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I'm changing the "IP Coupon" section to become "Hot This Week" instead. What will appear in that section will be a gathering of anything I find over the course of the week that is...well...HOT!

If I think the deal, coupons, chat, idea, etc. is worth passing along, this is where you'll find it for the week. The week will run from Monday through Saturday. Now, you may very well have seen some of the stuff under this section on other blogs...and some of it will hopefully be stuff I've run across...and some of it will hopefully be from readers... We're all in this together, baby!

All posts will start with HTW (for Hot this Week), and the week starting date (i.e. 6/29) to keep it simple.

And, yes, Di, this one is for you! *smile*

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Winco -- where's the beef?

I'm on the lookout for a good deal on hamburger this holiday weekend.

Here's where Winco stands:
( the ratio = lean % / fat %)

Ground beef 70/30 $1.98 lb
Ground beef 78/22 $2.48 lb

I'm not impressed with any of those prices.... will keep searching...

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HTW 6/29 -- End of Month! Print coupons reset!

Posted 6/30
End of month has arrived! Remember to go print your coupons!

The $0.75/1 milk and $1/1 cheese coupons appear to have been reset! I was able to print more of them!
The new expiration date is 7/14/09!

Go here to print coupons! Whoot!

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Albs -- preview 7/1 available

In case you didn't notice or hadn't checked PYP yet, the Albs preview for 7/1 is available. (link at the right)

BOY HOWDY! Does it feel like deja vu? That ad looks awfully familiar...

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Coupon Gossip defeated invisibility spell!

**Update 6/29

The tech wizard slayed the dragon....or whatever it is they do....

I'm out of hiding and ready to start posting again! Whoot!

**Update 6/28

Well, the tech wizards can't figure this one out yet. Cable One was having difficulties yesterday with web pages & email -- all my stuff was wiped. After working with the tech last night, I was assured I would get a call back. Nope, sure didn't. I called again this morning, and I'm being escalated to a senior tech (again).

I think they need to find a tech wizard with more spell points....jeez. These guys can't seem to overcome the "I don't know what's happening" spell.

Wish me luck.

Although that sounds very magical, in fact, Cable One is having technical difficulties. When they get whatever servers went down fixed, whatever backup tape restored, the fire put out, the cattle back in the barn, or maybe they have yet to corral the blog image will be back.

Until that point, I guess I'm in hiding.

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Cold, baby, cold!

I had to upgrade my freezer situation! My couponing started becoming, "Let's see. If we eat the chicken, rolls, hotdogs, homemade chili and have ice cream this week, then I should have enough room in the freezer to stock up on [insert product here]." My side by side fridge just wasn't cutting it.

Now, I already had a freezer before we bought this one -- just no access to it right now. THAT is a long story -- more like a novel -- so, please, for all our sakes...don't get me started!

Here's the beauty I bought:

GE 7.0 cu. ft. chest freezer $219.00
($232.14 w/tax)
FREE shipping

I bought this online from Home Depot. If you'd like to learn more about it, click here. You can verify with your local store if you are eligible for the free shipping.

Home Depot doesn't carry this model in the store. The models in Home Depot and other stores I've been checking are all 5.0 cu ft. The reviews on this model are really good. I can attest it is whisper quiet when it's running! So, if you're thinking about getting a freezer or upgrading your existing one, this one is worth considering. I love the cold (okay, the freezer cold, not actually cold weather!)

Read More to see the energy guide on the freezer!

The model is also inexpensive to operate. Only $30 per year.

Now that's a sweet deal for any KCL! We're all about the "cheap" part! LOL.


BRAG -- Albs score from Sara

All coupons & no fun make for a very dull, stressful time. This post is simply awesome! LOL! It is well worth your time to check it out! Gotta keep a sense of humor! Love it!

Sara wrote in to BRAG on her latest Albs score!

Retail Amt: $102.24
Paid: $44.49
Savings: $57.75

Rock on! That's a 56% savings!

Read More...let me introduce you to Sara's friend...

(you'll get that if you read Sara's post)


PET - Overweight pet costs you money!

