HTW 6/29 -- End of Month! Print coupons reset!

Posted 6/30
End of month has arrived! Remember to go print your coupons!

The $0.75/1 milk and $1/1 cheese coupons appear to have been reset! I was able to print more of them!
The new expiration date is 7/14/09!

Go here to print coupons! Whoot!

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Anonymous said...

hi i tried to print the milk coupon but it won't HELP please...

darlenecoupon said...

Hey there! Man, that stinks you can't get them to print. I just went to our other computer and printed off another set. I wanted to make sure it was still working.

If you want the milk and/or cheese Qs, please just let me know via email. It won't help you for today, but I can get them in the mail to you.