pastrami, $3.58 per lb, 1.2 lbs
Deli Honey Ham, $4.98 per lb, 1 lb

If you've priced this kind of deli counter lunch meat at Walmart, the price is about $6.50 to $7.50 per lb.

The BEST deal I saw:

Deli Baked Ham $1.98 lb
(this makes it right in there pricewise with the prepkg stuff -- and it tastes better!)

Read More...he's getting out the sandwich bread.... *smile*


Albs Price Recon -- 7/15 to 7/21

Hey all! I totally got behind this week on getting prices out. I did get the "new" stuff added (the very few items) and prices at Walmart & Winco. Sorry, folks, no time this week to do a Freds price recon.

THANK GOODNESS this is the last week for this promo! Dang! I feel like I'm in a total time warp!

Here's the price list:
(click in image for larger view)
(seriously gotta spend time figuring out a better post method for the list)

Read More...he's busy finding a magnifying glass...


Trees -- they are a fallin' down!

Hey folks, sorry not too many posts yesterday. I work full time so most of my blogging time is after work, early evening or after I've made a coupon run. Here's what I was doing last night! Holy cow! This sucker was a pretty BIG branch to break off. This last wind storm over the weekend took off this limb at my father-in-law's house. It also turned the plum tree into a "dwarf" plum tree. So, it was clean up duty last night!

I'll probably be over there again tonight fixing the EIGHT broken sprinkers the landscaping guys ran over with the mower. Jeez! That company was fired today, and we hired the neighbor's teenage boy to mow the yard instead. He sure couldn't do much least I know he has parents to answer to! Just gotta luv it when life happens...*sigh*

Read More...he's making mud pies in the backyard...oh, yeah, he's helpful alright...


Walmart -- air fresheners for $1

Wow! Walmart is really going gung-ho this week on all their air freshing products. I've seen these deals before but not all at once (usually it's only one brand with the low price). So, if you've been dying to try these products or just want to stock up -- now is a great time!

Glade Sense & Spray starter kit $5.00
$4/1 MQ All You Magazine
Final Price: $1.00

Glade Long Lasting Impressions starter kit $5.00
$3/1 MQ RP 7/12
Final Price $2.00

Glade scented oil refill, single pk $2.97
$1/2 MQ RP 7/12
Final Price $2.49

Glade scented oil refill, twin pk $4.94
$1/1 MQ RP 7/12
Final Price $3.94

Febreeze Fabic Refreshner $3.32
Febreeze Air Effects $2.50
B1G1 MQ - Free Air Effect when buy Fabric Refreshner - P&G 7/5
Final Price: $3.32 for both

Febreeze Noticeables starter kit $5.00
$4/1 MQ P&G 7/5
Final Price $1.00

Read More... *sniff* *sniff* *sniff*...that's all I'm getting out of him today!


HTW 7/13 -- deals to check out!


Here's another great $1/1 coupon to have in your binder. Click here if you're interested (I had to print this from IE) -- click on the Save $1.00 in the upper right of the screen.

Read More...he's can't hear me for all the crunching he's doing....


This is a DND coupon. So, not as sweet as it could be, but it if you love Honey Nut Cheerios, then it's a must have! Click here to get it.

Also, there is a promotion by Cheerios for every Cheerios code entered here through 1/31/10, General Mills will be a donation of $1 to Women Heart org. to help women get cholesterol screenings! The participating brands are Cheerios, Honey Nut Cheerios & Multigrain Cheerios.

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OMG! Brain donor!

My husband was outside this weekend taking pictures of the planes flying in the air show. We live close enough to the Nampa airport the planes typically make part of their circuit over our house. Well, what do ya know -- this is one of those times a person is glad to have had a camera handy! A picture really is worth a thousand words....

Can anyone tell me what is WRONG with this picture?! OMG!! I've never seen anything so dang dumb before!

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Albs -- three doulbers on RP back page

Hey out there! You may very well have noticed -- but in case you haven't made it to the coupon clipping stage yet today -- there are three Albs doublers on the back page of the Red Plum insert today! Rock on!

The doublers are good from 7/12 to 7/21! Yes! Lots of time to figure out a good deal to use them on! So, you don't have to worry about rushing to the store in the next day or two!

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Tip #3 -- Resisting "Magpie Eye"

The magpie is a beautiful and somewhat aggressive bird that just LOVES shiny things. It can't help but gravitate towards them without thought to the consequence of doing so. Magpies have been know to get tangled in shiny materials -- get so tangled up -- they can't extract themselves and eventually succumb! How very awful!

What on earth does this have to do with couponing? Well, let's rephrase the previous description a bit, shall we?

The couponer is a beautiful and somewhat aggressive person that just LOVES a great bargain. The couponer can't help but gravitate towards them without thought to the consequence of doing so. Couponers have been know to get tangled in the great bargain -- get so tangled up -- they can't extract themselves and eventually succumb! How very awful!

This is what I mean by resisting the "magpie eye" that pulls you towards the shiny thing (great bargain).

Let me just rip the bandaid off right here -- YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF EVERY BARGAIN! You won't have the time or money or strorage room to get in on every sale. So, you will need to learn discipline along with learning how to coupon.

I'm sharing this with you because I fight this temptation ALL the time. I hear of or read the great deals other are taking advantage of -- and I just FEEL the pull to get in on the action. I want to have that kind of success too! Urrggh! It's killin' me to resist! When I get in this situation, I ask myself this question -- do I really need that [insert item here] or is my magpie eye influencing me?

If I'm still having problems resisting the great bargain, I pull out the bigger question -- am I willing to go broke to save money? That question usually does the trick by putting it back in perspective. I'm couponing so the money I spend overall is reduced. If I get so hooked on the elation of acquiring the great bargain, I will end up spending way more than I would have if I hadn't started couponing.

So, smile and relax -- the item you're so excited about now WILL go on sale again. Count on it! Use the opportunity to learn how others are taking advantage of the sale / coupon matchup and store the knowledge away for later. You'll be better prepared for when you see the next great bargain on [insert item here] and won't have busted your budget in the meantime.

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Target -- $25 gift card for $3

WOW! Okay, so you have to sign up for a membership with Nicole's Savings Advantage but...what a deal!  The first 30 days is $2.95 and each additional month would be $9.95.  If you cancel the membership, you get to keep the gift cards.  Thank you to Moms by Heart for the heads up on this one!

They are also offering a free $25 Starbucks gift card and a free 6 week subscription to Celebrity Gossip Magazine.  Well, what the heck!  I went for it this morning!  I'll let ya know of the deals I see on the site (in case you're hesitant to sign up at first).  Hope the magazine is interesting...

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