Walmart -- pasta sauce & other deals!

I was at Walmart last night doing my price recon, and I ran across a few things I wanted to share.

Do you still have spaghetti sauce coupons burning a hole in your coupon binder?
I did so I thought it was cool when I found this:

Ragu sauce 36 oz $1.47
$0.60/1 MQ RP 5/17 (exp. 7/26/09)
Final Price: $0.87

Bertolli sauce 24 oz $1.78
$0.75/1 MQ Unilever 4/5 (exp. 6/27/09)
Final Price: $1.03

The really cool thing about the Ragu sauce is I finally found the Sweet Tomato Basil type for cheap! Whoot! I still have a couple more coupons for Ragu to use later. I don't use them up all at once otherwise I'll look like some KCL (wait! I am!) pushing an empty cart around the store for a couple hours while I'm checking prices.

You may already be aware of the good prices on these items. If so, this will just verify for ya they are still good! Here's what else I found:

Starbucks ice cream 1 pint $2.58
$2/1 MQ SS 6/21 (exp. 9/13/09)
Final Price: $0.58

GV Hamburger buns 8 ct. $1.14
no coupon
Final Price: $1.14

I need some CHEAP buns for the Manwich I bought during the last Albs promo. I'm checking Winco tonight, so I'll let ya know if I find anything cheaper. If I don't find anything, I can still hope to see them for the July 4th sales coming out this weekend.

Read More to see the receipt...

Total OOP $6.35 ($7.00 w/tax)

$5.35 in food
$1.00 in reusuable bag

2 Ragu pasta sauces
1 Bertolli pasta sauces
2 French's yellow mustard
2 French's brown mustard
1 Walmart reusuable bag

I was REALLY hestitant to buy the Walmart bag. I bought some Albs bags & they have turned out to be really awful -- the seams are ripping! The Walmart bag appears to be much better made and there are no bottom seams! See the next pic for how the bag is made.


Anonymous said...

You want cheap hamburger buns.. the solution is Fred Meyer. They have their brand for usually under $.50 for like the first two. Hotdog buns the same. Now that is savings...

makana bahama mama said...

Just found your blog. This is great! As for re-usable bags, Sam's clubs has a 2-pack that hold up really well. And if you know anyone in the U.K.... get them to send you some. I visited and got a lot and they are cheaper and much better quality.