Fred Meyer Anniversary Sale

I got a great email from Fred Meyer yesterday. They sent me an advance notification of the big 87th Anniversary Sale that starts Sunday 10/18 and runs thru Saturday 10/24. Included in the email was a link for 500 Bonus Rewards if I make a purchase during that time. Wow! Between the great 2 week offer earlier in this rewards cycle that earned me an extra 500 points for purchasing 10 items off the list (I did that 3 times) and this bonus, they are GIVING me $20 (2000 extra points!) this rewards cycle. Gotta love Freddies!!!!!!

Here's the highlights of the ad (IMO) which you can see yourself here. All include using the store coupon in the ad:

Coke 24 pk - 2/$9
Campbell Chunky Soup $1 limit 10 (use $1/4 co from 10/11 insert or 75c/4 co from 9/20 insert)
Tree Top, Langer, Ocean Spray Juices $1.50 limit 8
Franz Bread, Fred Meyer Peanut Butter/Preserves $1 limit 10
Propel 3/$1 limit 9 (use 55c/1 hangtag co)
Dryers Ice Cream $2 limit 4
Tillamook Cheese 2 lbs. $3.99 (use $1 coupon if you have it)
Medium Avocado/Mini Peeled Carrots 50c
Ink Cartridges 20% off
Cover Girl - free mascara with any Cover Girl Purchase (use $1 co from 9/27 or 10/11 P&G inserts)

There aren't a lot of coupons to match up to the in-store coupons, but these are some great prices!

The extra bonus points are not transferable, so I am not posting a link to it. I would recommend going to their website and signing up to get their emails. I've gotten some good email coupons from them, but IMO this is the best one yet!

Read More......Is going to Freddies on Sunday because there is soup calling his name!


Frugal Chic Living said...

I'm very excited for this sale - Organic Valley Milk will only be $0.64 per half gallon after printable coupon and 50% off sale!

Ann said...

where did you find the printable coupon for Organic Valley Milk??? I am also excited about that sale :)

Frugal Chic Living said...

Here you go:

janetcoupon said...

That's awesome! Great price for milk, and organic milk besides. Thanks for passing that info on Crystal!