Albs Price Recon -- 7/8 to 7/14

Okay, couponers, here is the price recon for this week. I've left all the items up for an overall comparison. So please use this list to compare against the ad for the buy 10 get $5 promo this week.

I changed the formatting a little to try to make it easier to read. I've replaced the "n/a" with "----" and it seems to scan better now.

I was also able to find a few of the items I had missed previously. Some of them are still MIA. I suspect the folks stocking the shelves are moving stuff around while I'm in the store...just to thwart me! Honest Ab! I swear! (she says while crossing her heart) I mean, it couldn't just be me missing that stuff.... *wink*

Here is the pricing match for this week:
(click on image for larger view)

Read More...don't bug him! he's making up my shopping list...


Save Mommy Money said...

Love your price recon lists!