Walmart -- price match experience!

I've read A LOT about Walmart stores and the various coupon policy interpretations out there, how some stores are not coupon friendly, etc. etc. So, I've been a little hesitant to take on my local Walmart giant by the Idaho Center. After all...I do want to enjoy couponing and don't need the grief.

Last night, I decided that if Santa could do what he does then I could go for it at Walmart. I was going to be at Walmart anyway to do my Albs price comparison -- might as well suck it up! My goal was to price match a few things on sale at Target.

First, I visited the Customer Service (CS) desk to make sure I understood how my Walmart store would handle the price matching. The gal at the desk verified all this information with the manager on duty last night. Boy! It was a nice start because they were friendly and helpful. It showed they really wanted my business.

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Here is what I was told / found out:

  • They can't match another Walmart store's price
  • They can't match stores like Sam's Club or Costco
  • All other stores are pretty much fair game -- just bring in the ad or coupon
  • They will take another store's coupon (this is used as a price match and reduces the price)
  • If an item is price matched, you can still use a mfg. coupon on the item

So, after scouring the store for my items and getting the stuff I wanted...well, it was now 11 o'clock! Jeez! I thought at least at this time of night it wasn't a busy time so this would make it easier. (Yes, you can chuckle here as you can already guess what's coming next!) I went to the checkout that sells cigarettes -- thinking it wouldn't be as busy as the other registers. The checker did a pretty good job...until a line started forming...then she starting sweating and getting flustered...the lights seemed to get hotter...the A/C must have stopped get the drift.

I went back to Walmart today (6/18) to get the transaction corrected. I got a newbie CS clerk (insert groan here), so it took a couple of transactions to get it right. However, all the CS folks were supportive and willing to work until it was correct.

To see all the stuff I got really cheap, check out this blog entry.

In all, what was it like? It felt great! I am better prepared for the next time I want to do this, and really, it wasn't too bad. Just be prepared for it to take awhile! DON'T go when it's busy if you want to do this. The checker has to enter the item (or multiples) and override each item's price you want to match. It isn't just the normal scan (beep), scan (beep), scan (beep)!