Albs -- no doublers this weekend!

On a previous post about putting your papers on hold this weekend (as there are no coupon inserts), a reader asked if there would be Albs doublers. *smacks forehead here* I called my contact at the 12th street Albs, and he verified there would be NO doublers this weekend.

So, putting your paper on hold is totally a-okay! Eco-friendly here I come! LOL!

Now for me, as I'm getting the last few weeks of my Tribune subscription, that would be okay to put the entire subscription on "vacation" hold. You can do this online HERE & you can put it on hold as late as tomorrow too. There are three options when you go online -- at no fee -- hold them & deliver later, give them away or prorate the month for the weekend you won't get. Easy-peasy.

The ID Statesman has (thank goodness) the "couponer special" part of my subscription separate from the normal weekday + weekend subscription. I actually have two different subscription accounts. My husband would have a fit & fall in it if I canceled his paper this weekend. Oh, boy! That would not be a good thing.

You can register for an account with the ID Statesman HERE and also put your subscription on a "vacation" hold too. The options available are donate, redeliver or extend subscription. Sweet! It's totally awesome I can cancel just part of my subscription for this weekend.

Hope this helps!

Read More...he's only focused on what foods to cook (at eat!) this weekend...


Anonymous said...


Thanks so much for clearing this up. I appreciate it so much. I really enjoy your sight and appreciate the time it takes to keep all us coupons informed. I am glad I will save some money this weekend on papers I do not need. Thanks again for all you do.

Andrea (my google id is not working, need to go fix it.).

darlenecoupon said...

Hey Andrea!

Thanks for the kind words. I'm trying...just had to post I'm not a "daily" blog anymore. A few tears on my end. I just can't do that well while working full time & trying to coupon. So, darn!

I'm glad I was able to help on this.

C'ya -- Darlene