Albertsons - Sara Lee & Breyers

You have probably already seen this in your Albertsons ad - B1 Sara Lee pie at $6.39, get another Sara Lee pie and 2 Breyer's ice cream FREE! It's a heck of a deal. The various blogs had originally posted that you should use 2 - $1 Sara Lee coupons and 2 - 75c Breyer coupons and get all for for $2.89. I talked with the front end manager at Eagle/McMillan last night and confirmed with the Assist. Manager at Cole/Fairview today. You will only be allowed to use 1 of each coupon on your transaction. Even though the Albertsons offer is unlimited (are they nuts?), you will want to purchase each set separately (i.e. 2 pie and 2 ice cream). There is some wording on the coupon that has Corporate making this rule.

(Soap box here - IMO, if you are getting items for free at the register, you shouldn't expect to use coupons on them - you aren't paying tax on the free items, therefore you technically didn't buy anything to use a coupon on. The fact that Albertsons is taking an ice cream coupon IMO is gravy!) end of soapbox :)

If you are planning to wait till the weekend to make your purchase, you will probably not get what you want. You MAY get pie and ice cream, but not the flavors you want. I would recommend going today or tomorrow. Yes, they will get more in (and they probably have a lot in the back), but at some point, they will run out. I doubt if they will issue rainchecks. Get it now while you can.

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Kristi M. said...

I was able to use two coupons each this morning at the caldwell stadium store. I was there early so it could have been one of those learning things. Their catalina machine was temporarily down too so the cashier and i were a little off of our game. They did this promo last year and sold tons! The caldwell store is prepared and has lots. The cashier told me that the manager was actually a little worried that he got too much. That tells me that they have lots for a few days.