Happy New Year!

I'd like to wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous 2010! Here's to finding all the great deals, before someone cleans your store out! May all your cashiers be friendly and all your coupons scan.

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Lowe's 10% coupon

Need any supplies at Lowe's? Here's a link to get a 10% off coupon on purchases up to $5,000. There are restrictions (of course) that include gift cards and prior purchases. Fill out the form and the coupon will be sent to you via email within 3-7 days. Lowe's should have some good sales in the next few weeks on items such as totes, hangers, etc (part of the annual new year cleanup stuff), so the 10% should make a helpful dent in the prices.

Don't forget, Home Depot honors Lowe's coupons, and vice versa.

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Free Gillette Fusion Razor Call-in Offer

This offer aired on Spanish-speaking TV so that is why the voice is accented: To receive a free Gillette Fusion Razor...call 1-888-778-3221. Push 2 for English. This offer is good until 6/30/2010.

If the men in your family haven't tried this razor, this is the perfect opportunity. I know my son will be loving this! Thanks to RefundCents for the info!

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Hip 2 Save has been found

Collin has her site back up - it's no longer a free "blogger" site, but one she controls, so she shouldn't have any problems. If you enjoy her posts, she's up at www.hip2save.com.

Back in town

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas. We got back in town after a 14 hour drive yesterday - our grandson was a great traveler, but you can only sit in a car seat for SO LONG! My brother and his family have us beat though, they spent 16 hours on an airplane from Melbourne, Australia. Had a great visit with my mom and the rest of the family. As usual, it was too short. :( But, I'm back to scouting deals for you!

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Contadina Coupons

Just received this link in an email from Contadina. It's a bricks coupon (print 2) for 75c off any 3 Contadina products 15 oz or smaller. That could score you some inexpensive tomato sauce or paste!

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Kohl's After Christmas Sale

Just a heads up - Kohl's is clearancing a LOT of stuff, the day after Christmas. If you are a clearance shopper, this will be the time to go.


Possibly No Holiday Posts

We are getting ready to travel to visit with family for the holidays. I don't know if Darlene will be able to post or not, but I seriously doubt if I will be able to.

So, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas.

I'll be back to posting next week.


Fred Meyer - $2 catalina

Ran to Fred Meyer last night and ended up having a $2 catalina print out for my next purchase. I have no idea what caused it, but I suspect it was the 2 packages of Starbuck coffee. The only other name brand items I bought were Campbells cream soups and my second order had those same items and didn't kick one out. So, this is definitely YMMV (your mileage may vary), but I bought 2 pkgs of Starbuck ground coffee (2/$11 with coupon from Sunday's paper), then used 2- $1.50 coupons that I had picked up at Albertsons, so paid 2/$8. Not great, but not bad. If the catalina printed out because of those, that saved me $2 more!

Wish I could tell you for sure what caused the catalina. LMK if you try it and have the same experience.

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HOT Old Navy links

I missed this the first time around, but I know where I'm going after work!!!! Thanks to Frugal Living NW for the original post and Frugal Chic Living for getting me up to speed.

Go here for a 20% of GIFT CARDS coupon. Then, make your merchandise purchase using a 30% off coupon from Sunday's paper (I don't think we got one in the Treasure Valley), print one here or $10 off $50 coupon from here. FLNW bought 10 $5 shirts for $32.00!!!! A reader also mentioned the gift card would be handy for after-holiday sales. If you don't have a 30% off one coupon, check at the store for ads, just in case.

If you are a fan of Old Navy's merchandise, this 20% off the gift cards is the deal for you!

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Hip2Save Blog

Are you a fan of Hip2Save's blog and wondering where she went? I contacted Sarah over at A Thrifty Mom and got a response from her husband Matt. Evidently, Google's posting forum BLOGGER, has determined that Hip is a spam site and shut her down. The way Matt explained it, there is no tech support for this posting forum - you just send a message to the Help forum and wait. She has been in the process of switching over to a pay site/server, but hasn't gotten there yet. In the interim, she's down. As soon as she gets her blog back up, or moves to a different location, I'll let you know.

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International Delight FB post

Did you become a fan of International Delight on facebook? Did you notice their post yesterday around 3pm?

"Be sure to check the International Delight Fan Page tomorrow at 11 a.m. EST for a very special holiday treat!"

I'm there right now and they are giving away another free coupon for a pint of creamer to the first 100,000 fans. It will come via US mail.

Woot, woot! Free creamer!

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Wholly Guacamole Meets the Party Goddess

Doing any entertaining between now and Jan. 10, 2010? Just like guacamole? (that would be me!) Go here to get a B1G1F Wholly Guacamole coupon, which will expire 1/10/10. It's a .jpg coupon, so you can print as many as you want. The 10/25 Smart Source has a $1 coupon that expires 12/31/09. Use that on your first item and the B1G1F coupon on your second and your 2 packages should be about $1.25 each. Stock up before the end of the year for New Years Eve and Superbowl parties.

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Staples - 10% off any one item

It looks like next weeks Staples online ad (12/20 - 12/26) will have a 10% off any one item coupon. There are exclusions (computers, phones, HP ink, BOSE and Apple products, gift cards, stamps and phone cards). I can't really tell if the print ad will have the same coupon or not, but you can go here and print the coupon out.

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Crest Whitestrips - Facebook Sweepstakes

Got an email this morning from Crest and Oral B. Become a facebook fan of Crest Whitestrips, enter a sweeps with daily prizes of a free package of Crest Whitestrips. If you or a family member use this product, that could be a $44 savings to you. Just click here to become a facebook fan, and follow the prompts. Good luck!

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Kohl's $10 off $20 purchase coupon

Stuck to the top front page of today's Idaho Statesman that was delivered to our office was a mostly green Kohl's coupon. Bring in the coupon to Kohl's for $10 off a $20 purchase valid today, Thursday thru Saturday 12/19. Fine print on the back excludes purchase of gift cards, payment on a Kohl's charge card and purchases of Kohl's Cares for Kids merchandise (btw, there are NEW $5 Dr. Suess books and stuffed animals - on Tuesday when I worked, all they had gotten in were the stuffed animals - there was supposed to be a small truck delivery today, so hopefully books were on there). One coupon per customer. I have not checked to see if these coupons were also on newstand papers or the Nampa Press Tribune.

I work during the day (Meridian) on Saturday. If you come in, stop by and say hi!

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ConAgra coupons

Just got an email from ConAgra foods. Click here for some money-saving coupons:

$1 off Egg Beaters Flavored Variety
$1 off La Choy Creations
75c off Marie Callendars Pasta Al Dente
50c off any Wesson Oil (Do Not Double)

These are smartsource coupons, so you must have Java enabled on your computer. I printed today and all coupons expire 1/15/10. Only the Wesson oil coupon says Do Not Double.

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20 Free ITunes Songs

Hot off my Facebook! From a Starbucks post:

"Our music department made a fantastic playlist and we're giving it away on iTunes. All you have to do is become a fan of iTunes on Facebook and you can download 20 free songs. enjoy!"

And then:

"Hey everyone - quick clarification. Looks like there is some confusion in the comments from the previous post. Here is link that goes directly to the free 20 iTunes songs. http://facebook.itunes.com/wE9 ... Become a fan of iTunes and get the free songs ... Have fun!"

Looks like there's some Sting, Moby, Iron & Wine, Metric and more. I'm getting an MP3 Player for Christmas, so this could be just what I need.

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P&G coupons no longer to be loaded on to Kroger card

Did you get an email from P&G today? The one I got read in part:

"Beginning December 31, 2009, P&GeSAVER™ coupons can no longer be downloaded to your Kroger® Shopper's Card.

Please redeem all P&GeSAVER coupons you now have on your Kroger* Shopper's Card by December 31, 2009.

We value your loyalty to P&GeSAVER and are very sorry for any inconvenience this causes."

What a bummer!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't let those e-coupons expire, since you won't get them again! Hopefully, other companies won't follow suit.

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New Hallmark Coupons

Have you figured out that the Hallmark store is one of my favorite places to shop? I was in Jordan's Hallmark Saturday, getting the last of the ornaments I needed and using my 2 - $5 coupons (click here if you didn't print yours yet - they expire 12/24/09) and saw the 2010 Datebook at the register with two coupons in it that really excited me - Buy 3 99c Hallmark cards for just $1 (valid 1/1/10 - 6/30/10) and Buy 3 Hallmark cards, get one free (up to $2.50) (valid 7/1/10-12/31/10). With the large number of cards I mail to my husband's family, these coupons really rocked my world, especially the first one!!!!

So, if you haven't already done so - head on over to your Hallmark Gold Crown store with your two $5 coupons, and pick up your free 2010 Datebook and get ready to save a little money. One $5 coupon gets you 6 - 99c cards for just $1.05!!!!!!!!!

