Happy New Year!

I'd like to wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous 2010! Here's to finding all the great deals, before someone cleans your store out! May all your cashiers be friendly and all your coupons scan.

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Lowe's 10% coupon

Need any supplies at Lowe's? Here's a link to get a 10% off coupon on purchases up to $5,000. There are restrictions (of course) that include gift cards and prior purchases. Fill out the form and the coupon will be sent to you via email within 3-7 days. Lowe's should have some good sales in the next few weeks on items such as totes, hangers, etc (part of the annual new year cleanup stuff), so the 10% should make a helpful dent in the prices.

Don't forget, Home Depot honors Lowe's coupons, and vice versa.

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Free Gillette Fusion Razor Call-in Offer

This offer aired on Spanish-speaking TV so that is why the voice is accented: To receive a free Gillette Fusion Razor...call 1-888-778-3221. Push 2 for English. This offer is good until 6/30/2010.

If the men in your family haven't tried this razor, this is the perfect opportunity. I know my son will be loving this! Thanks to RefundCents for the info!

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Hip 2 Save has been found

Collin has her site back up - it's no longer a free "blogger" site, but one she controls, so she shouldn't have any problems. If you enjoy her posts, she's up at www.hip2save.com.

Back in town

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas. We got back in town after a 14 hour drive yesterday - our grandson was a great traveler, but you can only sit in a car seat for SO LONG! My brother and his family have us beat though, they spent 16 hours on an airplane from Melbourne, Australia. Had a great visit with my mom and the rest of the family. As usual, it was too short. :( But, I'm back to scouting deals for you!

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Contadina Coupons

Just received this link in an email from Contadina. It's a bricks coupon (print 2) for 75c off any 3 Contadina products 15 oz or smaller. That could score you some inexpensive tomato sauce or paste!

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Kohl's After Christmas Sale

Just a heads up - Kohl's is clearancing a LOT of stuff, the day after Christmas. If you are a clearance shopper, this will be the time to go.


Possibly No Holiday Posts

We are getting ready to travel to visit with family for the holidays. I don't know if Darlene will be able to post or not, but I seriously doubt if I will be able to.

So, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas.

I'll be back to posting next week.


Fred Meyer - $2 catalina

Ran to Fred Meyer last night and ended up having a $2 catalina print out for my next purchase. I have no idea what caused it, but I suspect it was the 2 packages of Starbuck coffee. The only other name brand items I bought were Campbells cream soups and my second order had those same items and didn't kick one out. So, this is definitely YMMV (your mileage may vary), but I bought 2 pkgs of Starbuck ground coffee (2/$11 with coupon from Sunday's paper), then used 2- $1.50 coupons that I had picked up at Albertsons, so paid 2/$8. Not great, but not bad. If the catalina printed out because of those, that saved me $2 more!

Wish I could tell you for sure what caused the catalina. LMK if you try it and have the same experience.

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HOT Old Navy links

I missed this the first time around, but I know where I'm going after work!!!! Thanks to Frugal Living NW for the original post and Frugal Chic Living for getting me up to speed.

Go here for a 20% of GIFT CARDS coupon. Then, make your merchandise purchase using a 30% off coupon from Sunday's paper (I don't think we got one in the Treasure Valley), print one here or $10 off $50 coupon from here. FLNW bought 10 $5 shirts for $32.00!!!! A reader also mentioned the gift card would be handy for after-holiday sales. If you don't have a 30% off one coupon, check at the store for ads, just in case.

If you are a fan of Old Navy's merchandise, this 20% off the gift cards is the deal for you!

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Hip2Save Blog

Are you a fan of Hip2Save's blog and wondering where she went? I contacted Sarah over at A Thrifty Mom and got a response from her husband Matt. Evidently, Google's posting forum BLOGGER, has determined that Hip is a spam site and shut her down. The way Matt explained it, there is no tech support for this posting forum - you just send a message to the Help forum and wait. She has been in the process of switching over to a pay site/server, but hasn't gotten there yet. In the interim, she's down. As soon as she gets her blog back up, or moves to a different location, I'll let you know.

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International Delight FB post

Did you become a fan of International Delight on facebook? Did you notice their post yesterday around 3pm?

