Dealing with Target

I had an "experience" at Target Friday, and thought I would pass on to you what I learned, so you can continue to be a happy Target shopper.

1. When your receipt "expires", it expires. You can contact Target Customer Service (right from the store on their phone) and if you are lucky, they will give the store an override code. If the item was on clearance when you bought it and your receipt expires, the chances of you getting an override code are slim and none.

2. When you call Target Customer Service, either from the store or your home, if you can't understand the person, ask to be transferred back to the US. Don't ask for a supervisor, because they may/may not be any more understandable. Immediately ask to be transferred to the US. (I would imagine this goes for any other company that is using an off-shore call center).

Forewarned is forearmed.

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