Holiday weekend reminder - no inserts!

Wow! It's been so crazy this week! I just got a reminder that I thought I should pass along! This weekend is fast sneaking up on me! That Labor Day Holiday is just a plain quiet walker...*tip toe* *tip toe* *tip toe*

This holiday weekend we won't get coupon inserts. If you don't want all those papers without all the goodies (inserts), please just give your paper a call and put a hold on delivery for this weekend!

Whoot! Hope you all have a wonderful one!


Anonymous said...

Question? Do you know if there will be albies doublers in the paper this weekend. And if not, how soon do you have to give the newspaper notice and are you still charged for the week you do not get them. Sorry so many quetions, new to all of this.


darlenecoupon said...

Great questions! So, I did another post about both of these topics! Thanx for keeping me on track!