Walgreens Robitussin

I have not gone to Walgreens to check this out, but I read on RefundCents that due to a manufacturer's shipping delay, the 2-pk of Robitussin-to-go is not available. In it's place, Walgreens is substituting the 4oz. Adult Robitussin DM. They should ring at the shelf price of $4.99. The cashier has a "master" coupon that they scan to lower the price to $2.49 to match the advertised Robitussin-to-go price and force out the $2.50 Register Reward. Get the $1 Robitussin coupon from the 9/27 Red Plum or print a $2 coupon from Robitussin here. Using either coupon makes this a money-maker!

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