LOL -- how would your husband do?

Holy cow! You guys have just gotta read THIS story from The Bargain Jargon. I was laughing out loud.

How would your husband do? Post a comment and share!

Mine? Oh, yeah, he would be looking around in a daze...eventually, I think he would be able to pull it off. At least, as long as I had my cell phone on me! *smile*

Read More...he's not volunteering for this...nope...not gonna...


Christy said...

Thanks for sharing the link to my husbands post!

Leah said...

LOL! She is a much braver woman and I be, I can send my husband to the store with 1 coupon and 1 coupon only, if I send more then 1 he forgets one or the other, and has actually forgotten both. I think he has somekind of passive/agressive thing going on mentally and does it just to push my buttons.

Thanks for the button love :) I grabbed yours too.

darlenecoupon said...

Hey Christy!

I think you are one brave chick too! I mean, wow -- I don't think I want to know what the "or else" was all about either! LOLOL! I can just imagine my husband trying this -- makes me smile & giggle.

Tell you husband the couponer wave is really more like the "solidarity of the binder" so that's why his wrist-finger-wave-thingie didn't work. He just needs to put a binder in his cart & he's in!! It helps if the binder looks a little worn around the edges too....*smile*