Upcoming Fred Meyer Catalina Offers

I found three different catalina notifications slips in the coupon basket at Fred Meyer last night.

One started 10/9/09: Buy San Pellegrino 750mL or 1 Liter bottles

B3 G $1.00 or
B4 G $2.00 or
B5 or more G $3.00 catalina Valid 10/9/09 - 11/1/09

The next started yesterday 10/18/09: Buy participating Hersheys products between 10/18 and 10/31/09 - Spend $25.00 or more and get a $5.00 catalina. Participating brands include: Halloween-themed snack size packages (9-16 oz), jumbo snack size packages (16.3-27.14 oz), harvest-themed packages (10-18.5 oz), super snack size assortments (24.17-55.28 oz), Reeses peanut butter pumpkin singles and 6 pks (1.2-7.2 oz) and 30-ct variety packs.

The 3rd starts 10/23/09: Buy any three Kellogg's mini-wheats cereals (14.5oz or larger, any flavor mix or match) between 10/23/09 and 11/19/09 and receive a coupon good for one gallon of free milk. All free milk coupons are good on any brand, any flavor up to $3.60 for one gallon.

(Note: Remember to try and purchase ones that have $10 bonus bucks on them, or the dvd seals and get more bang for your purchase!).

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