WW 9/16 -- save with store coupon.... huh?

Read More...he's thinking this might not be that good a deal...LOLOL!


Leah said...


Hi Darlene :) Thanks for leaving me a note on my Fred Meyer coupon policy blog. I remember, about 20 years ago, when they built the FM store on Francis Ave here in Spokane that they were actually advertising that they accepted competitor's coupons so the practice has been in place for a while, they just stop promoting it. Yokes did the same thing, they stopped promoting that they take competitor's coupons as well but I guess the difference is that across the board, in every store, they will take them, where I have found with FM its a store-by-store, sometimes even cashier-by-cashier practice. That was the motivation for me to get the policy, I was tired of being jerked around so to speak and alarmed by what I was hearing from other coupon users. Im not the only one, I saw that KCL also did a few post regarding the issue as well. Im still going to bug them for something in writing that can be posted and printed, the experiences I have had myself and ones I have heard about make me too nervious to shop there on a regular basis when I don't have a copy of the rules in my pocket, you know? Thanks again for your comment, I hope to see and hear more from you :)