Tip #2 -- Getting past "Coupon Block"

So, what the heck is "coupon block" you ask? Well, here it is!

Coupon Block: when a couponer is holding a coupon for an item and not sure if he/she should use it or not and the stress that accompanies this situation.

I think you know what I'm talking about! Okay, so, you know you've had "coupon block" when:

* You're shopping and pull out a coupon, put it back in your binder, pull it back out, put it back, (repeat)...the other shoppers now think you have a twitch...and still don't know if you should use it.

* You're worried there will be Albs doublers in the future (like Albs is just waiting for you to use this choice coupon before they do doublers this month) and you'll missing savings if you use the coupon now.

* You know the coupon expires today and you have the opportunity to buy the item, but you don't know if the price you're seeing is the BEST price for the item....and you start wondering if you've got time to run to your two other favorite stores before they close tonight to check prices...and still make it back to Albs before they close if necessary...

* You have a bunch of Albs doublers and are trying to find the BEST $1/1 coupon to use with the doublers...and you're starting to see double...literally.

* You know the store is closing in about 1/2 hour and you need to make a decision...you're looking at the coupon wondering if you really need that item or not...if you have enough left of that [insert product here] to get through dinner tomorrow...cause you're starting to sweat & can't decide...and you're really hoping your Guardian Angel can give you sage advice later...

I'm tellin' ya! This is an awful thing to go through. It can really make couponing WAY more stressful then need be. Here's a simple rule I try to follow: If I need it, I buy it.

Sounds simple, right? How can I really think that will work? Easy. I need the item, I buy it -- hopefully it's on sale and ever better (!) I have a coupon for it. Now don't get me wrong -- I LOVE a good bargain! I'm all about saving money...but I don't let that become the ONLY reason I'm heading to the store.

Sometimes I think folks get so caught up in "finding" the best deal they forget WHY they're at the store. Seriously! Folks tend to go to the grocery (or other) store to get things they need or perhaps to stockpile some items. You're certainly not there to make yourself nuts!


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