Albs -- Catalina means meat!

So, you've most likely earned your first Albs catalina OYNO by now. You might be wondering: What the heck is the best use for this "free" money? There are plenty of uses, of course, so I just wanted to share my take on it.

Whenever I see the word "catalina" in an Albs ad, I automatically insert the word meat...sometimes produce if I'm feelin' more rabbit that day than lion. I think this is a great use and can make for you getting a sweet deal! If you pair your catalina with meat that is in the "butcher special" section (because it's going to expire soon), you have the makings a deal to get meat really cheap or FREE.

Keep in mind there are VERY few produce or meat coupons. So I figure by using it on produce or meat I've created my own "coupon" for whatever I'm buying. Albs has specials for buy $X dollars worth and get $X catalina often enough that you can use the catalinas OYNO to supplement your stockpiling.

Oh, Mr. Read More...where are you?...yep, same place not doing anything!


Anonymous said...

Good idea! Thanks for the "Gossip"