Albs -- **NEW** stock status updates!


Here is the first true discussion board for couponers in Idaho. We need a place to quickly update each other on whether there is stock of the "hot" items we're all trying to purchase. Let's band together and make this rock!

Click on the link on the right under Discussion Board to leave your information. There is nothing new to sign up for it you don't want. By signing up, you will get additional benefits once this is underway, however, it is totally up to you!

It will take EVERYONE YOU KNOW to help make this a useful tool for all of us! So, please, pass the word. Seriously, tell everyone you know -- and I do mean everyone! LOL! Heck! Tell your dry cleaner, baby sitter, bank teller, kids teacher, husband's best friend, dog washer, landscaper & maid,, oh, wait,, went into never-never land there....sorry! Anyway, you get the drift. Help out a fellow couponer!

To get the ball rolling, I've posted the first update regarding stock status for breyers ice cream, sparkle paper towels, and Angel toilet paper! Check it out!

If you have comments or questions or suggestions, please leave a post here.

Read More....he's all ears to hear what ya have to say!


Anonymous said...

I did just go to the Albies on Orchard and Overland and they had HUGE stock of regular Dr. Pepper and other kinds and they are still giving the $10 back after buying 4 cases!