Target -- nampa store info

There's not a whole bunch going on at Target this week worth mentioning. It was pretty slim pickings last night.

If you wanted to try the GM Cocoa Puffs "price match with Walgreens & coupon" scenario outlined by Discount Queens HERE, there were about six boxes on the shelf last night. I wimped out on this one....just don't need another two boxes of cereal to figure out where to store them!

NO Cheerios cups on the shelf (again) when I looked.

Here only a couple of things I saw worth mentioning:

Archer Farms Soy Milk -- closeout $1.88 each
the expiration date was too close for me, so I optd out

Kool Aid, 5 packs in pkg $0.50
end cap in the frozen food section

Kleenex, travel pkg $0.33
end cap by the dog food

Kellogg's Rice Crispies 8 bar $1.75
Buy two for $3.50 -- get $2.00 off store bread
This is the kelloggs coupon booklet MQ -- if you have this one

Read More...he's just glad I got doggie biscuits...gotta keep my mongrels happy! LOL!