About six months ago, my father-in-law passed away. It was brutal at the time to lose him, and the aftermath....well, it just stinks. I miss him every day. As part of his passing, my husband and I gained another dog -- Baron. Now Baron is a 130+ lb German Shephard. Oh, yeah, I'm in the big time now. I also have two Border Collies -- Abner & Daisy -- who are about 60 lb. each. When Baron joined our family, my pet food bill doubled! No joke! He will obviously eat more than my smaller dogs. This is one of the reasons I started looking around for ways to save on pet food.

Now, Baron is overweight. We knew he needed to lose weight, and we figured him being with the younger dogs, getting more exercise, and a measured feeding plan, we'd be in good shape. So, a couple of weeks ago, my husband and I rounded up all the doggies & headed to the vet to get all the doggie exams/shots/license/etc. done. OMG! O-M-G! Baron was now at 141 lbs. I was totally dismayed! I'd followed the feeding instructions on the bag. In our home, he no longer gets table scraps. How in the heck did this happen?!

My vet proceeds to tell me the feeding instructions on the dog food bag is for a 1 year old, unneutered male dog. Of course, no where on the bag does it say that -- only someone like a vet would know how that stuff works. The feeding plan is certainly NOT for a 12 year old, neutered Baron dog. I'VE BEEN OVER FEEDING HIM! No wonder the poor guy gained weight!

So, my vet proceeded to take into account the weight Baron should be, his age & activity level, the qualtity of the food I'm feeding him (protein, etc.) and gives me the correct amount for MY dog. I'd been feeding him 1.5 cups more per day then he should've gotten. In the course of a week, that amounts to 10.5 cups of food or approx. 2.4 lbs!

As each of my border collies only get 2 cups per day (1 in the morning & 1 in the evening), you can see the ratio here. I could have had another dog in my house for the amount of food I was "wasting" while I was "helping" make Baron more overweight! Good Grief!!

So, the moral of this story? Take the time to talk to your vet about your pet's weight (dog, cat, fishie, iguana, hamster, you name it) and your feeding amount. If you keep you pet's weight under control, not only will it be better for him or her, but you'll put more $ on your bottom line by buying pet food less often.

DO NOT take it upon yourself to just change your pet's feeding plan without consulting your vet!

I'm serious! Not only could you end up feeding the wrong amount still, but if you reduce the food intake too drastically you could end up with a pet who now is so hungry there are behavior problems -- digging in the trash, begging at the dinner table, eating their own waste in the backyard, etc. All of those are yuck-o!

Read More to see my $ on the bottom line calculation!

On cup of dog food is about 4 oz. For our example, we'll use $30 per bag as our cost.

Was feeding (3 dogs) 40 oz per day or 2.5 lbs
37.5 lb bag = 15 days
Cost = $2.00 per day

Now feeding (3 dogs) 35 oz per day or 2.18 lbs
37.5 lb bag = 17 days
Cost = $1.76 per day

What does this essentially mean? I cost myself $4 every two weeks -- $8 per month! -- to feed my pets when I was feeding the wrong amount. *choke, gasp* I'll clip & do a lot for a $1 coupon -- most KCLs will. You can probably understand now why I wanted to share this.

The Mac CAT is back!

Yea! I just happened to get the catalina ad at my last Albs trip for the Kraft promo! I can confirm what is on PYP -- the promo runs from 7/3 through 7/26. Sweet! Or would that be awesome cheesy goodness? Wonderful starchy carbs? Yum, Yum, good? However you name it, here again are the details:

Buy Kraft Mac & Cheese between 7/3 - 7/26
Buy (4) & get $1.00 ONYO
Buy (5) & get $1.50 ONYO
Buy (6) & get $2.00 ONYO

Mr. Read More...he's takin' a vacation on this post...


Winco -- whoot! more items to chat about

While doing all that price comp. stuff, here are a few other things I found while at the store. I've also noted a couple of items that are on the Albs sale but look to be the better deal at Winco.

Here's the pricing I found you might be interested in:

Precious String Cheese 12 oz $3.40
$0.50/1 Peelie
Final Price $2.90
cheaper than Albs sale!

