Kellogg's Poptarts Sprinklings

I received a kewl email from Kellogg's today called the Kellogg's Promotions E-news. In it was a variety of links that included a link to Poptarts Sprinklings. I joined today to get a "bunch of fun for you and your family throughout the year, including a smattering of samples and a variety of values." I have no idea what I'll get, but I joined. It was pretty easy, because I was already a member of Snackpicks, so I could get Kellogg's and Keebler coupons. If you are looking for Keebler coupons to use at Target, you might want to join Snackpicks too!

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sarah said...

I'm trying to find a coupon/saving blog to advertise on. how many followers do you have? Would you be interested?