HTW 6/22 -- IP Coupons -- Uncle Ben's Rice

By now, you might have learned that signing up at mfg. websites will get you notified about coupons via email. Here is one such deal I was told about:

Uncle Bens Ready Rice
$1/2 IP coupon here

If you join the Uncle Ben's club (new account), you get a bonus coupon. This means you can print the coupon up to 4 times! Rock on!

The typical newspaper coupon for Uncle Bens Ready Rice is only for $1/3.

I love these rice sides because they taste good, are quick, and can be had cheap! To give you an idea of what this would cost you, here are a few store prices (does not include doubling the coupon):

Description Size Albs Winco Freds Walmart
Uncle Bens ready rice 1 pouch $ 2.69 $ 1.50 $ 2.37 $ 1.58

You would pay $1.00 each at Winco or $1.08 each at Walmart.

Now that's worth talking about!

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