Hot This Week! (starting this week 6/29)

I'm changing the "IP Coupon" section to become "Hot This Week" instead. What will appear in that section will be a gathering of anything I find over the course of the week that is...well...HOT!

If I think the deal, coupons, chat, idea, etc. is worth passing along, this is where you'll find it for the week. The week will run from Monday through Saturday. Now, you may very well have seen some of the stuff under this section on other blogs...and some of it will hopefully be stuff I've run across...and some of it will hopefully be from readers... We're all in this together, baby!

All posts will start with HTW (for Hot this Week), and the week starting date (i.e. 6/29) to keep it simple.

And, yes, Di, this one is for you! *smile*

Read More....give it a rest, will ya?