Deal Or No Deal?

This is a wonderful, must-read article written by Angela at Coupon Project . The article discusses how to determine if the deal is worth doing or not. This is a great topic for LOTS of discussions. Reading the couponing blogs generates a lot of excitement - i.e. I want to do that! I want that free candy bar! I want to be that lady!

And I admit, I succumb to the excitement myself - I want in on that deal! And if I'm not able to participate (I work 2 jobs and don't get out to the stores as much as I would like), I'm bummed out. But tonight, I'll be number crunching, because I think that the items I want from the Albertsons ad will be cheaper if I purchase them with doublers in batches of 3 on Sunday than if I buy them as part of the B$25 G$10 deal and end up buying stuff I don't need.

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