Kellogg's cereal coupons/Albertson's

I just received an email from Kellogg's. They've put up 10 coupons ranging in value from 75c (on 1) to $1.50 (on 2 or 3). They only allow you to print each coupon once and they print 1 per page so change your printer to black/white and print in greyscale. Go here to get the coupons.

You could combine the $1.50 on 3 and the 75c on Rice Krispies to get $2.25 off the 4/$10 Kelloggs cereal deal, making the deal 4 boxes for $7.75, PLUS you get 2 free cereal bowls and $4 instantly on milk. In the past, the $4 on milk comes off automatically, so if you don't purchase milk and it works like it has previously, you could get 4 cereals and 2 bowls for $3.75. Use the bowls for stocking stuffers at Christmas! That would be less than $1/box!!!!

I can offer no guarantee that the $4 will come off instantly if you do not have a milk purchase, so if you try it, leave a comment and let us know how it goes. If you must make a milk purchase, it's still a good deal!

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