Help Idaho win $2000 in dog food

One of the reasons Darlene started this blog was to share information about deals for our four-legged friends. When I saw this post on A Thrifty Mom, I felt it was one that needed to be linked.

The ANH shelter (Animals Need Homes) in Montpelier ID entered the Iams Feed Pets in Need contest. The shelter is in 2nd place in this nationwide contest. Voting ends tonight and they need your vote. Top 2 shelters win $2000 in dog food. I'm sure that will go a long way to helping out. So please go to Iams and select register now (scroll down). Once you are registered, select Idaho and ANH Montpelier. Then submit vote! A popup will appear. Scroll down and check the box and submit. Hopefully, this will help them out and they can win! How cool is that?
In anticipation of your help, I thank you. I know there is a lot of demands on everyone's time and money - this is a quick and easy way to help, all from the comfort of your computer chair.

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Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!

I wanted to wish you all a very Happy Turkey Day! I hope you enjoy the day with family, friends, good food, football and lots of memories. I'll be spending the day perusing the ads multiple times and sleeping A LOT!! My husband, for some reason unknown to me, actually enjoys cooking on Thanksgiving - go for it honey! The only downside is that we will not have my mom's stuffing and we will probably have that green bean casserole that he thinks I like (wrong!). Oh well, a small price to pay for extra sleep.

I'll be out shopping on Friday, starting at Penney's (no, there is NOTHING I want at Kohl's) at 4am. I think it's Walmart after that, but not 100% sure yet. Shopping morning will be cut back, because I'll be working at Kohl's from 12-10pm, so if you're in the store, stop by and say hi!!! Don't forget to use your $5 Kohl's coupons!!!!

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Cuties mandarin orange coupons

Leah over at La Vida Cheapo posted a GREAT pair of coupons for Cuties Mandarin Oranges. There is a 55c coupon off the 3 lb. bag and a $1.00 coupon on the 5 lb. box. Her Yoke's store has them on sale - I wouldn't be surprised if Fred Meyer or Albertsons does too, in their next ad. Go here and register. These are bricks coupons (both on the same page!), so you can print twice.

My daughter loves these, so guess what's on the next grocery list? Thanks Leah!

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Kelloggs Sprinklings Newsletter - free coupon

Do you remember back on 10/28 when I told you about a newsletter/club Kelloggs had started for Poptarts? I joined right then, and this week I received in the mail a coupon for 1 FREE (up to $2.29) 8-ct pkg Blueberry Muffin Poptarts as well as a 55c coupon for "a friend". I don't know if anyone in my family will eat them, but they will add to my Freddies Rewards Points/gas points totals! There was also a little family game on a sheet of cardstock. Not bad for signing up!

If you haven't signed up yet, go here.

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Subway Fresh Fit Kids Meal - New Reusable Bag

Hi, My name is Janetcoupon and I'm a (borderline) tree-hugger. Wow, feels good to get that off my chest.

I'm the one who recycles just about everything and I have a million (ask my husband) cloth bags for my groceries. I was uber excited when I saw this post on Coupon Geek. I got on the phone and called Subway on Ustick and the gal confirmed, they do have these reusable bags for the kids meals. Each bag comes with a trading card, and when the kids return with bag, they get a new trading card. There are 4 bags: Polar Bear, Black Rhino, Cheetah and Amur Leopard. See them here. They are just darling! Subway has donated $100,000 to the World Wildlife fund as part of this promotion. Guess I know where I'll be going for lunch soon.

Thanks CouponGeek for the heads up on this promotion.

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Hallmark - 500 bonus points

Do you get emails from Hallmark? If not, you should sign up! The other day, I got a $5 coupon from them (print twice per their instructions) good thru 11/29 and today, I got notification of 500 bonus points if I purchase an ornament from the Hallmark store between now and 11/28. No hardship for me, since I have a couple more to buy!

Don't forget to register your Crown Rewards card for an extra 100 bonus points!