Prego spaghetti sauce 32 oz $1.88
Pepperidge Farm Frozen Bread $1.87
$1.50/WYB both IP May SS
Final Price $2.25 or ~$1.13 each

Kashi cereal 17.5 oz $2.48
no coupon
Final Price $2.48
watch for boxes with $3 coupon book peelie for other Kashi products

Purex laundry softener 128 oz $3.46 (or $0.02 per oz)
the Albs sale is at $0.06 per oz

For additional Winco finds, make sure to visit KCL (if you didn't just come from there *smile*).

Read on me at your own risk...


Albs Price Recon -- 6/24 to 6/30

Here is my price recon for this week. Okay, so this list was a bit longer than last week. I can tell right now if we get another one of those sales where there are like 300 items're on your own! *wink* LOL! Most likely I'll pick my top 10-20 favorites and check for the rest on the "master" price list I'm starting.

Hopefully by next week I'll have figured out a better way to insert the price comp. into my posting. If anyone has ideas, please share!

Here's how the Albs sale prices compare with Walmart & Winco:
(click on image for larger view)

Read More...not today, baby!


Winco -- good deal for the money!

My husband comes home yesterday and tells me he's out of granola bars for work. He keeps them on hand to snack on or when he can't stop for lunch. Well, heck! I knew I was heading to Winco to do my price recon, so I hoped to find a good deal. Did I ever!

I'll get more of my Winco finds up later today or tomorrow. I'm trying to get my pricing recon stuff done so you guys can see it. Here's how I did:

Total OOP $17.80 (19.28 w/tax)

8 Uncle Ben's Ready Rice
4 Fiber One granola bars, 5 pk
1 Hamburger buns, 8 ct
1 8th Continent Soy Milk

The hamburger buns were only $0.88 each! I'm just not lovin' that price. I got one package only -- still hoping there will be a killer deal for July 4th.

***Got a tip from a reader that Fred's is the place to get the CHEAP hamburger buns - $0.50 each for the first two. I'm going to check that out tomorrow morning! Thank you spielerman for the tip!

Even though I went late at night, there was still a line....and a few of my coupons had to be entered manually... and the cashier did 2 transactions because he forgot the milk the first time. OF COURSE, there was a line too! Jeez, can't a KCL grab a break? I swear I was feelin' the intent looks of the other customers. Well, at least my husband has granola bars! *smile*

Read More to see the pricing breakdown!

Uncle Ben's Ready Rice $1.50
$1/2 MQ here
Final Price: $1.00

Fiber One Granola Bars 5 ct $2.18
$0.45/1 IP from May SS
Final Price: $1.73

Hamburger buns 8 ct $0.88
no coupon
Final Price: $0.88

8th Continent Soy Milk 1/2 gal $3.00
$1/1 IP Q from May SS
Final Price: $2.00

(I had printed out the new $2/1 IP Q for the soy milk but of course (!) I forgot them at home. Oh, well, at least I still had a Q for it!)


All You Mag -- $1000 grocery card contest!

WOW! Now this contest was just MADE for couponers and stockpilers! You will have to be at the top of your game for this one! Check out the contest here from All You Magazine.

This link will also give you the opportunity to:
  • Get two free issues
  • See the coupons for the July magazine
  • Get a free newsletter
  • Lots of info on Fashion, Beauty, Diet & Fitness, etc.

GOOD LUCK! This could make for some additional creative fun while couponing over the next few weeks!

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Walmart -- pasta sauce & other deals!

I was at Walmart last night doing my price recon, and I ran across a few things I wanted to share.

Do you still have spaghetti sauce coupons burning a hole in your coupon binder?
I did so I thought it was cool when I found this:

Ragu sauce 36 oz $1.47
$0.60/1 MQ RP 5/17 (exp. 7/26/09)
Final Price: $0.87

Bertolli sauce 24 oz $1.78
$0.75/1 MQ Unilever 4/5 (exp. 6/27/09)
Final Price: $1.03

The really cool thing about the Ragu sauce is I finally found the Sweet Tomato Basil type for cheap! Whoot! I still have a couple more coupons for Ragu to use later. I don't use them up all at once otherwise I'll look like some KCL (wait! I am!) pushing an empty cart around the store for a couple hours while I'm checking prices.