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Free hot beverage at 7-11

Go here to print a coupon for a free 12-oz hot beverage (coffee, tea, hot chocolate or cappuccino)at 7-11. Thanks to RefundCents for the link. Coupon is good till 12/31/09. One per customer per day.

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Add La Victoria coupons to your Fred Meyer card

This is kind of exciting - looks like companies are starting to do their own e-coupon thing, in conjunction with different store chains. I was at La Victoria's website today and noticed a little blurb:

"La Victoria welcomes you to enjoy the easiest way to save on our many quality products. Just browse our online coupon catalog, choose the coupons you'd like and then load them to your shopper card. It's that simple! Next time you shop, the savings will be automatically deducted from your purchase total."

I registered and it told me that there were no participating stores in my area, but there was a little link for looking at participating stores in other areas. Clicked on it and low and behold, there was Kroger. I followed the prompts, adding my Fred Meyer card as a Kroger card, just like when I joined Shortcuts.com and Cellfire.com. I was taken to a screen that had 4 coupons for La Victoria products (green chilis, enchillada sauce, salsa and taco sauce). I BELIEVE all were 25c off, but hey, every bit helps! All the coupons expire 12/31/09 and there was no mention about how often I could add them. I wonder how many other companies will follow suit - is this a new trend?

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$5 off $5 Hallmark purchase

Have you signed up for a Hallmark Gold Crown Rewards Card yet? It's free to sign up and they send out coupons via both email and snail mail. I didn't get this coupon, but friends over at RefundCents did. It's $5 off a $5 purchase (doesn't include tax) valid till 12/24/09, so you could get free cards, $5 off an ornament, score some free wrapping paper.... Since it's a bricks coupon, hit the back button afer the first coupon prints and print a second one! I send out about 45 birthday and anniversary cards to members of my husbands family each year, so these coupons can really help me out!

The Hallmark store at 5 Mile/Overland is my favorite store. In fact, I finally broke down and joined the Snow Buddies club there. If you like collecting Hallmark ornaments, you might want to check that out also.

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Sierra Mist coupons

Did you see A Thrifty Mom's post yesterday about 37c Sierra Mist? The cranberry flavor would make a great punch if you are hosting a party or having a potluck. She also had a great idea to use them as gifts (with a little poem attached). I emailed the manager of Albertsons Cole/Fairview and he also has the B1G1F coupons. Check your favorite store for coupons (probably at the register, due to lots of people just taking the coupons off the product) and see if you can score some yourself.

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Winco Coupons

First of all, I am not a fan of Winco. In fact, I rarely go there, for reasons to numerous to mention. That said, it looks like I will have to make a trip - did you get the Winco mailer delivered to your house? It was supposed to be delivered 12/1,2,3. There were a couple things that excited me - since our son moved out, I don't need quite as many groceries as I used to! LOL

Green Giant canned veggies 28c limit 4 (this is my favorite brand of corn), Bandon medium cheddar cheese $2.98 limit 1 (use the $1 co from coupons.com to get 2 lbs for $1.98 - definitely hot!), Pillsbury cake mix 48c limit 2, Shasta cola $1.48 limit 2 (NOT my favorite brand, but the kids will drink it!), Bumble bee tuna 28c limit 3. 10 lbs russet potatoes 68c. Coupons all expire 12/13/09. Other coupons in the ad: Ragu 98c limit 2 (don't you already have enough Ragu?) match with coupon from paper, Langers cranberry juic 98c limit 2, Kelloggs pop tart 78c limit 2, (possibly use 55c co from Kelloggs sprinklins mailer?), Tenderbird chicken breast 3 lb bag(?) $3.98 limit 2 and Yuban 33 oz $3.98 limt 2.

Look for your ad - if the coupons excite you, perhaps your neighbors will give you their ads too?

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Help Idaho win $2000 in dog food

One of the reasons Darlene started this blog was to share information about deals for our four-legged friends. When I saw this post on A Thrifty Mom, I felt it was one that needed to be linked.

The ANH shelter (Animals Need Homes) in Montpelier ID entered the Iams Feed Pets in Need contest. The shelter is in 2nd place in this nationwide contest. Voting ends tonight and they need your vote. Top 2 shelters win $2000 in dog food. I'm sure that will go a long way to helping out. So please go to Iams and select register now (scroll down). Once you are registered, select Idaho and ANH Montpelier. Then submit vote! A popup will appear. Scroll down and check the box and submit. Hopefully, this will help them out and they can win! How cool is that?
In anticipation of your help, I thank you. I know there is a lot of demands on everyone's time and money - this is a quick and easy way to help, all from the comfort of your computer chair.

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Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!

I wanted to wish you all a very Happy Turkey Day! I hope you enjoy the day with family, friends, good food, football and lots of memories. I'll be spending the day perusing the ads multiple times and sleeping A LOT!! My husband, for some reason unknown to me, actually enjoys cooking on Thanksgiving - go for it honey! The only downside is that we will not have my mom's stuffing and we will probably have that green bean casserole that he thinks I like (wrong!). Oh well, a small price to pay for extra sleep.

I'll be out shopping on Friday, starting at Penney's (no, there is NOTHING I want at Kohl's) at 4am. I think it's Walmart after that, but not 100% sure yet. Shopping morning will be cut back, because I'll be working at Kohl's from 12-10pm, so if you're in the store, stop by and say hi!!! Don't forget to use your $5 Kohl's coupons!!!!

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Cuties mandarin orange coupons

Leah over at La Vida Cheapo posted a GREAT pair of coupons for Cuties Mandarin Oranges. There is a 55c coupon off the 3 lb. bag and a $1.00 coupon on the 5 lb. box. Her Yoke's store has them on sale - I wouldn't be surprised if Fred Meyer or Albertsons does too, in their next ad. Go here and register. These are bricks coupons (both on the same page!), so you can print twice.

My daughter loves these, so guess what's on the next grocery list? Thanks Leah!

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Kelloggs Sprinklings Newsletter - free coupon

Do you remember back on 10/28 when I told you about a newsletter/club Kelloggs had started for Poptarts? I joined right then, and this week I received in the mail a coupon for 1 FREE (up to $2.29) 8-ct pkg Blueberry Muffin Poptarts as well as a 55c coupon for "a friend". I don't know if anyone in my family will eat them, but they will add to my Freddies Rewards Points/gas points totals! There was also a little family game on a sheet of cardstock. Not bad for signing up!

If you haven't signed up yet, go here.

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Subway Fresh Fit Kids Meal - New Reusable Bag

Hi, My name is Janetcoupon and I'm a (borderline) tree-hugger. Wow, feels good to get that off my chest.

I'm the one who recycles just about everything and I have a million (ask my husband) cloth bags for my groceries. I was uber excited when I saw this post on Coupon Geek. I got on the phone and called Subway on Ustick and the gal confirmed, they do have these reusable bags for the kids meals. Each bag comes with a trading card, and when the kids return with bag, they get a new trading card. There are 4 bags: Polar Bear, Black Rhino, Cheetah and Amur Leopard. See them here. They are just darling! Subway has donated $100,000 to the World Wildlife fund as part of this promotion. Guess I know where I'll be going for lunch soon.

Thanks CouponGeek for the heads up on this promotion.

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Hallmark - 500 bonus points

Do you get emails from Hallmark? If not, you should sign up! The other day, I got a $5 coupon from them (print twice per their instructions) good thru 11/29 and today, I got notification of 500 bonus points if I purchase an ornament from the Hallmark store between now and 11/28. No hardship for me, since I have a couple more to buy!

Don't forget to register your Crown Rewards card for an extra 100 bonus points!

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Old Navy - Thanksgiving weekend sale

I just received an email from Old Navy - those crazy people are open Thanksgiving Day, just like Kmart!!!! Their big event is called Gobblepalooza. They have their outerwear 50% off and a $10 off $50 coupon good Thursday only. Friday, all adult jeans, adult sweaters and kids frostfree jackets are $15 and a limited number of people in line when the store opens (at 3:00 AM!!!!) will get wristbands that entitle them to a copy of Lego Rockband (very limited supply) for xbox, wii or playstation 3 with any $20 purchase. Saturday has fleece blankets and thermals for $5 and holiday stockings for $2.

Under "Share the Event Lineup" they show coupons for 15% off, 20% off, $15 off $75 purchase and $10 off $50 purchase when you share.