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Old Navy - Thanksgiving weekend sale

I just received an email from Old Navy - those crazy people are open Thanksgiving Day, just like Kmart!!!! Their big event is called Gobblepalooza. They have their outerwear 50% off and a $10 off $50 coupon good Thursday only. Friday, all adult jeans, adult sweaters and kids frostfree jackets are $15 and a limited number of people in line when the store opens (at 3:00 AM!!!!) will get wristbands that entitle them to a copy of Lego Rockband (very limited supply) for xbox, wii or playstation 3 with any $20 purchase. Saturday has fleece blankets and thermals for $5 and holiday stockings for $2.

Under "Share the Event Lineup" they show coupons for 15% off, 20% off, $15 off $75 purchase and $10 off $50 purchase when you share.

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Commercial Tire - $20 Gift Card with food donation

I'm not sure this is that great of deal, but here you go: Take 4 cans of food to any Commercial Tire between 11/15 and 12/19. They will give you a $20 gift card that is good on merchandise or services. I was thinking of giving it to our son. Fine print on the card per Tanya in the corporate offices is limit 1 per person per visit for redemption and must be redeemed by 12/31/09. I called the Cole Road store and an oil change for a sedan-type vehicle is $34.95 (can go higher if you use premium oil). So, you could get an oil change with 5 qts. of Valvoline oil for $15.00. You can decide for yourself if its a good deal or not. I wonder if I can give him a "purchased" for the balance?

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Albertsons - $10 off when you buy select gift cards

Did you see this in the Albertsons ad today? If you buy $100 in select gift cards (pictured are Sears, ITunes, JCPenney, Applebees and Best Buy), and use the coupon in the ad (in two different locations), you only pay $90. If you have been checking out the Black Friday ads online and are planning on making a purchase at any of those stores, or giving gift cards for those merchants as Christmas presents, this is a great deal! Maybe go in with a buddy and buy $50 worth for $45?!?

Fine print says its valid 11/18 - 11/28 and only 1 $10 discount per transaction.

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Cheap Eggs - Albertsons Cole/Fairview

The manager at the Cole/Fairview Albertsons asked me last night to spread the word.. They have 1 dozen Albertsons brand large eggs for 50c/dozen till Saturday. Tell your friends, this is a great price!

Price is only at the Albertsons on Cole/Fairview.

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Kellogg's cereal coupons/Albertson's

I just received an email from Kellogg's. They've put up 10 coupons ranging in value from 75c (on 1) to $1.50 (on 2 or 3). They only allow you to print each coupon once and they print 1 per page so change your printer to black/white and print in greyscale. Go here to get the coupons.

You could combine the $1.50 on 3 and the 75c on Rice Krispies to get $2.25 off the 4/$10 Kelloggs cereal deal, making the deal 4 boxes for $7.75, PLUS you get 2 free cereal bowls and $4 instantly on milk. In the past, the $4 on milk comes off automatically, so if you don't purchase milk and it works like it has previously, you could get 4 cereals and 2 bowls for $3.75. Use the bowls for stocking stuffers at Christmas! That would be less than $1/box!!!!

I can offer no guarantee that the $4 will come off instantly if you do not have a milk purchase, so if you try it, leave a comment and let us know how it goes. If you must make a milk purchase, it's still a good deal!

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Fred Meyer - Coupons in today's Idaho Statesman

Inside today's edition of the Statesman (front section) are three price coupons and a big advertisement for Medium Avocados 3-$1. The three coupons are Duncan Hines Cake Mixes 4 for $1 limit 4 (use 55c/2 coupon from Smartsource 10/11), Progresso Soup 2 for $1 limit 4 (use either your 50c/2 coupons from Smartsource 10/25 or GM 11/15 or $1/3 coupon from ), and Fred Meyer Microwave Pizza 4 for $1 limit 4. Coupons expire Sunday 11/15. Remember if you don't get the paper or you forget your coupons, just tell your cashier and they will track them down for you. These aren't manufacturer coupons, so they can be used multiple times. These same coupons also appeared in the Press Tribune today.

