Fred Meyer coupons in Friday's paper

In today's paper (pg A7 of the Idaho Statesman), there are 3 great Fred Meyer coupons! 5 lbs. FM Granulated Sugar 99c limit 1, Mars Fun Size Candy Bars $1.99 limit 3, and Cheetos 69c limit 2. There are Mars $1/2 coupons in the 9/27 Red Plum and the 10/11 Red Plum. That would bring the cost of the Mars candy down to $1.49 each. Not free, but not bad! Plus it adds to your rewards and fuel points! They also advertise Pork Shoulder Blade Roast for 89c/lb, limit 2. I have no idea if that is a good price or not. The FM on Federal Way had $1 on any pork coupons attached to some pork packages last week - keep your eye peeled for those.

In the same paper, there is an ad for FM Doorbuster on Sat. 10/31 7am-1pm. Included in that ad is a coupon for 25% off apparel, shoes and accessories. Check it out!

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Nescafe Coffee Samples/Coupons

Want to try Nescafe Taster's Choice gourmet coffee singles? Click here to sign up and try all 5 varieties. Want some coupons for the Taster's Choice (b1g1f singles or 75c off jar), go to . You can request the singles and just follow the links for the coupons. At my house, the singles come in handy when my husband finishes the pot before I get my 2nd cup! They frequently go on sale at Albertson's for $1.

Thanks to Hip to Save for the link for the samples!

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Walgreens Robitussin

I have not gone to Walgreens to check this out, but I read on RefundCents that due to a manufacturer's shipping delay, the 2-pk of Robitussin-to-go is not available. In it's place, Walgreens is substituting the 4oz. Adult Robitussin DM. They should ring at the shelf price of $4.99. The cashier has a "master" coupon that they scan to lower the price to $2.49 to match the advertised Robitussin-to-go price and force out the $2.50 Register Reward. Get the $1 Robitussin coupon from the 9/27 Red Plum or print a $2 coupon from Robitussin here. Using either coupon makes this a money-maker!

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Kellogg's Poptarts Sprinklings

I received a kewl email from Kellogg's today called the Kellogg's Promotions E-news. In it was a variety of links that included a link to Poptarts Sprinklings. I joined today to get a "bunch of fun for you and your family throughout the year, including a smattering of samples and a variety of values." I have no idea what I'll get, but I joined. It was pretty easy, because I was already a member of Snackpicks, so I could get Kellogg's and Keebler coupons. If you are looking for Keebler coupons to use at Target, you might want to join Snackpicks too!

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$5 Real Simple Rebate

I know, you're thinking, I've seen this on NUMEROUS blogs and it's not going to work. I'm pretty sure this will, but I won't be able to confirm until tomorrow night! Go ahead and check it out though. Albertsons has Quilted Northern Ultra Plush on sale this week for $5.49. There are $1 coupons out there (Red Plum 10/11) and $1 coupons at (ANY quilted Northern Strong and Soft). If you have 3 coupons, double all 3 and pay $3.49 each ($10.47). Or, make a combo of items, using coupons and things you need. Then submit for the $5 rebate (get it here).

Other blogs wrote about getting something other than the Ultra Plush, but those won't work for the rebate. Other items of interest to me are the International Delight (I'm out of creamer!) using a 55c coupon and the Nestle Toll House break apart cookies (use $1 coupon). Just make sure your purchase is greater than $15 before coupons. Then let your friends at Albertsons save you a little green, and save some more when you mail in the rebate!

Thanks to Crystal at Frugal Chic Living for the link to the rebate form.

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Smart Source Coupons via Text Message

Do you have enough coupons? Apparently, News America Marketing, the company that provides us with the Smart Source Magazine coupon insert doesn't think so. Starting Sunday, October 25th, you can receive coupons by texting the word "coupons" to number 87415. Thirteen "exclusive" coupon offers (their words, not mine) will be sent to your phone along with an opt-in prompt asking for email address and permission to send additional mobile offers. The coupons will be sent to the email address that was entered and consumers will be able to print them.

For the launch that occured yesterday, coupons from Kotex, Huggies, Trident, Jimmy Dean, Kellog and Tyson, totaling $17.50 were available, ranging in value from 50c to $3.00 Those particular coupons will remain available until Nov. 8th.

I don't have a cell phone, so I am unable to test this and give you any feedback. If you do this, please let us know how it goes! Thanks to RefundCents for the heads up on this program.

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Free Marlboro T-Shirts

Thanks to Sylvia at RefundCents for news of this great offer! Go to After logging in or registering, click on Promos & Offers on the top and click on the t-shirt on the drop down. Skip the intro and click on Create your Brand free t-shirt. Then, create your own brand. You will then be prompted for color and location/placment of your "brand". Push submit and you're done! Delivery should be 8-12 weeks.