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Commercial Tire - $20 Gift Card with food donation

I'm not sure this is that great of deal, but here you go: Take 4 cans of food to any Commercial Tire between 11/15 and 12/19. They will give you a $20 gift card that is good on merchandise or services. I was thinking of giving it to our son. Fine print on the card per Tanya in the corporate offices is limit 1 per person per visit for redemption and must be redeemed by 12/31/09. I called the Cole Road store and an oil change for a sedan-type vehicle is $34.95 (can go higher if you use premium oil). So, you could get an oil change with 5 qts. of Valvoline oil for $15.00. You can decide for yourself if its a good deal or not. I wonder if I can give him a "purchased" for the balance?

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Albertsons - $10 off when you buy select gift cards

Did you see this in the Albertsons ad today? If you buy $100 in select gift cards (pictured are Sears, ITunes, JCPenney, Applebees and Best Buy), and use the coupon in the ad (in two different locations), you only pay $90. If you have been checking out the Black Friday ads online and are planning on making a purchase at any of those stores, or giving gift cards for those merchants as Christmas presents, this is a great deal! Maybe go in with a buddy and buy $50 worth for $45?!?

Fine print says its valid 11/18 - 11/28 and only 1 $10 discount per transaction.

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Cheap Eggs - Albertsons Cole/Fairview

The manager at the Cole/Fairview Albertsons asked me last night to spread the word.. They have 1 dozen Albertsons brand large eggs for 50c/dozen till Saturday. Tell your friends, this is a great price!

Price is only at the Albertsons on Cole/Fairview.

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Kellogg's cereal coupons/Albertson's

I just received an email from Kellogg's. They've put up 10 coupons ranging in value from 75c (on 1) to $1.50 (on 2 or 3). They only allow you to print each coupon once and they print 1 per page so change your printer to black/white and print in greyscale. Go here to get the coupons.

You could combine the $1.50 on 3 and the 75c on Rice Krispies to get $2.25 off the 4/$10 Kelloggs cereal deal, making the deal 4 boxes for $7.75, PLUS you get 2 free cereal bowls and $4 instantly on milk. In the past, the $4 on milk comes off automatically, so if you don't purchase milk and it works like it has previously, you could get 4 cereals and 2 bowls for $3.75. Use the bowls for stocking stuffers at Christmas! That would be less than $1/box!!!!

I can offer no guarantee that the $4 will come off instantly if you do not have a milk purchase, so if you try it, leave a comment and let us know how it goes. If you must make a milk purchase, it's still a good deal!

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Fred Meyer - Coupons in today's Idaho Statesman

Inside today's edition of the Statesman (front section) are three price coupons and a big advertisement for Medium Avocados 3-$1. The three coupons are Duncan Hines Cake Mixes 4 for $1 limit 4 (use 55c/2 coupon from Smartsource 10/11), Progresso Soup 2 for $1 limit 4 (use either your 50c/2 coupons from Smartsource 10/25 or GM 11/15 or $1/3 coupon from http://www.coupons.com/ ), and Fred Meyer Microwave Pizza 4 for $1 limit 4. Coupons expire Sunday 11/15. Remember if you don't get the paper or you forget your coupons, just tell your cashier and they will track them down for you. These aren't manufacturer coupons, so they can be used multiple times. These same coupons also appeared in the Press Tribune today.

One of the readers of RefundCents just posted that Wed. Idaho Press-Tribune had a lot of coupons for FM. The ones that caught her eye were DiGiorino Pizza $3.99 limit 4; Philadelphia Cream Cheese 4 for $5 limit 8. I've searched all the blogs I look at for the Pacific Northwest and no one else picked up those coupons, so I can't tell you what else there was. You may want to check at the service desk and see if they have a copy.

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Walgreens - Free Nexxus Mousse

Well, I missed this yesterday, sorry! Looks like a great deal posted by Hip 2 Save and Abundant Food Savings:

Look for smaller size gold can (UPC 05592-09148) (marked perfect for airline travel) of Nexxus Mousse, on sale 2/$5. Use the $4 coupon in the November Coupon Booklet found at Walgreens. If you purchase 2, the register will adjust the coupon so that it takes off $5. You will still pay tax.

I have not seen this posted for the Treasure Valley, so I don't know if the product is here. One of the blogs out of the Seattle area found it, another didn't. It was mentioned this coupon would also work on Nexxus shampoo (I don't have an ad with me, but it may be on sale, or even clearance). The shampoo is not as inexpensive as the mousse, but it would still be a good deal! If you have found/find the mousse, please post a comment. My teenage dd would love me for bringing some of this home!

While you are at Walgreens, don't forget the inexpensive Kleenex that I posted about on Monday. At one store, I just paid 47c (27c + 20c tax) and didn't use my Kleenex coupon, because I was tired of looking for inexpensive items to add. (Actually, what I told Darlene was that I didn't need any more junk!) Get a raincheck if they are out!!!!!!!!!!

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$3/3 Chex Coupons

I just read on RefundCents that a reader has found the $3/3 Chex coupon. It came out last year too and I got a lot of inexpensive cereal with it. If memory serves me correctly, it was good on just about every brand of General Mills Cereal, but I could be wrong. I know I bought a lot of Chex. Keep your eyes peeled. There should be some good sales coming up to make Chex Mix.

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Kohl's $5 coupon

UPDATE 11-16: I entered all the addresses that had been requested before 11am on Fri. 11/13. You should have either received an email from me that said it DID NOT go thru, because you had already received a coupon, or it should be in the works. Check your spam, because some emails direct Kohl's coupons there. Anyone who added there email after 11am on 11/13, I'll enter your email tonight.

UPDATE: I work again on Friday, so I will enter all the emails Friday evening. Make sure you check your spam/junk mail folders too, because sometimes the coupons go there.

I mentioned before that I work part-time at Kohl's. If any reader is interested in getting $5 coupons on anything, leave a comment with your email address and I'll get it sent in for you. You can register as many email addresses as you want, but the fine print stipulates one redemption per customer (remember my previous post - your kids can be customers, you can come back multiple days, I just can't redeem more than 1 from you on any given day). The coupons should be good Black Friday, so you could use one on your purchase then. The 15-20-30% scratch-offs started today for Kohl's charge customers and you could use it on that purchase too. There is a TON of clearance right now and they are getting multiple trucks in every week, and the coupons are good on clearance merchandise.

Read More....Wonders if there are sparkling things.


Albertsons - Sara Lee & Breyers

You have probably already seen this in your Albertsons ad - B1 Sara Lee pie at $6.39, get another Sara Lee pie and 2 Breyer's ice cream FREE! It's a heck of a deal. The various blogs had originally posted that you should use 2 - $1 Sara Lee coupons and 2 - 75c Breyer coupons and get all for for $2.89. I talked with the front end manager at Eagle/McMillan last night and confirmed with the Assist. Manager at Cole/Fairview today. You will only be allowed to use 1 of each coupon on your transaction. Even though the Albertsons offer is unlimited (are they nuts?), you will want to purchase each set separately (i.e. 2 pie and 2 ice cream). There is some wording on the coupon that has Corporate making this rule.

(Soap box here - IMO, if you are getting items for free at the register, you shouldn't expect to use coupons on them - you aren't paying tax on the free items, therefore you technically didn't buy anything to use a coupon on. The fact that Albertsons is taking an ice cream coupon IMO is gravy!) end of soapbox :)

If you are planning to wait till the weekend to make your purchase, you will probably not get what you want. You MAY get pie and ice cream, but not the flavors you want. I would recommend going today or tomorrow. Yes, they will get more in (and they probably have a lot in the back), but at some point, they will run out. I doubt if they will issue rainchecks. Get it now while you can.

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Walgreens - Free Kleenex

UPDATE 2: If your store doesn't have the booklet, ask the cashier to type in code 5236. That will get you the $1 discount on each box.

UPDATE: This will ONLY work with the 85 count ultra soft kleenex.

Is Kleenex on your list as part of the B$30 G$15 free deal?

Well, scratch it off and get something else in its place because THIS deal is HOT!!!!!!!!

On the front page of the Walgreens ad that came out yesterday, is a coupon for Kleenex 80, 85, 100 or 200 sheet boxes for $1.09. Give the cashier your 50c/3 coupon from Smart Source 10/4 or 11/1 or IP version. Then use the $1 coupon from the Walgreens Healthy Savings booklet (Walgreens at Locust Grove and Fairview had the booklets at the front of the store when you walk in.) You will need to make sure you have a filler item that covers the 23c overage, because here in Idaho, coupons can't be used to pay tax. If you don't have the 50c/3 coupon, you will pay 27c plus tax. What a deal!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to Coupon Geek and The Coupon "High" for posting this incredible deal!!!!!!! Guess where I'm going after work?

