Target -- value on Rubbermaid storage!

I love a good deal on Rubbermaid products! This is a really outstanding way to upgrade your current storage containers without breaking the bank. These are high quality containers with -- get this! -- a way to never lose the lid. How cool is that?

This is a store special good through 6/29.

Rubbermaid EasyFind, 36 pieces $18.99
(including the lids)
18 containers + free produce saver container

$1/1 MQ here

Total OOP $17.99
Only about $1 each! Rock on!

If you bought each of these containers separately you would pay $48.42
If you were able to use $1/1 off coupon on each item, you would still pay $30.42

WOW! Now that's an awesome savings worth talking about!

Read More to see the individual container pricing and what this pkg. set contains...

4 0.5 cup containers $2.99 (2pk)
5 1.25 cup container $2.49 ea
4 2 cup containers $2.29 ea
2 3 cup containers $2.59 ea
2 5 cup containers $2.99 ea
1 7 cup container $3.69 ea