You may already be aware of the good prices on these items. If so, this will just verify for ya they are still good! Here's what else I found:

Starbucks ice cream 1 pint $2.58
$2/1 MQ SS 6/21 (exp. 9/13/09)
Final Price: $0.58

GV Hamburger buns 8 ct. $1.14
no coupon
Final Price: $1.14

I need some CHEAP buns for the Manwich I bought during the last Albs promo. I'm checking Winco tonight, so I'll let ya know if I find anything cheaper. If I don't find anything, I can still hope to see them for the July 4th sales coming out this weekend.

Read More to see the receipt...

Total OOP $6.35 ($7.00 w/tax)

$5.35 in food
$1.00 in reusuable bag

2 Ragu pasta sauces
1 Bertolli pasta sauces
2 French's yellow mustard
2 French's brown mustard
1 Walmart reusuable bag

I was REALLY hestitant to buy the Walmart bag. I bought some Albs bags & they have turned out to be really awful -- the seams are ripping! The Walmart bag appears to be much better made and there are no bottom seams! See the next pic for how the bag is made.


Albs -- Catalina means meat!

So, you've most likely earned your first Albs catalina OYNO by now. You might be wondering: What the heck is the best use for this "free" money? There are plenty of uses, of course, so I just wanted to share my take on it.

Whenever I see the word "catalina" in an Albs ad, I automatically insert the word meat...sometimes produce if I'm feelin' more rabbit that day than lion. I think this is a great use and can make for you getting a sweet deal! If you pair your catalina with meat that is in the "butcher special" section (because it's going to expire soon), you have the makings a deal to get meat really cheap or FREE.

Keep in mind there are VERY few produce or meat coupons. So I figure by using it on produce or meat I've created my own "coupon" for whatever I'm buying. Albs has specials for buy $X dollars worth and get $X catalina often enough that you can use the catalinas OYNO to supplement your stockpiling.

Oh, Mr. Read More...where are you?...yep, same place not doing anything!

Wags - Previews available!

Just a heads up if you didn't notice the additions. The Walgreens ads for the next two weeks are available to preview! Whoot!

See the links under PSST! Other Fav Coupon Blogs.

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Mailbox -- cheesy goodness!

Oh, yeah! Ya just gotta luv it when you get coupons for free stuff in the mail.
Here's what I got yesterday:

Two MQs from Kraft First Taste

1 -- Two Free Velveeta Shells & Cheese cups

1 -- B1G1 Velveeta Shells & Cheese cups

If you want to sign up for Kraft First Taste to get your own free stuff, go here.

Read more? Yeah, just ignore me...

Tip #1 -- BEWARE Email Overload!

If you don't plan ahead, you will get more crud in your email then you thought possible!

My BIGGEST TIP for couponing is to create a separate email (or two or more) to use when signing up for internet / website stuff.

You can call your ISP provider or check your account to determine how many email addresses you are allowed. My account through Cable One allows me to have 20 email accounts. Great Googly Moogly! I certainly don't need that many, but I have setup four email accounts I use just for couponing.

If you are unsure how to add an additional email to your mailbox, don't sweat it! Your ISP provider tech support can help you! This will save you lots of hassle by keeping your couponing emails separate from your personal email.

I recommend using one email address for the mfg. memberships and updates from your favorite blogs. I would keep the second one for any questionable sites -- when you don't know what you might get. This second email (sometimes takes an additional computer too) can also be used to get additional coupons when you run across something you're excited about.

Read's just there because it looks good in purple...

Target -- value on Rubbermaid storage!

I love a good deal on Rubbermaid products! This is a really outstanding way to upgrade your current storage containers without breaking the bank. These are high quality containers with -- get this! -- a way to never lose the lid. How cool is that?

This is a store special good through 6/29.

Rubbermaid EasyFind, 36 pieces $18.99
(including the lids)
18 containers + free produce saver container

$1/1 MQ here

Total OOP $17.99
Only about $1 each! Rock on!