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Fred Meyer - Mr. Potato Head

Fred Meyer has all Mr. Potato Heads and Potato Head Buddies on sale, B1G1F. The Mr. Potato Heads are $6.99 and the Buddies are $10.99. Thanks to a tip one of the readers at Frugal Chic Living posted, I learned FM accepts 2 coupons on B1G1F transactions. I hurried over to FM on Franklin and picked up 2 Mr. Potato Heads and 2 Buddies and 1 other small item that was 99c. I used self-check and the young man took off my 4 coupons (2-$5 Buddies, 2-$2 Mr Potato) with no problems. Total was $6.11!!! The coupons I used were printed from coupons.com - don't forget to go in and print 2 of each of them.

These toys are rated for ages 2+, so my grandson is still a little young for them, but Grandma's working on her toybox! The best deal is on the Buddies, which would be two for 99c plus tax, so if you are looking for gifts for an Angel Tree or Toys for Tots, two nice gifts for $1 is a great deal! You can sweeten the deal even more, now that you read this post - make your purchase before 11/11 and use the 10% off bonus coupon that's on the front page of the "Enjoy 4 EXTRA Days of Savings" insert. That would save you an extra $1.80 if you make the same purchases I did.

Read More.....wonders where the nose goes.

Fred Meyer - Great Battery Deal

Wow! Karrie, over at Fistful of Coupons, posted an AWESOME deal on Duracell batteries yesterday. Fred Meyer has an coupon in their Sunday ad, changing the price of their 4-pk AA and AAA, 2-pk C and D and 1-pk of 9V Duracell batteries to $1.99. In addition, we have coupons (Idaho Statesman had 50c coupons, though Karrie says there are $1 and 75c coupons out there) from 11/1 P&G coupon section. To sweeten the deal, Freddies has a catalina available. Buy $10 get $2 catalina, Buy $20 get $5 catalina.

Karrie says buy 6 at $3.99 each, give the cashier this weeks in-ad coupon (which will deduct $12) and then give 6 manufacturers coupons. If you have 6 50c coupons, your out of pocket before tax will be $8.94 and you will receive a $5 catalina. There is no limit stated on the Fred Meyer coupon, and it does say "May be used with Bonus Coupon". I don't know if that means that the Rewards Certificates (that always come with in-store coupons) are coming this week, or what that statement actually means.

I would think this catalina would roll, and if so, your next batch would be cheaper (without any coupons, just using the $5 catalina 6 would be $6.94 and you should get another $5 catalina! Since I just heard about this, I can't confirm that the catalina will roll though. This would be a great time to stock up for your holiday toy battery needs! Since the ad is good thru Saturday, you could go on e-bay and order some of the $1 coupons.

Thanks to Karrie for the great info!

UPDATE: I just ran to the FM on Franklin in Boise. They had plenty of the in-ad coupons, hanging on the battery display. Also, I figured out what the Bonus Coupon is, I think. There is a 1 page insert in the Fred Meyer ad - Enjoy 4 Days of Extra Savings. One of the 4-day bonus coupons is "Take an extra 10% off" Includes housewares, Home Decor, Furniture, Toys, Storage, Bedding, Bath, School & Office Supplies, Tools, Hardware, Automotive, Home Improvement, Sporting Goods and Luggage. I'm pretty sure batteries fall into one of those categories!

Read More........counting his toys...


KMart Loyalty Card

KMart is starting a loyalty program on Nov 8th. You have to sign up to receive a card that gets swiped before each transaction. You'll receive 1% back on purchases and a chance to win prizes. The registers will randomly have a cha-ching with instant prizes. Thanks to Refund Cents for the info.

Read More.....wondering about the prizes.

Albertson's / Paul's Market - Coke $2 coupon

Is there a Paul's Market near you? If so, make your way there and grab yourself a couple of this weeks ads. On the front page of the current ad is a coupon for $2 off your purchase of 2 - 24pks of Coke. Take that manufacturer coupon to Albertson where Coke is $7 for a 24pk, $6 ea if you buy 2 at the same time. This coupon will bring your cost down to $5 for a 24pk. That's a decent price for coke IMO. I know there are Paul's Markets located around the Treasure Valley. Coupon did not say Paul's Market anywhere on it and does say Manufacturer Coupon, so you should be able to use it just like any other coupon at Albertsons. I hope you're able to find some coupons!

Read More....loves the bubbles.


Franz Bakery Outlet

Have you been to the Franz Bakery Outlet at 455 N. Benjamin in Boise yet? It's located about midway between Emerald and Franklin Rds. I stopped in there today and I must say, I was very impressed. Everything was clean and well stocked and the prices were great! All the breads have a cute names like Columbia River, which reference the Pacific Northwest. My husband and daughter fell in love with one of the "flavors" that we picked up at the Women's Fitness Show. I almost fell over when I saw the same loaf at Albertsons for $4 and Fred Meyer for $3! At the outlet, it's $1.19. All the loaves I looked at had 1 week till the sell-by date.

They also had their older bread at deeply discounted prices (one loaf I saw was 69c). At this time they do not have a punch card program, but any time you make a purchase, you get to take an item off the Customer Appreciation rack (one visit per day). I got a package of Hawaiian English Muffins. I'm hoping they are as sweet as Kings Hawaiian Rolls! They are open Monday-Saturday till 6pm. I've seen a few of my favorite bloggers who have been going to Franz Bakery Outlets in their areas and decided to check it out myself. I'm glad I did - I got some good savings!

Read More.....Looking for the butter!

Albertsons - Cole/Fairview

I stopped by the Albertsons at Cole and Fairview today at lunch. Brian and Billy (the Store Director and Asst. Manager) both say that they have PLENTY of stock for the ad that starts tomorrow. They are looking forward to all you couponing ladies and gents stopping by.

I must say that I have NEVER had a problem with my coupons at this store and they generally don't run out of items. If they do run out, it usually isn't until Tuesday night. With all the talk on the blogs about tomorrows ad, I can see a lot of the busier stores running out of things early on. Try Cole and Fairview - great staff, well-stocked and you shouldn't have to resort to "Plan B" to get enough items to get your catalina. Oh, and tell them Janet sent you!

Read More..... Thinks he should get his coupons ready!


Dealing with Target

I had an "experience" at Target Friday, and thought I would pass on to you what I learned, so you can continue to be a happy Target shopper.

1. When your receipt "expires", it expires. You can contact Target Customer Service (right from the store on their phone) and if you are lucky, they will give the store an override code. If the item was on clearance when you bought it and your receipt expires, the chances of you getting an override code are slim and none.

2. When you call Target Customer Service, either from the store or your home, if you can't understand the person, ask to be transferred back to the US. Don't ask for a supervisor, because they may/may not be any more understandable. Immediately ask to be transferred to the US. (I would imagine this goes for any other company that is using an off-shore call center).

Forewarned is forearmed.

Read More....Learned something new today!

Fred Meyer coupons in Friday's paper

In today's paper (pg A7 of the Idaho Statesman), there are 3 great Fred Meyer coupons! 5 lbs. FM Granulated Sugar 99c limit 1, Mars Fun Size Candy Bars $1.99 limit 3, and Cheetos 69c limit 2. There are Mars $1/2 coupons in the 9/27 Red Plum and the 10/11 Red Plum. That would bring the cost of the Mars candy down to $1.49 each. Not free, but not bad! Plus it adds to your rewards and fuel points! They also advertise Pork Shoulder Blade Roast for 89c/lb, limit 2. I have no idea if that is a good price or not. The FM on Federal Way had $1 on any pork coupons attached to some pork packages last week - keep your eye peeled for those.

In the same paper, there is an ad for FM Doorbuster on Sat. 10/31 7am-1pm. Included in that ad is a coupon for 25% off apparel, shoes and accessories. Check it out!

Read More....Going to Freddies for a new coat!

Nescafe Coffee Samples/Coupons

Want to try Nescafe Taster's Choice gourmet coffee singles? Click here to sign up and try all 5 varieties. Want some coupons for the Taster's Choice (b1g1f singles or 75c off jar), go to http://www.tasterschoice.com/CoffeeLoversCorner/Default.aspx . You can request the singles and just follow the links for the coupons. At my house, the singles come in handy when my husband finishes the pot before I get my 2nd cup! They frequently go on sale at Albertson's for $1.

Thanks to Hip to Save for the link for the samples!

Read More...Can't wait for the water to get hot!


Walgreens Robitussin

I have not gone to Walgreens to check this out, but I read on RefundCents that due to a manufacturer's shipping delay, the 2-pk of Robitussin-to-go is not available. In it's place, Walgreens is substituting the 4oz. Adult Robitussin DM. They should ring at the shelf price of $4.99. The cashier has a "master" coupon that they scan to lower the price to $2.49 to match the advertised Robitussin-to-go price and force out the $2.50 Register Reward. Get the $1 Robitussin coupon from the 9/27 Red Plum or print a $2 coupon from Robitussin here. Using either coupon makes this a money-maker!

