Winco -- good deals to be had!

While I was doing the price recon for the Albs promo, I decided to use up some of my coupons that were expiring today. I also wanted to take advantage of the tuna price mentioned by one on KCL's readers on their blog.

Here's what happened today:

12 cans of tuna
4 cans of Campbells soup
3 dozen eggs
2 $1/2 Campbells IP Q here

Total OOP $9.82 ($10.53 w/tax)

One note: THE EGGS ARE ONLY $0.98 PER DOZEN (first three). So, if you didn't like the eggs on sale at Albs, here is another store you can get them at cheap!

Read More if you want to see the same info in a new tab! *smile*