$1/2 Juicy Juice Coupon

Just received an email from Nestle Juicy Juice. Go here to sign in/register and print your own $1/2 coupon. Since it's a bricks coupon, you can push the back button and print again!

I'm not aware of any awesome deals to match this coupon to, but you never know. When I registered with this site, about a year ago, I got a free sippy cup. My mother laughed, since my youngest is ready for Drivers Ed. But, this weekend, I dug it out for my grandson to use! Don't know if they are still offering the cup, but it might be worth looking into.

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Cellfire (ecoupons) - Fred Meyer has been added

I just found out from Angela at Frugal Living NW that Cellfire has added Fred Meyer as a real company. No more loading the ecoupons on to your "Kroger" card. Angela is currently working with Cellfire to find out more details. As soon as there is more info, I'll pass it along.

I know there were some folks that were uncomfortable with the process, the way it was set up and working, so this will totally work for you!

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New Kohl's $10 off $20 coupon

Today's issue of the Idaho Statesman has a peel-off coupon for $10 off a $20 purchase at Kohl's. Coupon is valid 3/24 thru 4/3. If you have a Kohl's card, you can use your 15-20-30% off coupon on the portion you are paying for, in addition to the $10 coupon, lowering your cost even more! 15-20-30% off event runs 3/24 thru 3/31. Get the most bang for your buck - use your Kohl's card!

I don't know if the Press Tribune got this coupon or not. I know you can go to the Statesman office (off Curtis) and buy papers there, if you can't find a newstand with the sticker coupons. Heard there was a gentleman last time who bought 50 papers!

Please remember, this coupon states "ONE PER CUSTOMER". We can't do back-to-back orders like they do at Albertsons. Please plan to visit over several days, if you have multiple coupons.

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Starbucks Frappuccino $1 coupon

There is a NEW $1 off any 1 Starbucks Frappuccino coupon out. Print now (bricks coupon) and be ready for the next sale. I printed mine today and it's good for 6 weeks!!!!!!! Go here, answer the question about where your Frappuccino takes you and print out your coupon. It's that easy!

Many thanks to Storm, at Confessions of a Psychotic Housewife for the info and link. Storm also has a review of Starbucks Frappuccino Light and a give-away here.

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Free Sample Scott Rags

I was excited when I found Lori's post at MomsbyHeart. Another great free sample from the good sample folks at Walmart. This time, it's for Scott Rags. It's always nice to get free stuff in the mail, and something useful is an added bonus!

You don't have to have a Sam's club membership # to sign up.

Thanks MomsbyHeart!

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I'm Back!

Actually, I've been back - but it's been really busy at work and I haven't had time to post. And, to be honest, most of the blogs were covering the stuff I found.

Mom is doing REALLY well. She's done with radiation and now just has 3 more weeks of chemo sessions - which translates into 9 more weeks before she's done, with the recovery weeks in between. The radiation burns on her gums are healing and she can finally eat again! (I bought KFC mashed potatoes and gravy for her every day I was there, just to get something in her). I'll probably go down in mid-April, but more for a visit than for a caregiver session.

So, thanks for all the prayers and healing thoughts. When I talked with her the other day, she actually sounded like her old self!!!!!!!!!