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Kohl's coupons

I'll start this post by stating that I work part-time at Kohl's in Meridian. Lately, there have been some "sticky" coupons attached to the front of Nampa papers (I believe both Press Tribune and Stateman). This last batch were good thru 10/18. All weekend, we had people coming in with multiple coupons, wanting to use them. The back of the coupon very specifically states "1 Coupon Per Person". On behalf of my coworkers, I'm asking all readers to read the back of the coupon and follow it.

I'm not allowed to let you to make multiple transactions. (This isn't Albertsons!) Getting mad and telling me that you get 4 papers isn't going to make any difference, I can only take 1. Kohl's almost gives away some of their merchandise, but management is very strict about the coupon usage. If you have 4 papers, come in with someone (kids are customers too) or make multiple visits over the days the coupon is good. I'm a couponer too, and I understand about getting multiple papers, but please try and figure out another way to use your coupons besides standing there with back-to-back multiple orders.

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gatorade phone in

Here's a great phone-in instant win sweeps for you to enter! Thanks to Sheena, at RefundCents for thin info.

Gatorade Target Call In Contest 1-888-284-8087 Many people have won $15 Target Gift Cards!!! Press 2, then 2, then key in your birthday (xx-xx-xxxx). Expires 10/31/09. You can use different phone lines like cell, home, work and you will know instantly if you won or not. I still use my Gatorade cooler on wheels won a few years ago from this same contest.

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Albs -- preview 10/21 available

Hey all! The preview for the upcoming Albs ad is available -- link on the right.

There are some great deals on the front page! Love it!

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Organic Valley Milk - 64c/half gallon!!!

This week at Fred Meyer, Organic Valley Milk is 50% off. Thanks to Crystal at Frugal Chic Living, you can get the half gallons for 64c!!!!!! Go here to print off a $1.00 coupon good on any gallon or half gallon. While you are there, you can print off coupons for some of their other products like eggs, cheese and butter, to name a few. They allow two prints per computer, so if you want more than a gallon of milk, you may need to print from another computer.
Comments by Melissa under the post mention coupons for $2 off Nature's Path cereal, hanging by both the cereal and the milk. This week the Nature's Path cereal is on sale for $1.99, so along with your inexpensive, organic milk, you could score some free cereal!
Thanks again to Frugal Chic Living for the great info!
UPDATE: Found on RefundCents: Look for a form for a free 6-mo. subscription to Organic Gardening, free wyb 1 each Nature's Path and Organic Valley milk product1. Triple Play!!!!
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Albertsons Gas Rewards

Do you remember back in September when Albertsons made some changes to their Gas Rewards program? The biggest change was that the rewards could no longer be accrued indefinitely, but only had a 30 day accrual window. This was for all rewards earned after the change took place on 9/17/09. We have not yet figured out an easy way to keep track of when the rewards expire, so we wanted to remind you (and ourselves) that it's been 30 days and you might want to "use 'em before you lose 'em". We will give you another reminder this time next month!

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Upcoming Fred Meyer Catalina Offers

I found three different catalina notifications slips in the coupon basket at Fred Meyer last night.

One started 10/9/09: Buy San Pellegrino 750mL or 1 Liter bottles

B3 G $1.00 or
B4 G $2.00 or
B5 or more G $3.00 catalina Valid 10/9/09 - 11/1/09

The next started yesterday 10/18/09: Buy participating Hersheys products between 10/18 and 10/31/09 - Spend $25.00 or more and get a $5.00 catalina. Participating brands include: Halloween-themed snack size packages (9-16 oz), jumbo snack size packages (16.3-27.14 oz), harvest-themed packages (10-18.5 oz), super snack size assortments (24.17-55.28 oz), Reeses peanut butter pumpkin singles and 6 pks (1.2-7.2 oz) and 30-ct variety packs.

The 3rd starts 10/23/09: Buy any three Kellogg's mini-wheats cereals (14.5oz or larger, any flavor mix or match) between 10/23/09 and 11/19/09 and receive a coupon good for one gallon of free milk. All free milk coupons are good on any brand, any flavor up to $3.60 for one gallon.

(Note: Remember to try and purchase ones that have $10 bonus bucks on them, or the dvd seals and get more bang for your purchase!).

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Fred Meyer Anniversary Sale

I got a great email from Fred Meyer yesterday. They sent me an advance notification of the big 87th Anniversary Sale that starts Sunday 10/18 and runs thru Saturday 10/24. Included in the email was a link for 500 Bonus Rewards if I make a purchase during that time. Wow! Between the great 2 week offer earlier in this rewards cycle that earned me an extra 500 points for purchasing 10 items off the list (I did that 3 times) and this bonus, they are GIVING me $20 (2000 extra points!) this rewards cycle. Gotta love Freddies!!!!!!

