Cold, baby, cold!

I had to upgrade my freezer situation! My couponing started becoming, "Let's see. If we eat the chicken, rolls, hotdogs, homemade chili and have ice cream this week, then I should have enough room in the freezer to stock up on [insert product here]." My side by side fridge just wasn't cutting it.

Now, I already had a freezer before we bought this one -- just no access to it right now. THAT is a long story -- more like a novel -- so, please, for all our sakes...don't get me started!

Here's the beauty I bought:

GE 7.0 cu. ft. chest freezer $219.00
($232.14 w/tax)
FREE shipping

I bought this online from Home Depot. If you'd like to learn more about it, click here. You can verify with your local store if you are eligible for the free shipping.

Home Depot doesn't carry this model in the store. The models in Home Depot and other stores I've been checking are all 5.0 cu ft. The reviews on this model are really good. I can attest it is whisper quiet when it's running! So, if you're thinking about getting a freezer or upgrading your existing one, this one is worth considering. I love the cold (okay, the freezer cold, not actually cold weather!)

Read More to see the energy guide on the freezer!

The model is also inexpensive to operate. Only $30 per year.

Now that's a sweet deal for any KCL! We're all about the "cheap" part! LOL.