Coupon Gossip defeated invisibility spell!

**Update 6/29

The tech wizard slayed the dragon....or whatever it is they do....

I'm out of hiding and ready to start posting again! Whoot!

**Update 6/28

Well, the tech wizards can't figure this one out yet. Cable One was having difficulties yesterday with web pages & email -- all my stuff was wiped. After working with the tech last night, I was assured I would get a call back. Nope, sure didn't. I called again this morning, and I'm being escalated to a senior tech (again).

I think they need to find a tech wizard with more spell points....jeez. These guys can't seem to overcome the "I don't know what's happening" spell.

Wish me luck.

Although that sounds very magical, in fact, Cable One is having technical difficulties. When they get whatever servers went down fixed, whatever backup tape restored, the fire put out, the cattle back in the barn, or maybe they have yet to corral the blog image will be back.

Until that point, I guess I'm in hiding.

Read More...yeah, he's exempt from the invisibility spell...