Albs - my take on the $25 promo this wk

Well, you know me! I was up again early on Saturday to get my shopping done. I stopped first at Albs to get my stuff for the this week's promo. I bought the Marie Callendar dinners because they are pretty cheap with the coupons. I can use the dinners as part of a quick meal (you know -- those days when the LAST thing you feel like doing is cooking!) and because they will fit into my meal guidelines.

I had sent off for and received a Hunts mailer full of coupons. This was a good opportunity to use some of them. I checked to see if I could get you a link to this offer, and unfortunately, it appears to be over.

Here's how I did:

Total OOP $16.70 ($18.23 w/tax)
Received $10 catalina OYNO

4 boxes Crunch & Munch
4 cans Hunts Manwich
1 Hunts Ketchup
1 Reddi Whip Topping
5 Marie Callendars Pasta Al Dente dinner
1 Healthy Choice All Natural dinner

Read More to see the pricing break down!

Here's how the price per each worked:

Crunch & Munch $1.00

no coupon
Final price: $1.00 each

Hunts Manwich 16 oz $1.00
$.40/2 MQ SS 5/31
Final Price: $0.80 each

Hunts Ketchup 24 oz $1.00
1 mfg. coupon -- Hunts mailer get free ketchup
Final price: FREE

Reddi Whip Topping 7 0z $2.00
$1/1 MQ -- Hunts mailer
Final price: $0.58 each

Marie Callendars Pasta Al Dente Dinner 11.5 oz $2.50
$1/1 MQ SS 5/17
$1/1 MQ All You Mag. (June)
Final price $1.50 each

Healthy Choice All Natural Dinner 10 oz $2.00
$1/1 MQ All You Mag. (June)
Final price: $1.00 each