Snow White Movie Price Comparison

Before you think to yourself, "Gee, every blog and her mother have been talking about this today", keep reading, because this post is different. My boss and I ran to TRU this morning, and she got the last Disney Princess baking set they had in stock. I debated whether to grab the movie since it would be only $9.99 after my coupon but decided to wait. Am I glad I did! I let my fingers do the walking when we got back to the office and here's what I found:

TRU - $19.99
Walmart - $19.96
Fred Meyer - $20.99 (plus 2 free boxes of Kelloggs cereal) plus rewards points and gas rewards
Albertsons - $19.95 (plus 2 free boxes of Kelloggs cereal) plus fuel rewards

I will be using my $10 coupon at Fred Meyer and picking cereal that has movie tokens on it so my daughter can send away for another free dvd from Kelloggs, plus getting rewards points for my quarterly rewards as well as gas rewards. For me, that's worth the extra $1! And, they have plenty of stock!

If you haven't printed the $10 coupon, you can do so here. There is a $5 rebate from Hefty and a $5 rebate from a product I've never heard of....Kernel Seasons. Once you have received your rebates back, it's a pretty inexpensive movie!

Read More.... Is wondering where the popcorn is?

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amanda said...

Albertsons is doing their movies for $24.95 not $19.95. Otherwise Albies would have gotten my money!!!

HeatherT said...

How do I get 2 boxes of cereal with it? Is there a coupon on the display?

janetcoupon said...

Heather - there should be a coupon on the display.

Amanda - thanks for the info. That was the price I was given over the phone when I called Cole/Fairview!

Boise Bargain Shoppers said...

I started doing a post on the prices at all the stores on Sunday night after seeing this coupon advertised but I never could get it to print for me so I deleted my post. It must be working now for everyone I guess.
Good job on the detective work. I hadn't seen about the two free boxes of cereal too at FM. That is a great deal!

Ducheznee said...

I did exactly what you said at Fred Meyer it was PERFECT. Snow White was on sale for 20.99. Used coupon next to movie for up to $6 off cereal(note: limit one cereal). Grabbed Frosted flakes family size box for 5.99 which ended up being free :). Used 10 off coupon. Total was 10.99!!! Woo hoo! Thanks so much...I love your blog.

amanda said...

At fred you have to get the Frosted Mini wheats kid those are the 2 for $6 with in store coupon. If you get the Blueberry morning or Strawberry flavor they have 2 tokens for free DVD's on each box!!!

janetcoupon said...

Ducheznee - Glad it worked for you.

To clarify to everyone, the coupon that hangs below the movie for the cereal says "Up to $6" and then in the small print, it says limit 1. I took the limit 1 to mean 1 coupon per movie purchase. I got Raisin Bran because my DH will eat it and it had the movie token AND it was 2 for $6. The first Mini Wheats I saw were 2 for $5, but I have quite a few Mini Wheats and only 1 box of Raisin Bran, so that's the direction I took. You could get a cashier who would say the Limit 1 meant 1 box of cereal, and perhaps they would be correct. The FM coupon did scan, so I had no problems. I'm happy and really happy others are able to take advantage of this deal!