Fred Meyer - Coupons in today's Idaho Statesman

Inside today's edition of the Statesman (front section) are three price coupons and a big advertisement for Medium Avocados 3-$1. The three coupons are Duncan Hines Cake Mixes 4 for $1 limit 4 (use 55c/2 coupon from Smartsource 10/11), Progresso Soup 2 for $1 limit 4 (use either your 50c/2 coupons from Smartsource 10/25 or GM 11/15 or $1/3 coupon from ), and Fred Meyer Microwave Pizza 4 for $1 limit 4. Coupons expire Sunday 11/15. Remember if you don't get the paper or you forget your coupons, just tell your cashier and they will track them down for you. These aren't manufacturer coupons, so they can be used multiple times. These same coupons also appeared in the Press Tribune today.

One of the readers of RefundCents just posted that Wed. Idaho Press-Tribune had a lot of coupons for FM. The ones that caught her eye were DiGiorino Pizza $3.99 limit 4; Philadelphia Cream Cheese 4 for $5 limit 8. I've searched all the blogs I look at for the Pacific Northwest and no one else picked up those coupons, so I can't tell you what else there was. You may want to check at the service desk and see if they have a copy.

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Frugal Chic Living said...

The DiGiorino & Phili coupons were in last Sunday's ad.