Here's the highlights of the ad (IMO) which you can see yourself here. All include using the store coupon in the ad:

Coke 24 pk - 2/$9
Campbell Chunky Soup $1 limit 10 (use $1/4 co from 10/11 insert or 75c/4 co from 9/20 insert)
Tree Top, Langer, Ocean Spray Juices $1.50 limit 8
Franz Bread, Fred Meyer Peanut Butter/Preserves $1 limit 10
Propel 3/$1 limit 9 (use 55c/1 hangtag co)
Dryers Ice Cream $2 limit 4
Tillamook Cheese 2 lbs. $3.99 (use $1 coupon if you have it)
Medium Avocado/Mini Peeled Carrots 50c
Ink Cartridges 20% off
Cover Girl - free mascara with any Cover Girl Purchase (use $1 co from 9/27 or 10/11 P&G inserts)

There aren't a lot of coupons to match up to the in-store coupons, but these are some great prices!

The extra bonus points are not transferable, so I am not posting a link to it. I would recommend going to their website and signing up to get their emails. I've gotten some good email coupons from them, but IMO this is the best one yet!

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Wordless Wednesday

Courtesy of our friend Sami.

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Deal Or No Deal?

This is a wonderful, must-read article written by Angela at Coupon Project . The article discusses how to determine if the deal is worth doing or not. This is a great topic for LOTS of discussions. Reading the couponing blogs generates a lot of excitement - i.e. I want to do that! I want that free candy bar! I want to be that lady!

And I admit, I succumb to the excitement myself - I want in on that deal! And if I'm not able to participate (I work 2 jobs and don't get out to the stores as much as I would like), I'm bummed out. But tonight, I'll be number crunching, because I think that the items I want from the Albertsons ad will be cheaper if I purchase them with doublers in batches of 3 on Sunday than if I buy them as part of the B$25 G$10 deal and end up buying stuff I don't need.

For another opinion, read the article Darlene wrote in July - Resisting Magpie Eye.

Read helping Janet Resist Magpie Eye.


Victoria's Secret Pink Nation - Free Panties

Are you a member of the Victoria's Secret Pink Nation? If not, it easy to join. Go here to join or log in. Then click on the link for free panty (no purchase necessary!!!). There will also be a $10 off a bra coupon attached to your free panty coupon. I scored big time, when VS had the free gift bag with any Pink purchase coupon a month ago. This coupon doesn't require a purchase, so everyone can score.

Offer is valid Oct 13 - Nov 9, so you have plenty of time to get to VS.

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Free Zone Alarm Pro Firewall 2010

Get ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall 2010 free (today only). Keeping your PC secure requires diligence, common sense, and, perhaps most importantly, software. It's not enough to install anti-virus and anti-spyware utilities; you also need a rock-solid firewall to keep hackers at bay. Today only, Check Point Software is offering ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall 2010 absolutely free. That's a $39.95 value, my friends. (Actually, what you're getting is a free one-year license good for up to 3 computers.) If you want to keep using ZoneAlarm after that, you'll have to pony up your 40 bucks. On the other hand, this is the second year running for this promotion, so you might be able to score it free again next year.) The software is compatible with Windows 2000 and later, including Windows 7. Go here to access their website and download. Debbie L. L, TN

Thanks to RefundCents for the info.

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Auto Zone: Loan A Tool

Here's some interesting info from Tiffany at Living as Mom. Auto Zone will lend you tools to help make car repairs. Their Lend-A-Tool program is free to use, you just leave a deposit when you pick up the tool. The deposit is returned 100% when you return the tool. Check out their website for the list of over 60 tools available in this program. Thanks Tiffany!

I know there is an Auto Zone in Meridian, and I'm sure there are more Treasure Valley locations.

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Cost Plus World Market Family & Friends Event

Cost Plus World Market (in Boise they are on Milwaukee) has issued a coupon for this weekend's Family & Friends event (10/9 - 10/12). Coupon is 25% off home furnishings, decor and gifts (what constitutes a gift?) and 10% off gourmet food and non-alcoholic beverages. Coupon is not good on alcoholic beverages or gift cards. Excludes kitchen electronics. Coupon is a pdf, so you can print as many as you like. Cost Plus is really trying hard to get business - were you able to get in on the movie ticket deal that was in Aug or Sept.? Let us know if you find a really great deal!

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Coupon insert dates

How do you store your inserts? I personally just cut out the coupons I believe I'll use, that is, coupons for products we buy regularly, and then just hang on to the rest of the insert, intact.

For a long time, I had problems when someone would say "It's in Smartsource (SS) 9/6 or RedPlum (RP) 8/30". I tried writing the date on the outside front cover, but if I wasn't paying attention, cut out the coupon and had the date on the back, or if I just plain forgot to write it, I messed up that process. Then I tried filing them right away in a folder with the date marked on the folder, but if I didn't put the insert right back, I had another mess on my hands. Then one day, it hit me!

