September -- sales to expect this month!

September Sales Cycle -- thanks to Becentsable!

Back to school; time to fill up on snacks! Pudding cups, Capri suns, fruit snacks, cereal sales start up hard again, peanut butter/jelly.

Also, like clockwork, there will be Prego coupons in August, and plan on getting lots and using them in a hurry before they expire in September when the spaghetti sauce goes on sale. Sauce wars between Ragu and Prego this month.

Campbell’s soups will go on as well and there will be coupons in the end of August for these as well.

Lunchables are on sale this time of year, too.

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Canned Goods

So, I'm thinking....spaghetti sauce wars?! After the killer Ragu sale recently at! I don't know if this Ragu/Prego sauce war will get as many takers as in previous years. Anyone have Ragu sauce Qs left?


Katie said...

Where are those Prego coupons supposed to be? My husband will only eat Prego! Thats his only request!

darlenecoupon said...

OMG! I know it! The last Prego coupons I know about just expired on 7/31. So, I'm not 100% sure if they will be up coming or what -- I sure didn't see any here locally in ID.

If I find any, I'll post it for sure! If you find them before I do, please share!

Katie said...

Found some Prego coupons on Ebay. $1/2 and expire the end of December. Now just to find them on sale somewhere. WinCo definately has the best regular price around here! So excited!!!! (That is pretty sad)

darlenecoupon said...

Katie --

Whoot! I hope you'll see this. The new Albs ad starting 9/16 has prego on sale -- 2/$4 -- and since we have doublers..... If you're able to get some of those coupons, then they will end up being $1 per jar. Good luck! I'm not sure if this is a good enough deal or not...but wanted to send some good vibes your way.

Katie said...

Yeah! Thanks so much for this post so that I had the heads up to get my coupons on Ebay. If I buy 8 jars for $16 use 4 $1/2 coupons, 3 doublers, plus the $5 catalina, it comes up to 50 cents a jar! Thats almost 65 percent off of Winco price!!!! Thanks so much for your blog!

darlenecoupon said...

Rock on! I'm so darn excited for ya! (is that strange or what?) I'm soooooooo glad I could help.