If you bought each of these containers separately you would pay $48.42
If you were able to use $1/1 off coupon on each item, you would still pay $30.42

WOW! Now that's an awesome savings worth talking about!

Read More to see the individual container pricing and what this pkg. set contains...

4 0.5 cup containers $2.99 (2pk)
5 1.25 cup container $2.49 ea
4 2 cup containers $2.29 ea
2 3 cup containers $2.59 ea
2 5 cup containers $2.99 ea
1 7 cup container $3.69 ea


Target -- get a healthy tan on the cheap!

With summer (yeah, I know, summer with lots of rain) threatening to make it's appearance anytime now, are you ready? I don't know about you, but I don't have the time to tan! I also don't want to increase my risk of skin cancer as it runs in my family. So, the solution I'm trying this year is using Jergens Natural Glow. I've read some pretty awesome things about it on various web sites. Go here if you'd like to see a review.

Jergens Natural Glow 9.4 oz $7.19 (sale thru 6/27)
look for bonus size with 25% extra free

$2/1 MQ SS 5/17 (exp. 7/31)

Final Price: $5.19

this makes it cheaper then the Target generic brand + you get more lotion!

Now that's worth talking about!

Read More if you want to see the receipt...


Target -- Sweet Ice Cream deal!

My second stop this past Saturday morning was to Target to get these items before they went off sale. I wanted to get in on the ice cream promo where you buy 5 and get a $5 gift card. I also wanted to get the free bread when buying a peanut butter and a jelly. I had some coupons that were expiring, so I did a little hygiene shopping as well. Here's how I did:

Total OOP $24.80 ($26.60 w/tax)

$11.66 in food
$13.14 in hygiene products

Of course, I bought the Jergens lotion and the next day it went on sale! Jeez! Gotta love the timing of it!

1 Breyers ice cream
4 Ben & Jerry's ice cream
1 Welch's grape jelly
1 Skippy peanut butter
1 loaf Orowheat bread
2 Jergens Natural Glow lotion
1 Suave deodrant
2 Right Guard deodrants

Read More to see the pricing break down!

Here's how the pricing worked:

Breyers / Ben & Jerry's ice cream $2.50 ea.
$1/1 MQ RP 5/17
$1/2 IP coupon here
Final price: $1.50 to $2.00 each
Recieved $5 gift card when purchased 5

Welches grape jelly, Skippy peanut butter & Orowheat bread
Package price $3.56
$0.40/1 MQ Unilever 4/5
Final price: $3.16

Jergens Natural Glow lotion 9.4 0z bonus size $7.99
$2/1 MQ SS 5/17
Final price: $5.99

Suave deodrant 3.25 oz $0.97
$0.75/1 MQ RP 5/17
Final price $0.22 each

Right Guard trial size $0.97
$1/1 MQ SS 4/19
Final price: -$0.03 overage or FREE

Albs - my take on the $25 promo this wk

Well, you know me! I was up again early on Saturday to get my shopping done. I stopped first at Albs to get my stuff for the this week's promo. I bought the Marie Callendar dinners because they are pretty cheap with the coupons. I can use the dinners as part of a quick meal (you know -- those days when the LAST thing you feel like doing is cooking!) and because they will fit into my meal guidelines.

I had sent off for and received a Hunts mailer full of coupons. This was a good opportunity to use some of them. I checked to see if I could get you a link to this offer, and unfortunately, it appears to be over.

Here's how I did:

Total OOP $16.70 ($18.23 w/tax)
Received $10 catalina OYNO

4 boxes Crunch & Munch
4 cans Hunts Manwich
1 Hunts Ketchup
1 Reddi Whip Topping
5 Marie Callendars Pasta Al Dente dinner
1 Healthy Choice All Natural dinner

Read More to see the pricing break down!

