Albs Price Recon -- 7/1 to 7/7

Well, this ad is very familiar, isn't it? WOW! We're getting a chance for another round at the same items (mostly).

So, this week, because I'm on a Freds kick, I've included them in the pricing match up. If I missed an item, I apologize. Hopefully I'll get faster at doing the price comps as I learn the stores better. You never realize how much of the store you don't know until you try to find something!

Here is the pricing match for this week:
(click on image for larger view)

Read More...needs to go to the library...


Hollie said...

Thanks for the awesome list. I linked to you at

Thanks again!

darlenecoupon said...
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darlenecoupon said...

Hi Hollie!

WOW! Thank you so much! I'll check out your site today!

I create this list for myself -- 'cause I just gots to know!! *smile* I get to share it with others now through my blog -- that is just an awesome bonus! I think saving money, finding deals, and laughing along the way requires all us couponers to stick together!

**I had to delete my prev post because, well, I CAN'T SPELL! JEEZ!!**

Kymber said...

I LOVE the comparison...I've been wanting to do this, just haven't had time to I really appreciate your time/efforts in doing it.