Read More......Thinks he's catching a cold.

Kellogg's Poptarts Sprinklings

I received a kewl email from Kellogg's today called the Kellogg's Promotions E-news. In it was a variety of links that included a link to Poptarts Sprinklings. I joined today to get a "bunch of fun for you and your family throughout the year, including a smattering of samples and a variety of values." I have no idea what I'll get, but I joined. It was pretty easy, because I was already a member of Snackpicks, so I could get Kellogg's and Keebler coupons. If you are looking for Keebler coupons to use at Target, you might want to join Snackpicks too!

Read More....Loves Kellogg's promotions

$5 Real Simple Rebate

I know, you're thinking, I've seen this on NUMEROUS blogs and it's not going to work. I'm pretty sure this will, but I won't be able to confirm until tomorrow night! Go ahead and check it out though. Albertsons has Quilted Northern Ultra Plush on sale this week for $5.49. There are $1 coupons out there (Red Plum 10/11) and $1 coupons at coupons.com (ANY quilted Northern Strong and Soft). If you have 3 coupons, double all 3 and pay $3.49 each ($10.47). Or, make a combo of items, using coupons and things you need. Then submit for the $5 rebate (get it here).

Other blogs wrote about getting something other than the Ultra Plush, but those won't work for the rebate. Other items of interest to me are the International Delight (I'm out of creamer!) using a 55c coupon and the Nestle Toll House break apart cookies (use $1 coupon). Just make sure your purchase is greater than $15 before coupons. Then let your friends at Albertsons save you a little green, and save some more when you mail in the rebate!

Thanks to Crystal at Frugal Chic Living for the link to the rebate form.

Read More.....Wonders How much toilet paper is enough?

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Smart Source Coupons via Text Message

Do you have enough coupons? Apparently, News America Marketing, the company that provides us with the Smart Source Magazine coupon insert doesn't think so. Starting Sunday, October 25th, you can receive coupons by texting the word "coupons" to number 87415. Thirteen "exclusive" coupon offers (their words, not mine) will be sent to your phone along with an opt-in prompt asking for email address and permission to send additional mobile offers. The coupons will be sent to the email address that was entered and consumers will be able to print them.

For the launch that occured yesterday, coupons from Kotex, Huggies, Trident, Jimmy Dean, Kellog and Tyson, totaling $17.50 were available, ranging in value from 50c to $3.00 Those particular coupons will remain available until Nov. 8th.

I don't have a cell phone, so I am unable to test this and give you any feedback. If you do this, please let us know how it goes! Thanks to RefundCents for the heads up on this program.

Read More.....He's sure he needs those coupons he can't get!

Free Marlboro T-Shirts

Thanks to Sylvia at RefundCents for news of this great offer! Go to marlboro.com. After logging in or registering, click on Promos & Offers on the top and click on the t-shirt on the drop down. Skip the intro and click on Create your Brand free t-shirt. Then, create your own brand. You will then be prompted for color and location/placment of your "brand". Push submit and you're done! Delivery should be 8-12 weeks.

Read More....Loves free shirts!

Kohl's coupons

I'll start this post by stating that I work part-time at Kohl's in Meridian. Lately, there have been some "sticky" coupons attached to the front of Nampa papers (I believe both Press Tribune and Stateman). This last batch were good thru 10/18. All weekend, we had people coming in with multiple coupons, wanting to use them. The back of the coupon very specifically states "1 Coupon Per Person". On behalf of my coworkers, I'm asking all readers to read the back of the coupon and follow it.

I'm not allowed to let you to make multiple transactions. (This isn't Albertsons!) Getting mad and telling me that you get 4 papers isn't going to make any difference, I can only take 1. Kohl's almost gives away some of their merchandise, but management is very strict about the coupon usage. If you have 4 papers, come in with someone (kids are customers too) or make multiple visits over the days the coupon is good. I'm a couponer too, and I understand about getting multiple papers, but please try and figure out another way to use your coupons besides standing there with back-to-back multiple orders.

Read More....Hopes Janet's off her soap box now.

gatorade phone in

Here's a great phone-in instant win sweeps for you to enter! Thanks to Sheena, at RefundCents for thin info.

Gatorade Target Call In Contest 1-888-284-8087 Many people have won $15 Target Gift Cards!!! Press 2, then 2, then key in your birthday (xx-xx-xxxx). Expires 10/31/09. You can use different phone lines like cell, home, work and you will know instantly if you won or not. I still use my Gatorade cooler on wheels won a few years ago from this same contest.

Read More....Pulling out the phones!

Albs -- preview 10/21 available

Hey all! The preview for the upcoming Albs ad is available -- link on the right.

There are some great deals on the front page! Love it!

Read More says THANKS to Hot Coupon World for the preview!


Organic Valley Milk - 64c/half gallon!!!

This week at Fred Meyer, Organic Valley Milk is 50% off. Thanks to Crystal at Frugal Chic Living, you can get the half gallons for 64c!!!!!! Go here to print off a $1.00 coupon good on any gallon or half gallon. While you are there, you can print off coupons for some of their other products like eggs, cheese and butter, to name a few. They allow two prints per computer, so if you want more than a gallon of milk, you may need to print from another computer.
Comments by Melissa under the post mention coupons for $2 off Nature's Path cereal, hanging by both the cereal and the milk. This week the Nature's Path cereal is on sale for $1.99, so along with your inexpensive, organic milk, you could score some free cereal!
Thanks again to Frugal Chic Living for the great info!
UPDATE: Found on RefundCents: Look for a form for a free 6-mo. subscription to Organic Gardening, free wyb 1 each Nature's Path and Organic Valley milk product1. Triple Play!!!!
Read More.....Thinking about breakfast food for dinner!!!


Albertsons Gas Rewards

Do you remember back in September when Albertsons made some changes to their Gas Rewards program? The biggest change was that the rewards could no longer be accrued indefinitely, but only had a 30 day accrual window. This was for all rewards earned after the change took place on 9/17/09. We have not yet figured out an easy way to keep track of when the rewards expire, so we wanted to remind you (and ourselves) that it's been 30 days and you might want to "use 'em before you lose 'em". We will give you another reminder this time next month!

Read More....Not sure this Gas Rewards program is all its cracked up to be!

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Upcoming Fred Meyer Catalina Offers

I found three different catalina notifications slips in the coupon basket at Fred Meyer last night.

One started 10/9/09: Buy San Pellegrino 750mL or 1 Liter bottles

B3 G $1.00 or
B4 G $2.00 or
B5 or more G $3.00 catalina Valid 10/9/09 - 11/1/09

The next started yesterday 10/18/09: Buy participating Hersheys products between 10/18 and 10/31/09 - Spend $25.00 or more and get a $5.00 catalina. Participating brands include: Halloween-themed snack size packages (9-16 oz), jumbo snack size packages (16.3-27.14 oz), harvest-themed packages (10-18.5 oz), super snack size assortments (24.17-55.28 oz), Reeses peanut butter pumpkin singles and 6 pks (1.2-7.2 oz) and 30-ct variety packs.

The 3rd starts 10/23/09: Buy any three Kellogg's mini-wheats cereals (14.5oz or larger, any flavor mix or match) between 10/23/09 and 11/19/09 and receive a coupon good for one gallon of free milk. All free milk coupons are good on any brand, any flavor up to $3.60 for one gallon.

(Note: Remember to try and purchase ones that have $10 bonus bucks on them, or the dvd seals and get more bang for your purchase!).

Read More....Looking for more cereal!

Fred Meyer Anniversary Sale

I got a great email from Fred Meyer yesterday. They sent me an advance notification of the big 87th Anniversary Sale that starts Sunday 10/18 and runs thru Saturday 10/24. Included in the email was a link for 500 Bonus Rewards if I make a purchase during that time. Wow! Between the great 2 week offer earlier in this rewards cycle that earned me an extra 500 points for purchasing 10 items off the list (I did that 3 times) and this bonus, they are GIVING me $20 (2000 extra points!) this rewards cycle. Gotta love Freddies!!!!!!

Here's the highlights of the ad (IMO) which you can see yourself here. All include using the store coupon in the ad:

Coke 24 pk - 2/$9
Campbell Chunky Soup $1 limit 10 (use $1/4 co from 10/11 insert or 75c/4 co from 9/20 insert)
Tree Top, Langer, Ocean Spray Juices $1.50 limit 8
Franz Bread, Fred Meyer Peanut Butter/Preserves $1 limit 10
Propel 3/$1 limit 9 (use 55c/1 hangtag co)
Dryers Ice Cream $2 limit 4
Tillamook Cheese 2 lbs. $3.99 (use $1 coupons.com coupon if you have it)
Medium Avocado/Mini Peeled Carrots 50c
Ink Cartridges 20% off
Cover Girl - free mascara with any Cover Girl Purchase (use $1 co from 9/27 or 10/11 P&G inserts)

There aren't a lot of coupons to match up to the in-store coupons, but these are some great prices!

