Albs Price Recon -- 7/22 to 7/28

Here is the price recon for this week. Hopefully, the paper towel / T.P and Dr. Pepper sales have kept you too busy to have really needed this yet. This week there weren't as many similar items as before. I think Albs is reading my post sayin' " Hmmm. Let's put on sale on items only we carry. THAT will mess with her head!" LOL.

I also had a really hard time at Winco --- too many boxes that night to see the shelves. If you find a Winco price I missed, please let me know. I can get the list updated & repost it. Hope this helps at least some.

I used a light blue to color code the lowest price for that item (this was a great suggestion from cynthea). If the price matched in a couple of stores and is the lowest price, you will see two cells colored. If Albs was the only one to carry that brand item or that size, then they get the lowest price color coding. Let me know if this helps please or if it's distracting.

Lastly, the prices under the Albs column DO NOT include the discount if you buy $10. This is so the comparison is easier to see -- meaning, if you bought just ONE of that item from any of the stores, what would it cost you? That's what I was trying to show.

Here is the price list:
(click on image for larger view)

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