Albs -- 5 doublers in 1 transaction works!

Hey all! I was able to use the two ID Statesman insert doublers and the three Press Tribune doublers in one transaction this morning! So, if you're lucky enough to get ahold of some of them, go for it! It works!

I'll update this post a little later with the transaction I did! It was really awesome
and felt great! I partnered up with a friend to use my last $6 off $60 catalina -- so we were both able to score!

Read More...he says he's on pins & needles waiting for the info....


Anonymous said...

Are the coupons from the press valid as long as the ones from the statesman are?? And if so, I heard we are to have 3 more doublers in wed. add so do you think you could use all 8 in one transaction?? I don't have press but wanted to put a bug in your ear for a maybe GREAT DEAL!!!!

darlenecoupon said...

The Tribune from Sunday only go until today -- they won't overlap the new Wed ad. Pffft!

I'm pretty sure the Wed. ad doublers would work with the Statesman two doublers. So, that would be another opportunity to do 5 doublers in one trx.