The extra bonus points are not transferable, so I am not posting a link to it. I would recommend going to their website and signing up to get their emails. I've gotten some good email coupons from them, but IMO this is the best one yet!

Read More......Is going to Freddies on Sunday because there is soup calling his name!


Wordless Wednesday

Courtesy of our friend Sami.

Read More...Hopes the gene pool ends.


Deal Or No Deal?

This is a wonderful, must-read article written by Angela at Coupon Project . The article discusses how to determine if the deal is worth doing or not. This is a great topic for LOTS of discussions. Reading the couponing blogs generates a lot of excitement - i.e. I want to do that! I want that free candy bar! I want to be that lady!

And I admit, I succumb to the excitement myself - I want in on that deal! And if I'm not able to participate (I work 2 jobs and don't get out to the stores as much as I would like), I'm bummed out. But tonight, I'll be number crunching, because I think that the items I want from the Albertsons ad will be cheaper if I purchase them with doublers in batches of 3 on Sunday than if I buy them as part of the B$25 G$10 deal and end up buying stuff I don't need.

For another opinion, read the article Darlene wrote in July - Resisting Magpie Eye.

Read More....is helping Janet Resist Magpie Eye.


Victoria's Secret Pink Nation - Free Panties

Are you a member of the Victoria's Secret Pink Nation? If not, it easy to join. Go here to join or log in. Then click on the link for free panty (no purchase necessary!!!). There will also be a $10 off a bra coupon attached to your free panty coupon. I scored big time, when VS had the free gift bag with any Pink purchase coupon a month ago. This coupon doesn't require a purchase, so everyone can score.

Offer is valid Oct 13 - Nov 9, so you have plenty of time to get to VS.

Read More.....loves free clothes!


Free Zone Alarm Pro Firewall 2010

Get ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall 2010 free (today only). Keeping your PC secure requires diligence, common sense, and, perhaps most importantly, software. It's not enough to install anti-virus and anti-spyware utilities; you also need a rock-solid firewall to keep hackers at bay. Today only, Check Point Software is offering ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall 2010 absolutely free. That's a $39.95 value, my friends. (Actually, what you're getting is a free one-year license good for up to 3 computers.) If you want to keep using ZoneAlarm after that, you'll have to pony up your 40 bucks. On the other hand, this is the second year running for this promotion, so you might be able to score it free again next year.) The software is compatible with Windows 2000 and later, including Windows 7. Go here to access their website and download. Debbie L. L, TN

Thanks to RefundCents for the info.

Read More.....checking his computers.

Auto Zone: Loan A Tool

Here's some interesting info from Tiffany at Living as Mom. Auto Zone will lend you tools to help make car repairs. Their Lend-A-Tool program is free to use, you just leave a deposit when you pick up the tool. The deposit is returned 100% when you return the tool. Check out their website for the list of over 60 tools available in this program. Thanks Tiffany!

I know there is an Auto Zone in Meridian, and I'm sure there are more Treasure Valley locations.

Read More..... has got his eye on a shiny wrench!


Cost Plus World Market Family & Friends Event

Cost Plus World Market (in Boise they are on Milwaukee) has issued a coupon for this weekend's Family & Friends event (10/9 - 10/12). Coupon is 25% off home furnishings, decor and gifts (what constitutes a gift?) and 10% off gourmet food and non-alcoholic beverages. Coupon is not good on alcoholic beverages or gift cards. Excludes kitchen electronics. Coupon is a pdf, so you can print as many as you like. Cost Plus is really trying hard to get business - were you able to get in on the movie ticket deal that was in Aug or Sept.? Let us know if you find a really great deal!

Read More......wants to ride the elephant.

Coupon insert dates

How do you store your inserts? I personally just cut out the coupons I believe I'll use, that is, coupons for products we buy regularly, and then just hang on to the rest of the insert, intact.

For a long time, I had problems when someone would say "It's in Smartsource (SS) 9/6 or RedPlum (RP) 8/30". I tried writing the date on the outside front cover, but if I wasn't paying attention, cut out the coupon and had the date on the back, or if I just plain forgot to write it, I messed up that process. Then I tried filing them right away in a folder with the date marked on the folder, but if I didn't put the insert right back, I had another mess on my hands. Then one day, it hit me!

Something made me look on the "spine" of the front/back section. By "spine" I mean the fold, or what would be the spine if the coupon insert was a book. On that fold, is, among other things, the paper that the coupons were published in (if you have both Press Tribune and Stateman, that could be important since they don't always have the same coupons) and, drum roll please, ....... the date!!! My first thought was, why didn't I figure this out sooner?!?! To save you some aggravation, I thought I'd pass that info on to you. I hope it helps!

Read More.....Needs to go file at Janetcoupons house, because she's behind!

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P&G Brand Saver Insert in Sunday's paper

This Sunday (Oct. 11), P & G will have an additional, small insert in many papers. That means there will be 3 sets of coupons for us to look at! This insert will have $29 in coupon savings. You can confirm that your paper will have this insert by going here. A search by both my zip code and by the state (Idaho) shows that the "Boise Idaho Newspaper Group" will carry the insert locally. My guess is that means both the Statesman and the Press Tribune, but that is just a guess. When you are checking your extra papers, don't forget to grab this one too!

Read More..... is getting his scissors ready!

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Snow White Movie Price Comparison

Before you think to yourself, "Gee, every blog and her mother have been talking about this today", keep reading, because this post is different. My boss and I ran to TRU this morning, and she got the last Disney Princess baking set they had in stock. I debated whether to grab the movie since it would be only $9.99 after my coupon but decided to wait. Am I glad I did! I let my fingers do the walking when we got back to the office and here's what I found:

TRU - $19.99
Walmart - $19.96
Fred Meyer - $20.99 (plus 2 free boxes of Kelloggs cereal) plus rewards points and gas rewards
Albertsons - $19.95 (plus 2 free boxes of Kelloggs cereal) plus fuel rewards

I will be using my $10 coupon at Fred Meyer and picking cereal that has movie tokens on it so my daughter can send away for another free dvd from Kelloggs, plus getting rewards points for my quarterly rewards as well as gas rewards. For me, that's worth the extra $1! And, they have plenty of stock!

If you haven't printed the $10 coupon, you can do so here. There is a $5 rebate from Hefty and a $5 rebate from a product I've never heard of....Kernel Seasons. Once you have received your rebates back, it's a pretty inexpensive movie!

Read More.... Is wondering where the popcorn is?

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FREE Bumble Bee Tuna at Fred Meyer

Leah over at La Vida Cheapo loves Fred Meyer as much as we do. She found a great deal on Bumble Bee Tuna pouches. Free is a great deal, right?! Print out the $1/1 Smartsource coupon (I've read that you can actually print this up to 10 times, but I have not done so.) Use the coupon at Fred Meyer where the sale price is $1 - no store coupon needed! Don't forget to scan your rewards card for gas points and the quarterly reward, because this will add to them!!

If you are running out of the Starkist tuna pouches you picked up a few months ago or are getting ready for food bank/food drive donation items, this is one you shouldn't miss!

Thanks to Leah at La Vida Cheapo for this info!

Read More....loves tuna, especially when it is free!

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Walgreens - Free Rimmel Eye Makeup

Walgreens has Rimmel Eye Makeup on sale B1G1F. Use the B1G1F coupon found in the October issue of All You Magazine (found only at Walmart) and get both items for free! What a great deal! These would make nice stocking stuffers, or a nice addition to a gift for a teen / young adult. Don't miss out on this one!

Thanks to RefundCents for the info.

Read More.....thinks he's looking pretty!

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Moms By Heart has a great list of the new ecoupons to add $ to your Upromise account. Match them up to paper manufacturer coupons for some GREAT savings! Upromise ecoupons do not come off your store total, instead the $ is added to your Upromise account, which helps you save for your children's college education. You can save by using a registered credit card, shopping on line or making purchases at your local grocery store.

If you don't have a Upromise accountor need more, register here.

Read More.... Is hoping someone is saving for college for him!

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Fred Meyer 3-Day Sale

Did you see the Fred Meyer ad in todays paper? (It was inside the front section of the Statesman). This ad is good for 3 days (Fri 10/2 - Sun 10/4).