"Be sure to check the International Delight Fan Page tomorrow at 11 a.m. EST for a very special holiday treat!"

I'm there right now and they are giving away another free coupon for a pint of creamer to the first 100,000 fans. It will come via US mail.

Woot, woot! Free creamer!

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Wholly Guacamole Meets the Party Goddess

Doing any entertaining between now and Jan. 10, 2010? Just like guacamole? (that would be me!) Go here to get a B1G1F Wholly Guacamole coupon, which will expire 1/10/10. It's a .jpg coupon, so you can print as many as you want. The 10/25 Smart Source has a $1 coupon that expires 12/31/09. Use that on your first item and the B1G1F coupon on your second and your 2 packages should be about $1.25 each. Stock up before the end of the year for New Years Eve and Superbowl parties.

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Staples - 10% off any one item

It looks like next weeks Staples online ad (12/20 - 12/26) will have a 10% off any one item coupon. There are exclusions (computers, phones, HP ink, BOSE and Apple products, gift cards, stamps and phone cards). I can't really tell if the print ad will have the same coupon or not, but you can go here and print the coupon out.

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Crest Whitestrips - Facebook Sweepstakes

Got an email this morning from Crest and Oral B. Become a facebook fan of Crest Whitestrips, enter a sweeps with daily prizes of a free package of Crest Whitestrips. If you or a family member use this product, that could be a $44 savings to you. Just click here to become a facebook fan, and follow the prompts. Good luck!

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Kohl's $10 off $20 purchase coupon

Stuck to the top front page of today's Idaho Statesman that was delivered to our office was a mostly green Kohl's coupon. Bring in the coupon to Kohl's for $10 off a $20 purchase valid today, Thursday thru Saturday 12/19. Fine print on the back excludes purchase of gift cards, payment on a Kohl's charge card and purchases of Kohl's Cares for Kids merchandise (btw, there are NEW $5 Dr. Suess books and stuffed animals - on Tuesday when I worked, all they had gotten in were the stuffed animals - there was supposed to be a small truck delivery today, so hopefully books were on there). One coupon per customer. I have not checked to see if these coupons were also on newstand papers or the Nampa Press Tribune.

I work during the day (Meridian) on Saturday. If you come in, stop by and say hi!

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ConAgra coupons

Just got an email from ConAgra foods. Click here for some money-saving coupons:

$1 off Egg Beaters Flavored Variety
$1 off La Choy Creations
75c off Marie Callendars Pasta Al Dente
50c off any Wesson Oil (Do Not Double)

These are smartsource coupons, so you must have Java enabled on your computer. I printed today and all coupons expire 1/15/10. Only the Wesson oil coupon says Do Not Double.

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20 Free ITunes Songs

Hot off my Facebook! From a Starbucks post:

"Our music department made a fantastic playlist and we're giving it away on iTunes. All you have to do is become a fan of iTunes on Facebook and you can download 20 free songs. enjoy!"

And then:

"Hey everyone - quick clarification. Looks like there is some confusion in the comments from the previous post. Here is link that goes directly to the free 20 iTunes songs. http://facebook.itunes.com/wE9 ... Become a fan of iTunes and get the free songs ... Have fun!"

Looks like there's some Sting, Moby, Iron & Wine, Metric and more. I'm getting an MP3 Player for Christmas, so this could be just what I need.

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P&G coupons no longer to be loaded on to Kroger card

Did you get an email from P&G today? The one I got read in part:

"Beginning December 31, 2009, P&GeSAVER™ coupons can no longer be downloaded to your Kroger® Shopper's Card.

Please redeem all P&GeSAVER coupons you now have on your Kroger* Shopper's Card by December 31, 2009.

We value your loyalty to P&GeSAVER and are very sorry for any inconvenience this causes."

What a bummer!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't let those e-coupons expire, since you won't get them again! Hopefully, other companies won't follow suit.

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New Hallmark Coupons

Have you figured out that the Hallmark store is one of my favorite places to shop? I was in Jordan's Hallmark Saturday, getting the last of the ornaments I needed and using my 2 - $5 coupons (click here if you didn't print yours yet - they expire 12/24/09) and saw the 2010 Datebook at the register with two coupons in it that really excited me - Buy 3 99c Hallmark cards for just $1 (valid 1/1/10 - 6/30/10) and Buy 3 Hallmark cards, get one free (up to $2.50) (valid 7/1/10-12/31/10). With the large number of cards I mail to my husband's family, these coupons really rocked my world, especially the first one!!!!