Here's how the price per each worked:

Crunch & Munch $1.00

no coupon
Final price: $1.00 each

Hunts Manwich 16 oz $1.00
$.40/2 MQ SS 5/31
Final Price: $0.80 each

Hunts Ketchup 24 oz $1.00
1 mfg. coupon -- Hunts mailer get free ketchup
Final price: FREE

Reddi Whip Topping 7 0z $2.00
$1/1 MQ -- Hunts mailer
Final price: $0.58 each

Marie Callendars Pasta Al Dente Dinner 11.5 oz $2.50
$1/1 MQ SS 5/17
$1/1 MQ All You Mag. (June)
Final price $1.50 each

Healthy Choice All Natural Dinner 10 oz $2.00
$1/1 MQ All You Mag. (June)
Final price: $1.00 each


Mailbox score!

Saturday was a great day to go to the mailbox! Here's what I got:

Aveeno samples with $1/1 coupon

Quaker True Delights granola bar with $1/1 coupon (inside)

Crest Whitestripes $7/1 coupon

I've signed up for various websites to get coupons and free samples. I don't waste time on the ones that make you click FOR-EV-ER to get to the product you want. If I can't get a coupon or freebie with my email and/or address, then I bag it! You may have a different take on it, but for me, those site don't work. I just don't have the patience.

Read More....psyche! Nothing new there!

HTW 6/22 -- IP Coupons -- Uncle Ben's Rice

By now, you might have learned that signing up at mfg. websites will get you notified about coupons via email. Here is one such deal I was told about:

Uncle Bens Ready Rice
$1/2 IP coupon here

If you join the Uncle Ben's club (new account), you get a bonus coupon. This means you can print the coupon up to 4 times! Rock on!

The typical newspaper coupon for Uncle Bens Ready Rice is only for $1/3.

I love these rice sides because they taste good, are quick, and can be had cheap! To give you an idea of what this would cost you, here are a few store prices (does not include doubling the coupon):

Description Size Albs Winco Freds Walmart
Uncle Bens ready rice 1 pouch $ 2.69 $ 1.50 $ 2.37 $ 1.58

You would pay $1.00 each at Winco or $1.08 each at Walmart.

Now that's worth talking about!

Read More is over rated for this post!

Couponing 101

I don't plan on reinventing the wheel here. I'm not going to cover the couponing tips other blogs have covered SO well already. However, I'm also not going to assume you understand all about couponing or the couponing lingo just by waking up this morning!

With that in mind, I'd like to direct you to another blog that has done an outstanding job helping folks get started. The best site I've found to give you a comprehensive take on couponing is Krazy Coupon Lady.

If you're interested in:

How do I get started? Click here.
This is a great 10 day plan to help anyone get started or become more efficient at couponing.

What are the couponing basics? Click here.
This is a great section on printing internet coupons, basics on catalinas, how to use coupons at stores, explanation on the coupon lingo, etc.

What are individual store policies? Click here.
This is through look at how and what types of coupons various stores will take. You will want to make sure to read up on the stores you will visit.

Read More at the KCL site...they have more to say...

Walmart -- Hamburger Helper for $0.48!

By taking advantage of price matching (Target coupons here), IP coupons, and mfg. coupons, I was able to get a sweet deal on some items at Walmart.

Here's what I was able to buy last night:

12 boxes of Hamburger Helper
2 bottles of Tabasco sauce, 2 oz
2 jars of Kraft Mayo, 32 oz
2 bottles of Kraft salad dressing. 16 oz
2 bottles of A1 Steak Sauce, 10 oz
4 12 pks of Pepsi
2 Old Spice deodrant, 3.25 oz

Total OOP $18.94 ($20.98 w/tax)

Read More to see the pricing break down!

Here's how the price per each worked:

Hamburger Helper $1.25
$1/2 Target coupon
$.80/3 IP coupon here
Final price: $0.48 each
(to make this deal work, you need to buy in multiples of 6)

Tabasco Sauce 5 oz $0.98
$1/1 MQ SS 5/17
Final Price: -$0.02 overage or FREE
(mine had the overage)

Kraft Mayo 32 oz $2.68
$1/1 Target coupon
$1/1 IP coupon from May SS
Final price: $0.68

Kraft salad dressing 16 0z $1.58
$1/1 IP coupon from May SS
Final price: $0.58 each

A1 Steak Sauce 10 oz $2.98
$2/1 IP coupon here
Final price $0.98 each

Pepsi 12 pk $3.24
$1/1 Target coupon
Final price: $2.24 each

Old Spice deodrant $2.18
$1.99 price match Target ad this week (ends 6/20)
$1/1 MQ P&G 6/7
Final price: $0.99 each

To read my price matching experience, see this blog entry. I did have to go back to Walmart today to get the transaction fixed.