Seedless grapes are 79c/lb. There are also 3 great store coupons. Hamburger Helper 69c (limit 6), Fritos and Fritos Bean Dip 99c (limit 4) and Nestles Fun Size Candy Bags $1.99 (limit 3). There were Hamburger Helper coupons (75c/3) in Smart Source 8/9/09 and 9/13/09 or you can print the same coupon here. Get $1 Nestle coupons here.

Remember, you can stack Fred Meyer coupons with manufacturer coupons, so purchase of 3 or 6 Hamburger Helper, using both will make the Hamburger Helper only 44c each!!!!! If you don't like Hamburger Helper, this would be a great and inexpensive item to donate to the Idaho Food Bank. Save the candy for inexpensive trick or treat give-aways.

UPDATE: Buy 3 Nestles Fun Size Candy Bags and get a $2 catalina! Thanks to Frugal Chic Living for the info.

Thanks to Sam for the heads up on these coupons!

Read More....is heading to Freddies!

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It's the end of the month. Remember to print out any coupons you were thinking about printing at coupons.com and add ecoupons to your Fred Meyer card from shortcuts and cellfire. The coupons available at all these sites might change tonight. Remember that the maximum limit ecoupons is 50.

Read More.....looking for his rewards card.

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Kelloggs $10 Bonus Bucks Offer

Wow! Kelloggs really wants my cereal business!!! First the air miles promotion (ok, I'm showing my age), then multiple years of free DVD's, and now this:

Kelloggs has a new promotion that is good thru 9/30/10.
  • Buy 3 specially marked packages Kelloggs cereals (Frosted Flakes, Mini Wheats, Fruit Loops, Raisin Bran).
  • Enter 3 codes from specially marked packages (ALL AT ONCE).
  • Receive $10 Bonus Bucks by mail.

This promotion is UNLIMITED and your categories are Movie Cash, Sporting Goods Cash, Electronics and Toy Cash, Book Cash. There is a big list of stores that accept these including Fred Meyer, Sports Authority, Target, Albertsons, ToysRUs and Walmart. Bonus Bucks must be used by 10/31/10. You can read all the details here. I haven't seen any in the local stores, but I must admit, I haven't been down the cereal aisle lately. Please post a comment if you find them.

Read More....thinks it must be time for breakfast!

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WW 9/23 - yeppers! that's a deal!

Hmmmm...thinkin' the large might be the way to go on this one...

Read More...he's wondering if he can add them all together.....


Mozzarella Cheese at Winco

UPDATE: I found some at the Winco on Fairview/Milwaukee in Boise, so this is also a local deal. Cheese was $2.98.

Here's some exciting info from Being Frugal is Fabulous. One of her readers found Precious Mozzarella, 1 lb.:
$3.15 (it was $3.09 at her store).
There were $1.50 off Peelies right on the Mozzarella
Final Price: $1.65!

Also found were $1.00 peelies on Oberto Beef Jerky, so if that is an item you typically buy, be sure and check them out at your local WinCo. I have not checked local WinCos in the Treasure Valley, if you find some, please let us know in the comments.

Read More....Looking forward to lasagna!


Albertsons Vista/Overland

Albertsons on Vista and Overland still has about a dozen Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers chopped broccoli in the clearance freezer bin for $1.25 as posted on athriftymom They also had quite a few rolls of postal paper on clearance near the bakery for 50c each.

Read more... loves eating his veggies.

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Macy's $10 coupon

There is a lot of excitment about a charity promotion going on at Macys. Donate $1 and receive a $10 Macys coupon good on $10+. Unfortunately, there is a wide variance on how the promotion is being handled. Some stores are requiring a $5 donation, some stores limit it to one per person, and some stores are selling them in unlimited quantities to anyone. Obviously, if you can get a $10 coupon for only $1, that is like buying a $10 bill with a $1 bill. Gee, if you are lucky enough to have a Macys that will let you get as many as you want, that's a great way to stock up on small purchases, like socks or undies, kitchen gadgets or sale items. Each register has a stack of the $10 coupons, so even if you're told at one register they are all out, go to another register and keep asking. You can't stack them, meaning you can't use two $10 coupons to buy a $20 item. The fun part is finding great deals in the $10.xx range.

I haven't been able to confirm if the Treasure Valley stores are participating or not. If you get any info, please post it under comments. Thanks to refundcents for the heads up!

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Staples -- sneak peek 9/20

If you're just dying to see what Staples has in store for next week...well, you're in luck!

Go HERE to see what's on sale.

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**UPDATE** This coupon is not being accepted by Sears.

My buddy, Janet, tried to use this coupon today. The Boise store manager had received a message from Sears corporate not to take the coupon -- so, it's not being accepted. At this point, the manager didn't know what would be done about it being in Seventeen magazine. Neither coupon will be accepted tho.

Original Post:

Starting tomorrow (9/15) thru 11/14/09, score some FREE Juniors fashions at Sears.

Hurry and print this coupon http://www.sears.com/ue/clth/link_jrfashion_coupon.pdf

There is no minimum purchase. Savings apply to juniors’ apparel only. Not valid on Lands’ End merchandise, Outlet Store purchases and catalog orders. One coupon per purchase, not valid on prior purchases.

~~C'ya Janet

THANKS to RefundCents for the info!

Friday humor -- don't mess with kids!

You may have seen some of these before. Today I needed a little pick-me-up, so I thought you might as well. Here's me sending you a couple of giggles. Enjoy!

Seven Reasons Not To Mess With Children

1.) A little girl was talking to her teacher about whales.
The teacher said it was physically impossible for a whale to swallow a human because even though it was a very large mammal its throat was very small.
The little girl stated that Jonah was swallowed by a whale.
Irritated, the teacher reiterated that a whale could not swallow a human; it was physically impossible.
The little girl said, 'When I get to heaven I will ask Jonah'.
The teacher asked, 'What if Jonah went to hell?'
The little girl replied, 'Then you ask him'.

2.) A Kindergarten teacher was observing her classroom of children while they were drawing. She would occasionally walk around to see each child's work.
As she got to one little girl who was working diligently, she asked what the drawing was.
The girl replied, 'I'm drawing God.'
The teacher paused and said, 'But no one knows what God looks like.'
Without missing a beat, or looking up from her drawing, the girl replied, 'They will in a minute.'

3.) A Sunday school teacher was discussing the Ten Commandments with her five and six year olds.
After explaining the commandment to 'honor' thy Father and thy Mother, she asked, 'Is there a commandment that teaches us how to treat our brothers and sisters?'
Without missing a beat one little boy (the oldest of a family) answered, 'Thou shall not kill.'

4.) One day a little girl was sitting and watching her mother do the dishes at the kitchen sink. She suddenly noticed that her mother had several strands of white hair sticking out in contrast on her brunette head.
She looked at her mother and inquisitively asked, 'Why are some of your hairs white, Mum?'
Her mother replied, 'Well, every time that you do something wrong and make me cry or unhappy, one of my hairs turns white.'
The little girl thought about this revelation for a while and then said, 'Mummy, how come ALL of grandma's hairs are white?'

5.) The children had all been photographed, and the teacher was trying to persuade them each to buy a copy of the group picture.
'Just think how nice it will be to look at it when you are all grown up and say, 'There's Jennifer, she's a lawyer,' or 'That's Michael, He's a doctor.'
A small voice at the back of the room rang out, 'And there's the teacher, she's dead.'

6.) A teacher was giving a lesson on the circulation of the blood. Trying to make the matter clearer, she said, 'Now, class, if I stood on my head, the blood, as you know, would run into it, and I would turn red in the face.'
'Yes,' the class said.
'Then why is it that while I am standing upright in the ordinary position the blood doesn't run into my feet?'
A little fellow shouted, 'Cause your feet ain't empty.'

7.) The children were lined up in the cafeteria of a Catholic elementary school for lunch. At the head of the table was a large pile of apples. The nun made a note, and posted on the apple tray:
'Take only ONE . God is watching.'
Moving further along the lunch line, at the other end of the table was a large pile of chocolate chip cookies.
A child had written a note, 'Take all you want. God is watching the apples.'

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$5 Off Purchase at Grocery Outlet

Click HERE to participate in a survey by the Grocery Outlet Bargain Markets for a $5.00 coupon off any purchase (excluding dairy and alcohol). The survey takes about 10 minutes and at the end you will be able to print out the coupon, which is valid through 10/10/09. But, if you want to take advantage of this you better do the survey today as it wont be around much longer.

I haven't been in Grocery Outlet in a few years, so I can't tell you what you will find. The only location I could find in the Treasure Valley was on Fairview (across from Channel 7). Here's their website if you want to look for other locations http://groceryoutlet.com/

Thanks to Leah at La Vida Cheapo for this tip.

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Freds -- coupon policy change!

