$5 Off Purchase at Grocery Outlet

Click HERE to participate in a survey by the Grocery Outlet Bargain Markets for a $5.00 coupon off any purchase (excluding dairy and alcohol). The survey takes about 10 minutes and at the end you will be able to print out the coupon, which is valid through 10/10/09. But, if you want to take advantage of this you better do the survey today as it wont be around much longer.

I haven't been in Grocery Outlet in a few years, so I can't tell you what you will find. The only location I could find in the Treasure Valley was on Fairview (across from Channel 7). Here's their website if you want to look for other locations http://groceryoutlet.com/

Thanks to Leah at La Vida Cheapo for this tip.

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felix said...
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felix said...

I would suggest that everyone should use grocery coupons to save money because it good to save money if this would reduce your expenses