One of the readers of RefundCents just posted that Wed. Idaho Press-Tribune had a lot of coupons for FM. The ones that caught her eye were DiGiorino Pizza $3.99 limit 4; Philadelphia Cream Cheese 4 for $5 limit 8. I've searched all the blogs I look at for the Pacific Northwest and no one else picked up those coupons, so I can't tell you what else there was. You may want to check at the service desk and see if they have a copy.

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Walgreens - Free Nexxus Mousse

Well, I missed this yesterday, sorry! Looks like a great deal posted by Hip 2 Save and Abundant Food Savings:

Look for smaller size gold can (UPC 05592-09148) (marked perfect for airline travel) of Nexxus Mousse, on sale 2/$5. Use the $4 coupon in the November Coupon Booklet found at Walgreens. If you purchase 2, the register will adjust the coupon so that it takes off $5. You will still pay tax.

I have not seen this posted for the Treasure Valley, so I don't know if the product is here. One of the blogs out of the Seattle area found it, another didn't. It was mentioned this coupon would also work on Nexxus shampoo (I don't have an ad with me, but it may be on sale, or even clearance). The shampoo is not as inexpensive as the mousse, but it would still be a good deal! If you have found/find the mousse, please post a comment. My teenage dd would love me for bringing some of this home!

While you are at Walgreens, don't forget the inexpensive Kleenex that I posted about on Monday. At one store, I just paid 47c (27c + 20c tax) and didn't use my Kleenex coupon, because I was tired of looking for inexpensive items to add. (Actually, what I told Darlene was that I didn't need any more junk!) Get a raincheck if they are out!!!!!!!!!!

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$3/3 Chex Coupons

I just read on RefundCents that a reader has found the $3/3 Chex coupon. It came out last year too and I got a lot of inexpensive cereal with it. If memory serves me correctly, it was good on just about every brand of General Mills Cereal, but I could be wrong. I know I bought a lot of Chex. Keep your eyes peeled. There should be some good sales coming up to make Chex Mix.

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Kohl's $5 coupon

UPDATE 11-16: I entered all the addresses that had been requested before 11am on Fri. 11/13. You should have either received an email from me that said it DID NOT go thru, because you had already received a coupon, or it should be in the works. Check your spam, because some emails direct Kohl's coupons there. Anyone who added there email after 11am on 11/13, I'll enter your email tonight.

UPDATE: I work again on Friday, so I will enter all the emails Friday evening. Make sure you check your spam/junk mail folders too, because sometimes the coupons go there.

I mentioned before that I work part-time at Kohl's. If any reader is interested in getting $5 coupons on anything, leave a comment with your email address and I'll get it sent in for you. You can register as many email addresses as you want, but the fine print stipulates one redemption per customer (remember my previous post - your kids can be customers, you can come back multiple days, I just can't redeem more than 1 from you on any given day). The coupons should be good Black Friday, so you could use one on your purchase then. The 15-20-30% scratch-offs started today for Kohl's charge customers and you could use it on that purchase too. There is a TON of clearance right now and they are getting multiple trucks in every week, and the coupons are good on clearance merchandise.

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Albertsons - Sara Lee & Breyers

You have probably already seen this in your Albertsons ad - B1 Sara Lee pie at $6.39, get another Sara Lee pie and 2 Breyer's ice cream FREE! It's a heck of a deal. The various blogs had originally posted that you should use 2 - $1 Sara Lee coupons and 2 - 75c Breyer coupons and get all for for $2.89. I talked with the front end manager at Eagle/McMillan last night and confirmed with the Assist. Manager at Cole/Fairview today. You will only be allowed to use 1 of each coupon on your transaction. Even though the Albertsons offer is unlimited (are they nuts?), you will want to purchase each set separately (i.e. 2 pie and 2 ice cream). There is some wording on the coupon that has Corporate making this rule.

(Soap box here - IMO, if you are getting items for free at the register, you shouldn't expect to use coupons on them - you aren't paying tax on the free items, therefore you technically didn't buy anything to use a coupon on. The fact that Albertsons is taking an ice cream coupon IMO is gravy!) end of soapbox :)

If you are planning to wait till the weekend to make your purchase, you will probably not get what you want. You MAY get pie and ice cream, but not the flavors you want. I would recommend going today or tomorrow. Yes, they will get more in (and they probably have a lot in the back), but at some point, they will run out. I doubt if they will issue rainchecks. Get it now while you can.