**UPDATE** Here is a different contact to express how you feel about this coupon policy change. The previous contact numbers were in merchandising. This contact phone number is for operations -- apparently Freds wants all concerns / complaints / feedback to be handled by their corporate "talking head" and not their other employees. Expect to hear the same explanation of "everyday low prices" as the strategy and "appreciation" for your business & feedback.

Melinda Merrill, Director of Public/Corporate Affairs
800-858-9202 ext. 3830

Per Cheri Judy, Director of Operations, there will be a communication to the stores this week -- once that memo hits the stores (thinking today or tomorrow) THEN there will be a 1 week grace period for the current policy! So, we can use the current Albs doublers at Freds until they expire next week Tues. SWEET! This will also give us another Freds ad to look through & potentially use them with.

Original Post below:

This was such a short lived opportunity! I was totally fearful once the current policy got out as common knowledge Freds would pull it. Yep. They sure did.

**The current policy will be grandfathered in for this week.**

I have posted it HERE in case you need it for reference. I don't think it matters anymore whether you actually ask for the policy at the store since it's going away. As there are Albs doublers this week, you can still take advantage of this policy for a few more days.

Today I spoke with Lance K. at Freds Zone 6 Regional Office (Treasure Valley) to verify some information. Over the past month, I have been in correspondence with both he and Kent C., Director of Grocery at Freds corporate. I was really hoping to get them to see the potential of catering to the couponer buyer, but alas! it's not to be.

Freds believes their current strategy of "everyday low prices" will make them viable into the future. I believe they are behind the times on what their customer base needs these days; NONE of the corporate / regional folks I spoke with even knew there was such a buyer as a "couponer" or the blogs or the strategy or the stockpiling....and on and on...

So, what's the deal now? Great question. Per Lance, Freds will have a new policy which will not be available to the public. Huh? I asked him how was I to know what the rules will be & he said my store director would explain them. La Vida Cheapo has a GREAT post HERE that outlines how Freds will take coupons -- nothing exciting -- pretty much back to the normal stuff.

The only way a company will make a change is if it hears from its customers. If you want to chat with or send an email to Freds about this policy change (good or bad), here are some Freds corporate contact info:

Corporate Office, Customer Relations 800-858-9202
(then use ext. below)

Steve Fox, VP of Merchandising ext. 5647

Kent Criss, Director of Grocery ext. 5640

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LOL -- how would your husband do?

Holy cow! You guys have just gotta read THIS story from The Bargain Jargon. I was laughing out loud.

How would your husband do? Post a comment and share!

Mine? Oh, yeah, he would be looking around in a daze...eventually, I think he would be able to pull it off. At least, as long as I had my cell phone on me! *smile*

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Payless shoes discount coupon

Click here for a 15% coupon -- good thru Oct. 4th. Valid in stores or online! SWEET!

Thanks to RefundCents for the info!

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WW 9/16 -- save with store coupon.... huh?

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Freds -- Lunchables for CHEAP!

There is a GREAT deal at Freds for lunchables that BEATS Albs price!

Check out the details on THIS post by Discount Queens!


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Freds -- new FM Extra Savings book!

The new Freds Extra Savings book is available today! The ad and coupons are good through 10/13. Grab a couple to have on hand!

If you need it now, the first item I noticed is the Challenge Butter on the back page:

Challenge Butter 2/$5 16 oz
$0.50/1 IP here
1 Albs doubler
Final Price $1.50

This is a decent price even if you don't want to mess with using a doubler. However, as we are entering the "season of baking," there might be something better yet! *smile*

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Albs -- early a.m. doublers run

This is what I did first thing this morning. I really LOVE the Special K Blueberry cereal, so I printed and begged friends to get four coupons to use this morning.

Here's my two doubler transactions this morning:

Total OOP $1.45 ($2.08 w/tax)

4 boxes Special K cereal
1 box Special K snack crackers
4 boxes Ritz Crackerfuls

To see how the pricing for this works, check out the receipts!

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Albs -- stock status & info on 9/16 ad

Hello all! Here is what I know about the new ad that just started. I was at the store bright & early this morning -- the reason is really long so we'll just skip that part -- and did a couple of transactions.

Here's what I found out:

Campbells Select soups -- all the select soups except for the Light Selects should be on the 4/$5 promo. Not all of the soups have tags yet or are ringing up at the correct price. The 12 street Nampa store is fixing it now. I alerted the manager at the Greenhurst store. Hopefully, this issue will be fixed soon.

Ritz Crackerfuls -- if you want these, you better act fast. These have been hard for Albs to get enough stock from the warehouse -- the mfg. isn't getting them to the warehouse. So, it's just one of those things that will most likely run out quickly.

Buy 4 save $5 instantly -- with 4 $1/1 MQ and 3 doublers == FREE (just pay tax)

Wheat Thins -- YES! These are part of the promo for buy 4 save $5 instantly. You can print the $1/1 IP here (IE link).

Buy 4 save $5 instantly -- with 4 $1/1 MQ and 3 doublers == FREE (just pay tax)

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Albs -- my doubler transactions

I wasn't sure what I would find at the store today. So, it was nice to run across a few things to use doublers on that I was excited about getting.

Here's how I used my doublers today:

Total OOP $5.24
(5.91 w/tax)

3 Hormel Compleats meals
5 Green Giant Steamers veggies
1 Rhodes rolls

I did this in 3 transactions using 3 doublers in each transaction.

Here's how the pricing breaks down:

Hormel Compleats meals $1.99 (clearance price)
1 $0.75/1 MQ SS 8/16
1 doubler
Final Price $0.49

Green Giant Steamers veggies 2/$3 and $1.79 (clearance price)
1 $0.50/1 MQ SS 9/13
1 doubler
Final Price $0.50 to $0.79

Rhodes rolls $1.69
$1/1 MQ SS 6/14 -- (7/19 or 8/16 inserts too)
1 doubler
Final Price $0.69
(one of our doubler favs!)

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Freds -- Ragu for $0.32 each

This promo ends tomorrow 9/15! So, if you're interested, ya better get going! I REALLY didn't need any more spaghetti sauce, but hey, this was too cheap to pass up!

UPDATE! Heads up! You CAN use a FM store coupon with an Albs doubler! Whoot! It just depends on what type of FM store coupon you're trying to use. A specific price off of a transaction will work, i.e. take $2 off when buy X number of items. A price point coupon won't work, i.e. you get 4/$5 or something like that (see here for my oops! FM-doubler transaction).

Here's how I did this transaction:

Total OOP $0.95 ($1.08 w/tax)

3 jars Ragu sauce

I decided to get the white sauce for more variety. Also, since these jars are only 16 oz, I like to get an awesome deal to feel like I'm getting some value for my money.

This deal was sweeter because the Freds monthly Extra Savings ad has the Ragu as 3/$5. However, these sauces rang up at $1.55 -- which is 3/$4.65 -- so, I was $0.35 ahead before I started with the coupons! SWEET!

I had picked up three of these coupon booklets so I had another Buy 3 get $2 Unilever coupon (back cover) to use. This means when you buy 3 items you save $0.67 on each item.

Here's how the pricing worked:

Ragu sauce 16 oz $1.55
Bought 3 for a total of $4.65

$0.30 store discount (Albs doublers) -- did this 2 times
$0.30 MQ SS 9/13 -- used 2
$0.50 EQ here
$2.00 in Unilever savings

Final Price $0.95 or $0.32 each

This transaction could be done with three Albs doublers. For me , since the $0.50 e-coupon was so close to the amount I'd get with a MQ & doubler, I decided to save a MQ / doubler and just let it ride. *smile*

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Albs -- doublers on Wed 9/16

Doublers again on Wed! Whats a girl to do!?

Well, at least some of the "outs" will hopefully be filled with the Tuesday night trucks. It also takes a little pressure off getting any last minute doublers from Sunday used up!

DEEP BREATH! Here we go again...

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Albertsons Gas Rewards

I received a catalina yesterday night, announcing changes to the Albertsons Gas Rewards Program.

Effective Sept. 17, 2009 (this Thursday)

  • New Gas Rewards will expire 30 days from the date of issuance.
  • This change will only apply to Gas Rewards earned on or after Sept. 17, 2009.

Complete program details available at the Service Desk at participating stores or inside Express fuel centers.

The way I read this - the good news is I don't have to rush down to the fuel center to use up the rewards I was accumulating. The bad news is that somehow, I have to keep track of WHEN I earned the reward to make sure I use it and don't lose it.

I will contact Michael Power, Area Satisfaction Manager for SuperValu to see if there will be an immediate changes to the receipt as far as noting when the rewards will expire. I personally would also like them to re-insert my earned total, so I can see how close I am to another 5c discount.

~~C'ya Janet

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