$3/3 Chex Coupons

I just read on RefundCents that a reader has found the $3/3 Chex coupon. It came out last year too and I got a lot of inexpensive cereal with it. If memory serves me correctly, it was good on just about every brand of General Mills Cereal, but I could be wrong. I know I bought a lot of Chex. Keep your eyes peeled. There should be some good sales coming up to make Chex Mix.

Read More.... Licking his lips in anticipation.


Boise Bargain Shoppers said...

I'm still trying to finish off some boxes of CHex from the great deal on them this spring at Winco with the $3/3 coupon!!! I've definitely learned that we don't go through Chex or Chex Mix as much as I thought we would! lol
Thanks for the heads up though. I have a friend that missed out on that deal and so I've been watching for it to come around again.

Leah said...

These cpns were a peelie, and I have not seen them since 12/08, just me that I kept few since they dont expire until 12/30/09. So, if you find a box with one these peelies on it make sure to look at the sell by date and the coupon exp. date, just so you don't get stuck with some old cereal. Just my HO :) I will be looking for new ones!

Ty, coupon gossip. You are the TMZ on deals !

Big smooches to Darlene and Janet :)