Albs -- Sparkle towels & Angel T.P.

I took advantage of the deal outlined on KCL first thing this morning. I knew the "FREE" part would be too much to resist for most folks (me included.) I did the deal twice and filled in Fuze drinks instead of buying all playtex gloves. I really didn't need any of the other stuff. So, here is how it worked for me:

Total OOP $4.00 ($4.84 w/tax)

4 Sparkle single rolls
4 Angel Soft double roll, 4 pk T.P.
4 Fuze drinks
2 Playtex gloves

To see the pricing & coupon breakdown, go to this KCL post please.

Just a note:
The 12th street Albs didn't have the pictured Playtex gloves in the ad. These are the kind I bought, and they worked with the promo.

Read More....he's busy being drinkin' my Fuze... *glub* *glub* *glub*