Target -- Venus bonus pkg for $5.64!

I totally didn't plan on hitting Target last night. I was ready to spend the night in and perhaps count my stockpile (picture a dragon counting her gold!). However, my husband's hair clippers DIED! He needed a haircut BADLY, so, off I run to the store to try and buy a replacement. I just knew I was going to pay *shudder* retail.

I don't know how some of the other couponers do it. You never seem to hear about the OMGihavetobuythattodaycauseineedit store runs. It just has to happen sometimes... maybe that's just not a cool thing to post. Well, I'm here to share that life happens even to couponers! Although I was on a mission, I did scope out stuff and find a couple of deals!

You don't have to worry that I'm gonna start posting EVERY shopping trip I make. That would be like going up to a complete stranger in the store and telling him/her the color of your underwear. Yikes! That would be just WAY too weird.

Total OOP $50.48 ($54.38)
*choke* *gasp*

only saving grace is I had a $5 rebate mastercard from the swiffer promo earlier this year - used it!

I did buy two different hair trimmers -- forgot my cell at home (pffft!) so I couldn't ask my hubby's opinion. At least I've created another opportunity to visit Target when I return one of the trimmers. *sigh* Total OOP will drop by ~$10.

So, what is such a BIG deal?! Holy cow! Check this out:

Venus Embrace package $7.64
Satin Care shave gel + Embrace razor w/ refill cartridge + Olay body wash
$2/1 MQ PG 6/7
Final Price $5.64

(whoot! there were 34 sets/pkgs when I left the store last night on an end cap)

Satin Care shave gel 7 oz $1.79
B1G1 free MQ
Final price $0.90

(if you stocked up on the Wags sale for shaving gel earlier this year...kudos to you! I totally got aced on that deal and was never able to find any)

The rest of the stuff is me looking for a different facial astringent. I love Biore but there aren't any coupons for it. I contacted the company & they won't be doing any coupons because the redemption of them doesn't make it worth their while. So, I'm gonna try a different product which I hope will have coupons.

Of course, I had to get the doggie treats! Jeez! Wasn't that a "must have" thing too? My doggies sure think so! LOL!

Read More...if you want to see the goofy receipt & hear the story behind it...

So, I'm putting my stuff in the car, and I'm thinking my new facial astringent sure smells strong. I didn't remember it being that stinky in the store. So, I peer in the bag by the meager parking lot lights -- reach in slowly for the bottle -- and SURE enough -- one of the bottles had spilled all over the stuff I just bought! Urrrgh! I grabbed some paper towels I keep in the car and shoved some in the bag. So, that bottle's price per ounce is just a tinsy bit off now!

The receipt got a few battle scars along the way.


Jennspiration said...

Hey there, thanks for the great blog, I check yours regularly. You did a great job last night...I know what you mean when you say we KCL's have a "real world" situation and actually have to spend some money. Anyway, did you happen to get that Target coupon booklet they sent a couple of weeks ago? They had a Q in there that was $4 off a Venus Embrace-I used mine last night in combination with a $3 MQ and only paid about .49, but I didn't see the combo pack...bummer! Also, there ARE Biore coupons, I have (2) $2.00 off Q's! (Can't remember where I got them) so you might want to check ebay or something!

darlenecoupon said...

Ack! Target coupon booklet? Nope, sure didn't. Wow! Do you remember how you signed up for or got it?

I had a couple of Biore coupons before (used them up), but honestly, I'm not a huge fan (yet?) of buying coupons off ebay.

Have you purchased off ebay before? What was your experience like?

cjphoto2 said...

There was an IP for Biore a while back. Also, I got a few at Rite Aid. They had these little brochures with $2/1 coupons by the Biore products.