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Walgreens - Free Kleenex

UPDATE 2: If your store doesn't have the booklet, ask the cashier to type in code 5236. That will get you the $1 discount on each box.

UPDATE: This will ONLY work with the 85 count ultra soft kleenex.

Is Kleenex on your list as part of the B$30 G$15 free deal?

Well, scratch it off and get something else in its place because THIS deal is HOT!!!!!!!!

On the front page of the Walgreens ad that came out yesterday, is a coupon for Kleenex 80, 85, 100 or 200 sheet boxes for $1.09. Give the cashier your 50c/3 coupon from Smart Source 10/4 or 11/1 or IP version. Then use the $1 coupon from the Walgreens Healthy Savings booklet (Walgreens at Locust Grove and Fairview had the booklets at the front of the store when you walk in.) You will need to make sure you have a filler item that covers the 23c overage, because here in Idaho, coupons can't be used to pay tax. If you don't have the 50c/3 coupon, you will pay 27c plus tax. What a deal!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to Coupon Geek and The Coupon "High" for posting this incredible deal!!!!!!! Guess where I'm going after work?

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Fred Meyer - Mr. Potato Head

Fred Meyer has all Mr. Potato Heads and Potato Head Buddies on sale, B1G1F. The Mr. Potato Heads are $6.99 and the Buddies are $10.99. Thanks to a tip one of the readers at Frugal Chic Living posted, I learned FM accepts 2 coupons on B1G1F transactions. I hurried over to FM on Franklin and picked up 2 Mr. Potato Heads and 2 Buddies and 1 other small item that was 99c. I used self-check and the young man took off my 4 coupons (2-$5 Buddies, 2-$2 Mr Potato) with no problems. Total was $6.11!!! The coupons I used were printed from - don't forget to go in and print 2 of each of them.

These toys are rated for ages 2+, so my grandson is still a little young for them, but Grandma's working on her toybox! The best deal is on the Buddies, which would be two for 99c plus tax, so if you are looking for gifts for an Angel Tree or Toys for Tots, two nice gifts for $1 is a great deal! You can sweeten the deal even more, now that you read this post - make your purchase before 11/11 and use the 10% off bonus coupon that's on the front page of the "Enjoy 4 EXTRA Days of Savings" insert. That would save you an extra $1.80 if you make the same purchases I did.

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Fred Meyer - Great Battery Deal

Wow! Karrie, over at Fistful of Coupons, posted an AWESOME deal on Duracell batteries yesterday. Fred Meyer has an coupon in their Sunday ad, changing the price of their 4-pk AA and AAA, 2-pk C and D and 1-pk of 9V Duracell batteries to $1.99. In addition, we have coupons (Idaho Statesman had 50c coupons, though Karrie says there are $1 and 75c coupons out there) from 11/1 P&G coupon section. To sweeten the deal, Freddies has a catalina available. Buy $10 get $2 catalina, Buy $20 get $5 catalina.

Karrie says buy 6 at $3.99 each, give the cashier this weeks in-ad coupon (which will deduct $12) and then give 6 manufacturers coupons. If you have 6 50c coupons, your out of pocket before tax will be $8.94 and you will receive a $5 catalina. There is no limit stated on the Fred Meyer coupon, and it does say "May be used with Bonus Coupon". I don't know if that means that the Rewards Certificates (that always come with in-store coupons) are coming this week, or what that statement actually means.

I would think this catalina would roll, and if so, your next batch would be cheaper (without any coupons, just using the $5 catalina 6 would be $6.94 and you should get another $5 catalina! Since I just heard about this, I can't confirm that the catalina will roll though. This would be a great time to stock up for your holiday toy battery needs! Since the ad is good thru Saturday, you could go on e-bay and order some of the $1 coupons.

Thanks to Karrie for the great info!