Walmart -- price match experience!

I've read A LOT about Walmart stores and the various coupon policy interpretations out there, how some stores are not coupon friendly, etc. etc. So, I've been a little hesitant to take on my local Walmart giant by the Idaho Center. After all...I do want to enjoy couponing and don't need the grief.

Last night, I decided that if Santa could do what he does then I could go for it at Walmart. I was going to be at Walmart anyway to do my Albs price comparison -- might as well suck it up! My goal was to price match a few things on sale at Target.

First, I visited the Customer Service (CS) desk to make sure I understood how my Walmart store would handle the price matching. The gal at the desk verified all this information with the manager on duty last night. Boy! It was a nice start because they were friendly and helpful. It showed they really wanted my business.

Read More to find out the details!

Here is what I was told / found out:

  • They can't match another Walmart store's price
  • They can't match stores like Sam's Club or Costco
  • All other stores are pretty much fair game -- just bring in the ad or coupon
  • They will take another store's coupon (this is used as a price match and reduces the price)
  • If an item is price matched, you can still use a mfg. coupon on the item

So, after scouring the store for my items and getting the stuff I wanted...well, it was now 11 o'clock! Jeez! I thought at least at this time of night it wasn't a busy time so this would make it easier. (Yes, you can chuckle here as you can already guess what's coming next!) I went to the checkout that sells cigarettes -- thinking it wouldn't be as busy as the other registers. The checker did a pretty good job...until a line started forming...then she starting sweating and getting flustered...the lights seemed to get hotter...the A/C must have stopped get the drift.

I went back to Walmart today (6/18) to get the transaction corrected. I got a newbie CS clerk (insert groan here), so it took a couple of transactions to get it right. However, all the CS folks were supportive and willing to work until it was correct.

To see all the stuff I got really cheap, check out this blog entry.

In all, what was it like? It felt great! I am better prepared for the next time I want to do this, and really, it wasn't too bad. Just be prepared for it to take awhile! DON'T go when it's busy if you want to do this. The checker has to enter the item (or multiples) and override each item's price you want to match. It isn't just the normal scan (beep), scan (beep), scan (beep)!

Winco -- good deals to be had!

While I was doing the price recon for the Albs promo, I decided to use up some of my coupons that were expiring today. I also wanted to take advantage of the tuna price mentioned by one on KCL's readers on their blog.

Here's what happened today:

12 cans of tuna
4 cans of Campbells soup
3 dozen eggs
2 $1/2 Campbells IP Q here

Total OOP $9.82 ($10.53 w/tax)

One note: THE EGGS ARE ONLY $0.98 PER DOZEN (first three). So, if you didn't like the eggs on sale at Albs, here is another store you can get them at cheap!

Read More if you want to see the same info in a new tab! *smile*

Albs Price Recon -- 6/17 to 6/23

Well, I didn't do last week's last promo where you buy $25.00 and get a $10.00 catalina. I just didn't need any of that stuff, and I didn't have enough matching coupons to make it worthwhile. I've been trying to do my couponing with two papers & IP coupons. Well, yesterday I finally pulled the trigger, bit the bullet, and joined the club...I now get four Sunday papers (Tribune) and one ID Statesman (my husband's paper but MY coupon inserts,, insert smile here).

Moving on... I believe this week's promo for the $25.00 and get a $10.00 catalina is better and worth talking about. However, I've always just thought -- HOW DO I KNOW I'M GETTING A GOOD DEAL? So, yesterday and today I went to Walmart and Winco to do a price recon. (GI Jane has nothing on me! Well, except maybe all those muscles.)

I look at it this way: If the price is close to the other stores, then it's a good deal. The Albs price doesn't have to beat it every time. I'm going to earn $ towards my gas discount, and I'm going to get the $10.00 catalina. You guys may have a different take on it, but this plan works for me.