Something made me look on the "spine" of the front/back section. By "spine" I mean the fold, or what would be the spine if the coupon insert was a book. On that fold, is, among other things, the paper that the coupons were published in (if you have both Press Tribune and Stateman, that could be important since they don't always have the same coupons) and, drum roll please, ....... the date!!! My first thought was, why didn't I figure this out sooner?!?! To save you some aggravation, I thought I'd pass that info on to you. I hope it helps!

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P&G Brand Saver Insert in Sunday's paper

This Sunday (Oct. 11), P & G will have an additional, small insert in many papers. That means there will be 3 sets of coupons for us to look at! This insert will have $29 in coupon savings. You can confirm that your paper will have this insert by going here. A search by both my zip code and by the state (Idaho) shows that the "Boise Idaho Newspaper Group" will carry the insert locally. My guess is that means both the Statesman and the Press Tribune, but that is just a guess. When you are checking your extra papers, don't forget to grab this one too!

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Snow White Movie Price Comparison

Before you think to yourself, "Gee, every blog and her mother have been talking about this today", keep reading, because this post is different. My boss and I ran to TRU this morning, and she got the last Disney Princess baking set they had in stock. I debated whether to grab the movie since it would be only $9.99 after my coupon but decided to wait. Am I glad I did! I let my fingers do the walking when we got back to the office and here's what I found:

TRU - $19.99
Walmart - $19.96
Fred Meyer - $20.99 (plus 2 free boxes of Kelloggs cereal) plus rewards points and gas rewards
Albertsons - $19.95 (plus 2 free boxes of Kelloggs cereal) plus fuel rewards

I will be using my $10 coupon at Fred Meyer and picking cereal that has movie tokens on it so my daughter can send away for another free dvd from Kelloggs, plus getting rewards points for my quarterly rewards as well as gas rewards. For me, that's worth the extra $1! And, they have plenty of stock!

If you haven't printed the $10 coupon, you can do so here. There is a $5 rebate from Hefty and a $5 rebate from a product I've never heard of....Kernel Seasons. Once you have received your rebates back, it's a pretty inexpensive movie!

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FREE Bumble Bee Tuna at Fred Meyer

Leah over at La Vida Cheapo loves Fred Meyer as much as we do. She found a great deal on Bumble Bee Tuna pouches. Free is a great deal, right?! Print out the $1/1 Smartsource coupon (I've read that you can actually print this up to 10 times, but I have not done so.) Use the coupon at Fred Meyer where the sale price is $1 - no store coupon needed! Don't forget to scan your rewards card for gas points and the quarterly reward, because this will add to them!!

If you are running out of the Starkist tuna pouches you picked up a few months ago or are getting ready for food bank/food drive donation items, this is one you shouldn't miss!

Thanks to Leah at La Vida Cheapo for this info!

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Walgreens - Free Rimmel Eye Makeup

Walgreens has Rimmel Eye Makeup on sale B1G1F. Use the B1G1F coupon found in the October issue of All You Magazine (found only at Walmart) and get both items for free! What a great deal! These would make nice stocking stuffers, or a nice addition to a gift for a teen / young adult. Don't miss out on this one!

Thanks to RefundCents for the info.

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Moms By Heart has a great list of the new ecoupons to add $ to your Upromise account. Match them up to paper manufacturer coupons for some GREAT savings! Upromise ecoupons do not come off your store total, instead the $ is added to your Upromise account, which helps you save for your children's college education. You can save by using a registered credit card, shopping on line or making purchases at your local grocery store.

If you don't have a Upromise accountor need more, register here.

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Fred Meyer 3-Day Sale

Did you see the Fred Meyer ad in todays paper? (It was inside the front section of the Statesman). This ad is good for 3 days (Fri 10/2 - Sun 10/4).

Seedless grapes are 79c/lb. There are also 3 great store coupons. Hamburger Helper 69c (limit 6), Fritos and Fritos Bean Dip 99c (limit 4) and Nestles Fun Size Candy Bags $1.99 (limit 3). There were Hamburger Helper coupons (75c/3) in Smart Source 8/9/09 and 9/13/09 or you can print the same coupon here. Get $1 Nestle coupons here.

Remember, you can stack Fred Meyer coupons with manufacturer coupons, so purchase of 3 or 6 Hamburger Helper, using both will make the Hamburger Helper only 44c each!!!!! If you don't like Hamburger Helper, this would be a great and inexpensive item to donate to the Idaho Food Bank. Save the candy for inexpensive trick or treat give-aways.

UPDATE: Buy 3 Nestles Fun Size Candy Bags and get a $2 catalina! Thanks to Frugal Chic Living for the info.

Thanks to Sam for the heads up on these coupons!

Read heading to Freddies!

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