Freds -- doublers transaction

Okay, so here's another tip if you decide to do this at a Freds store. I did this transaction yesterday morning. Here's what I found:

If you are going to use doublers at Freds, DON'T use them in conjunction with another FM instore coupon.

The way the doublers have to be entered is RIGHT AFTER the item you intend to use it on -- each item -- and the line says "store discount." Because of this, when you use another FM store coupon, you won't receive the "benefit" of doubling your coupon. The FM computer will only allow the item to be reduced to the amount of whatever value is on the instore coupon...THEN the MQs will be taken off.

So, I learned the hard way on this one -- I pretty much wasted a set of doublers since they didn't do anything for me in price savings.

Here's my transaction:

Total OOP $14.81 ($15.85 w/tax)

10 Campbells soup cups
2.2 lbs Oranges
1.5 lbs Roma tomatoes
4.15 lbs Red grapes

I wanted to buy the grapes -- yum-o! -- and I since I only had 5 $0.50/1 Campbells soups MQs left, I thought I would give this a try! Yep. This was a learning experience.

Here's the receipt:

It's okay to scan the FM rewards card at any time.

The first three soups have a $0.50 store discount. The FM instore coupon was to buy them 10/$10 or $1 each.

So, when the FM instore coupon was scanned, instead of taking off $0.79 from each soup, it only took off $0.29 from the first three soups. This was the amount to get those down to $1 and nothing less than that.

$1.79 retail
$0.50 store discount (Albs doubler)
$0.29 FM instore coupon
Final Price $1.00

Read More...he's a little bummed but...I just fed him a few grapes! All good!