Walgreens - Free Nexxus Mousse

Well, I missed this yesterday, sorry! Looks like a great deal posted by Hip 2 Save and Abundant Food Savings:

Look for smaller size gold can (UPC 05592-09148) (marked perfect for airline travel) of Nexxus Mousse, on sale 2/$5. Use the $4 coupon in the November Coupon Booklet found at Walgreens. If you purchase 2, the register will adjust the coupon so that it takes off $5. You will still pay tax.

I have not seen this posted for the Treasure Valley, so I don't know if the product is here. One of the blogs out of the Seattle area found it, another didn't. It was mentioned this coupon would also work on Nexxus shampoo (I don't have an ad with me, but it may be on sale, or even clearance). The shampoo is not as inexpensive as the mousse, but it would still be a good deal! If you have found/find the mousse, please post a comment. My teenage dd would love me for bringing some of this home!

While you are at Walgreens, don't forget the inexpensive Kleenex that I posted about on Monday. At one store, I just paid 47c (27c + 20c tax) and didn't use my Kleenex coupon, because I was tired of looking for inexpensive items to add. (Actually, what I told Darlene was that I didn't need any more junk!) Get a raincheck if they are out!!!!!!!!!!

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Jennspiration said...

I went to the Wags on Eagle and Ustick and they had them priced at $2.99 I didn't price check them because I was kind of in a hurry, but still at that price I would think they would still be free...but I didn't try it. They are kind of small, but I don't think they are considered travel size.

janetcoupon said...

I found two at Ustick/Five Mile last night. Shelf said $2.99 or 2/$5. I got the two they had, along with some other stuff and the coupon scanned with no problem! My teenage dd was happy to see this stuff come out of the bag.