Macy's $10 coupon

There is a lot of excitment about a charity promotion going on at Macys. Donate $1 and receive a $10 Macys coupon good on $10+. Unfortunately, there is a wide variance on how the promotion is being handled. Some stores are requiring a $5 donation, some stores limit it to one per person, and some stores are selling them in unlimited quantities to anyone. Obviously, if you can get a $10 coupon for only $1, that is like buying a $10 bill with a $1 bill. Gee, if you are lucky enough to have a Macys that will let you get as many as you want, that's a great way to stock up on small purchases, like socks or undies, kitchen gadgets or sale items. Each register has a stack of the $10 coupons, so even if you're told at one register they are all out, go to another register and keep asking. You can't stack them, meaning you can't use two $10 coupons to buy a $20 item. The fun part is finding great deals in the $10.xx range.

I haven't been able to confirm if the Treasure Valley stores are participating or not. If you get any info, please post it under comments. Thanks to refundcents for the heads up!

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