Here are my findings for Nampa, ID. Good hunting!
(click on the image for larger view)

Darn Read More...can't you just hang out on someone else's blog?

Albs doubles -- last hurrah!

I made two trips today to get a few things I thought were deals. I now have all I need to make super supreme burritos this week as well as stroganoff. I also have lunches and dessert for this week too -- along with a free movie rental! Rock on!

I was able to print off six more $2/1 IP Post Trail Mix Cereal here. I also got a $1/6 Lean Cuisine catalina Q during one of my Albs trips this past week.

Trip #1 -- Total OOP $8.42 ($9.65 w/tax)

4 boxes Post Trail Mix cereal
5 Kraft shredded cheese
1 Daisy sour cream
2 bags of red grapes, 4.46 lbs

Read More to get the scoop on my sweet, free ice cream (very punny...)!

Trip #2 -- Total OOP $14.04 ($15.36 w/tax)

2 boxes Post Trail Mix cereal
8 Lean Cuisine frozen dinners
1 Dreyers 1.5 qt ice cream

1 Free Dreyers w/ $15 of Lean Cuisine purchase
1 Free Red Box movie rental

Now that's worth talking about!

Albs Early A.M. Trip -- more doublers!

Well, there are more doublers in the paper this morning! Hope you have your running shoes on so you can keep going! Whew! Only a few more days until they expire so we won't feel obligated to use them up!

Here's my early morning run to Albs:

3 Quaker True Delights
3 $1/1 MQ RP 5/10 (exp. 6/25/09)
3 $1/1 doublers

Total OOP $-0.03 ($0.15 w/tax)
my cashier was nice enough to override the "refund" to allow the sale to proceed

Read More.. gotta love it when it's free! *smile*


Albs doubles -- how I got cheap meat too!

Here's what I bought at Albertsons in six trips.

Total OOP $13.55 ($17.77 w/ tax)
(used 3 doublers each time)

3 V-8 Fusion drinks
4 Ritz Crackers
8 Triscuit crackers
8 Wheat Thin crackers
4 Crystal Light, 12 qt
4 Crystal Light, skin essentials
2 Daisy sour cream
4 Fresh Express salad, 24 oz
2 Beef Roasts, total 3.46 lbs
1 Bag of carrots
1 Bunch of bananas

Read more to see the pricing breakdown!

Crystal Light Deal:
4 Crystal Light
4 Crystal Light skin essentials
4 $1/1 MQ Crystal Light
3 $1/1 double Qs
4 B1G1 Crystal Light skin essentials
2 $3.00 ACOSTA savings

Total OOP $0.34 ($1.20 w/tax)
Received $2.00 catalina OYNO

Triscuit cracker deal (works for Ritz or Wheat Thins too):
4 Triscuit crackers
4 $1/1 IP Qs from internet May CC
3 $1/1 double Qs
1 $3.00 ACOSTA savings when buy $10.00 in Nabisco products

Total OOP $0.00 ($0.24 w/tax)

Deal that got me the cheap meat:
3 Ritz Crackers
3 $1/1 IP Qs from internet May CC
3 $1/1 double Qs

3 Wheat Thins
3 B1G1 Free Wheat Thins with 1 Ritz cracker Q SS 5/17

2 Triscuits
2 $1/1 IP Q from internet May CC

2 $3.00 ACOSTA when buy $10.00 in Nabisco products

Buying this much would have created a $1.50 overage. I turned this into my own "meat" coupon. If you still have 4 B1G1 Free Wheat Thin Qs, this will create a $3.00 overage. You can do better than I did!

2 Beef Roasts
1 B1G1 Free promo (free roast)
1 $2.00 catalina from the Crystal Light purchase

Total OOP $5.23 ($6.42 w/tax)
I got all the crackers for free and the 2 beef roasts cost approx. $1.50 lb.

Target -- Kashi Cereal deal

Clearance Deal on Kashi Cereal

Twin pack of Go-Crunch for $3.84
BEST PART! Peelie for free 1/2 gallon Silk milk
Peelie is good until 12/31/09

There were 9 twin pkgs. on the shelf when I left the store this morning.