Albs -- Caldwell stores stock update

A wonderful reader Janet sent this today to give a heads up on the Caldwell Albs --

Here's Janet's report from the field:
(kinda like a traveling journalist, huh?)

Went to the little Albertsons near downtown and the Stadium store.

The little downtown one had ads (at the service desk). Quick walk-thru - no displays with coupons, didn't look at their stock of bbq sauce.

Stadium store is out of ads - gave the last one away about 2pm. They did have about 10-15 cases of bbq sauce (as you walk in the door on the right side). If you want to go there, you will need to bring doublers with you. The display where Thrifty Mom mentioned Wasa $1 coupons was out of coupons.

Read More...he's jealous he's not able to be a traveling reporter...