UPDATE: I just ran to the FM on Franklin in Boise. They had plenty of the in-ad coupons, hanging on the battery display. Also, I figured out what the Bonus Coupon is, I think. There is a 1 page insert in the Fred Meyer ad - Enjoy 4 Days of Extra Savings. One of the 4-day bonus coupons is "Take an extra 10% off" Includes housewares, Home Decor, Furniture, Toys, Storage, Bedding, Bath, School & Office Supplies, Tools, Hardware, Automotive, Home Improvement, Sporting Goods and Luggage. I'm pretty sure batteries fall into one of those categories!

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KMart Loyalty Card

KMart is starting a loyalty program on Nov 8th. You have to sign up to receive a card that gets swiped before each transaction. You'll receive 1% back on purchases and a chance to win prizes. The registers will randomly have a cha-ching with instant prizes. Thanks to Refund Cents for the info.

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Albertson's / Paul's Market - Coke $2 coupon

Is there a Paul's Market near you? If so, make your way there and grab yourself a couple of this weeks ads. On the front page of the current ad is a coupon for $2 off your purchase of 2 - 24pks of Coke. Take that manufacturer coupon to Albertson where Coke is $7 for a 24pk, $6 ea if you buy 2 at the same time. This coupon will bring your cost down to $5 for a 24pk. That's a decent price for coke IMO. I know there are Paul's Markets located around the Treasure Valley. Coupon did not say Paul's Market anywhere on it and does say Manufacturer Coupon, so you should be able to use it just like any other coupon at Albertsons. I hope you're able to find some coupons!

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Franz Bakery Outlet

Have you been to the Franz Bakery Outlet at 455 N. Benjamin in Boise yet? It's located about midway between Emerald and Franklin Rds. I stopped in there today and I must say, I was very impressed. Everything was clean and well stocked and the prices were great! All the breads have a cute names like Columbia River, which reference the Pacific Northwest. My husband and daughter fell in love with one of the "flavors" that we picked up at the Women's Fitness Show. I almost fell over when I saw the same loaf at Albertsons for $4 and Fred Meyer for $3! At the outlet, it's $1.19. All the loaves I looked at had 1 week till the sell-by date.

They also had their older bread at deeply discounted prices (one loaf I saw was 69c). At this time they do not have a punch card program, but any time you make a purchase, you get to take an item off the Customer Appreciation rack (one visit per day). I got a package of Hawaiian English Muffins. I'm hoping they are as sweet as Kings Hawaiian Rolls! They are open Monday-Saturday till 6pm. I've seen a few of my favorite bloggers who have been going to Franz Bakery Outlets in their areas and decided to check it out myself. I'm glad I did - I got some good savings!

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Albertsons - Cole/Fairview

I stopped by the Albertsons at Cole and Fairview today at lunch. Brian and Billy (the Store Director and Asst. Manager) both say that they have PLENTY of stock for the ad that starts tomorrow. They are looking forward to all you couponing ladies and gents stopping by.

I must say that I have NEVER had a problem with my coupons at this store and they generally don't run out of items. If they do run out, it usually isn't until Tuesday night. With all the talk on the blogs about tomorrows ad, I can see a lot of the busier stores running out of things early on. Try Cole and Fairview - great staff, well-stocked and you shouldn't have to resort to "Plan B" to get enough items to get your catalina. Oh, and tell them Janet sent you!

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Dealing with Target

I had an "experience" at Target Friday, and thought I would pass on to you what I learned, so you can continue to be a happy Target shopper.

1. When your receipt "expires", it expires. You can contact Target Customer Service (right from the store on their phone) and if you are lucky, they will give the store an override code. If the item was on clearance when you bought it and your receipt expires, the chances of you getting an override code are slim and none.

2. When you call Target Customer Service, either from the store or your home, if you can't understand the person, ask to be transferred back to the US. Don't ask for a supervisor, because they may/may not be any more understandable. Immediately ask to be transferred to the US. (I would imagine this goes for any other company that is using an off-shore call center).

Forewarned is forearmed.

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