So, if you haven't already done so - head on over to your Hallmark Gold Crown store with your two $5 coupons, and pick up your free 2010 Datebook and get ready to save a little money. One $5 coupon gets you 6 - 99c cards for just $1.05!!!!!!!!!

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Free hot beverage at 7-11

Go here to print a coupon for a free 12-oz hot beverage (coffee, tea, hot chocolate or cappuccino)at 7-11. Thanks to RefundCents for the link. Coupon is good till 12/31/09. One per customer per day.

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Add La Victoria coupons to your Fred Meyer card

This is kind of exciting - looks like companies are starting to do their own e-coupon thing, in conjunction with different store chains. I was at La Victoria's website today and noticed a little blurb:

"La Victoria welcomes you to enjoy the easiest way to save on our many quality products. Just browse our online coupon catalog, choose the coupons you'd like and then load them to your shopper card. It's that simple! Next time you shop, the savings will be automatically deducted from your purchase total."

I registered and it told me that there were no participating stores in my area, but there was a little link for looking at participating stores in other areas. Clicked on it and low and behold, there was Kroger. I followed the prompts, adding my Fred Meyer card as a Kroger card, just like when I joined Shortcuts.com and Cellfire.com. I was taken to a screen that had 4 coupons for La Victoria products (green chilis, enchillada sauce, salsa and taco sauce). I BELIEVE all were 25c off, but hey, every bit helps! All the coupons expire 12/31/09 and there was no mention about how often I could add them. I wonder how many other companies will follow suit - is this a new trend?

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$5 off $5 Hallmark purchase

Have you signed up for a Hallmark Gold Crown Rewards Card yet? It's free to sign up and they send out coupons via both email and snail mail. I didn't get this coupon, but friends over at RefundCents did. It's $5 off a $5 purchase (doesn't include tax) valid till 12/24/09, so you could get free cards, $5 off an ornament, score some free wrapping paper.... Since it's a bricks coupon, hit the back button afer the first coupon prints and print a second one! I send out about 45 birthday and anniversary cards to members of my husbands family each year, so these coupons can really help me out!

The Hallmark store at 5 Mile/Overland is my favorite store. In fact, I finally broke down and joined the Snow Buddies club there. If you like collecting Hallmark ornaments, you might want to check that out also.

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Sierra Mist coupons

Did you see A Thrifty Mom's post yesterday about 37c Sierra Mist? The cranberry flavor would make a great punch if you are hosting a party or having a potluck. She also had a great idea to use them as gifts (with a little poem attached). I emailed the manager of Albertsons Cole/Fairview and he also has the B1G1F coupons. Check your favorite store for coupons (probably at the register, due to lots of people just taking the coupons off the product) and see if you can score some yourself.

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Winco Coupons

First of all, I am not a fan of Winco. In fact, I rarely go there, for reasons to numerous to mention. That said, it looks like I will have to make a trip - did you get the Winco mailer delivered to your house? It was supposed to be delivered 12/1,2,3. There were a couple things that excited me - since our son moved out, I don't need quite as many groceries as I used to! LOL

Green Giant canned veggies 28c limit 4 (this is my favorite brand of corn), Bandon medium cheddar cheese $2.98 limit 1 (use the $1 co from coupons.com to get 2 lbs for $1.98 - definitely hot!), Pillsbury cake mix 48c limit 2, Shasta cola $1.48 limit 2 (NOT my favorite brand, but the kids will drink it!), Bumble bee tuna 28c limit 3. 10 lbs russet potatoes 68c. Coupons all expire 12/13/09. Other coupons in the ad: Ragu 98c limit 2 (don't you already have enough Ragu?) match with coupon from paper, Langers cranberry juic 98c limit 2, Kelloggs pop tart 78c limit 2, (possibly use 55c co from Kelloggs sprinklins mailer?), Tenderbird chicken breast 3 lb bag(?) $3.98 limit 2 and Yuban 33 oz $3.98 limt 2.

Look for your ad - if the coupons excite you, perhaps your neighbors will give you their ads too?

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